Vinny, The Wandering Wombat

This…is Vinny. According to Yahoo News/Australia, he wandered off (a walkabout?) from Goldfields Wildlife Rehabilitators in Coolgardie Western Australia, on Friday the 9th. But he’s back after a two-day trek. Quoting Yahoo, “As we speak he’s lying on his back, sound asleep on the floor enjoying the breeze,” Rowena Walker said. “He came home and just drank and ate for an hour … and then he went straight to bed and has been sleeping ever since.”

Vinny the wombat appears pleased to be back home. Picture: Rowena Walker

Thanks to Claire M.

So This Koala Drops In…

….and decides he/she WANTS TO CUDDLE. What’re ya gonna do…….say NO?

“This koala climbed down a tree to say hello! It was taken right outside our home here in Greenhill which is in the The Adelaide Hills, South Australia. I was so lucky he let me hold his paw, their paws are SO soft and warm and their fur is soft as cotton wool! I gave him water as it was a hot day, and he lapped it up like a dog and then wanted to climb up me for a cuddle! He eventually climbed back up the tree, occasionally coming down for a drink! There are lots of koalas in our trees, it’s summer here and they just laze about in the branches making crazy noises. It’s not unusual to see one walking along the road, or cruising about in and around our homes and back yards.” -Alicia X.

(P.S. “Thank goodness we weren’t affected by the recent fires, we were close and had begun our fire action plan, but did not need to evacuated llike some of our friends who were closer to the fire. But we are in a very fire prone area.”)

The Koalas Need YOUR Help!

Fires in Victoria and South Australia have left some Koalas with burned paws! International Fund for Animal Welfare/Australia (IFAW) has launched an appeal for mittens to be made for the furballs, some of which have burned paws due to the fires. :(. The mittens need to be 4.9″ wide, and 5.9″ tall.

Send to: IFAW, 6 Belmore Street–Surry Hills–Sydney NSW 2010. Phone: +61 2 9288 4900, and 1 800 00 IFAW. Questions? Send ‘em an email!

The material needs to be 100% cotton. Click the image below to get a larger size you can print.

Here’s a little guy getting a cool drink last week.

Images from Mail Online.


The past year brought us some terrific QTE from Down Under, primarily from the swell folks at Edgar’s Mission. This time ’round, we’re treated to Chrissie The Bebeh Goatster and her Mama.

ImageProxy (1)

ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (3)

ImageProxy (4)

ImageProxy (5)


Chrissie from Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary on Vimeo.

Great Wobblin’ Wombats!

ImageProxyAnyone who has read C.O. for any length of time knows…we love us some Wombats, we do. So check out this Little Chubbular Dudette- this is Chloe, who we first met back in ‘Tocktober.

ImageProxy (1)
Quoting the ZooBorns article, Taronga Zoo keeper Evelyn Watson (those are her legs above) says “She’s really learning how to be a Wombat. Her paws are already toughening up and she’s quite happy digging about on her own.”

ImageProxy (2)
Photos from Paul Fahy/Taronga Zoo.

[*Note: Cute Overload’s 24 Hours of Christmas Cute… next.]

A Bunderful Christmas From Down Undah!

image (1)Frankie the Rugby Fan is taking it easy in the off-season. Sender-Inner Jamie S. says “Here are some photos of my rabbit Frankie as he gears up for the holidays, or as we call it here in Australia, the silly season. You may remember Frankie as the super fan of the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team. He’s still happy about the win and can’t wait for the 2015 rugby league season to start in March!”


Joey To The World

Christmas season usually brings thoughts of kittehs and puppehs in stockings by the fire, or even..BEBEH REINDEER. We suggest this Bebeh Roo makes an excellent Aussie Alternative! “This face-meltingly cute video features the Kangaroos at Nashville Zoo, which are ridiculously adorable. Bonus: It’s seasonally appropriate!” -Lindsay C.

Happy Holidays from Nashville Zoo! (2014) from Nashville Zoo on Vimeo.

[*Total disclosure: The original headline for this post was VERY similar to what you see now, which was coined by the Nashville Zoo video guys. But their header is better. -Ed.]

Newborn Quokka ACTION

Many thanks to UK Cuteporter Hannah B., still awake at midnight local time, for spotting this Knucklehead-Beyond-Belief Bebeh Quokka on ZooBorns. “I don’t know if you have seen this yet (we hadn’t) but it’s too Cute! Love your site, makes every day happy.”

So this little maniac is “Meeuk Mia” or just “Mia.”

Keeper Bec Russell-Cook of the Taronga Zoo (Down Undah) has been hauling Mia around in a pouch, and waking up very early for the first of five daily feedings.








Photos on ZooBorns by Paul Fahy of the Taronga Zoo.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Quokka Quotient!

And we got it for you, oh yes you bet we do. Click that play button, then scroll down. Awe-inspiring awesomeness. Wait- what?





From BuzzFeed.

Hi Guys, Meet Chloe THE WOMBAT

She’s (sad story alert) an orphan who just arrived at the Taronga Zoo. Take a look:


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

From Sharon B-C (Western Australia) and Cindy.


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