Joey To The World

Christmas season usually brings thoughts of kittehs and puppehs in stockings by the fire, or even..BEBEH REINDEER. We suggest this Bebeh Roo makes an excellent Aussie Alternative! “This face-meltingly cute video features the Kangaroos at Nashville Zoo, which are ridiculously adorable. Bonus: It’s seasonally appropriate!” -Lindsay C.

Happy Holidays from Nashville Zoo! (2014) from Nashville Zoo on Vimeo.

[*Total disclosure: The original headline for this post was VERY similar to what you see now, which was coined by the Nashville Zoo video guys. But their header is better. -Ed.]

Newborn Quokka ACTION

Many thanks to UK Cuteporter Hannah B., still awake at midnight local time, for spotting this Knucklehead-Beyond-Belief Bebeh Quokka on ZooBorns. “I don’t know if you have seen this yet (we hadn’t) but it’s too Cute! Love your site, makes every day happy.”

So this little maniac is “Meeuk Mia” or just “Mia.”

Keeper Bec Russell-Cook of the Taronga Zoo (Down Undah) has been hauling Mia around in a pouch, and waking up very early for the first of five daily feedings.








Photos on ZooBorns by Paul Fahy of the Taronga Zoo.

Don’t Forget Your Daily Quokka Quotient!

And we got it for you, oh yes you bet we do. Click that play button, then scroll down. Awe-inspiring awesomeness. Wait- what?





From BuzzFeed.

Hi Guys, Meet Chloe THE WOMBAT

She’s (sad story alert) an orphan who just arrived at the Taronga Zoo. Take a look:


unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)

From Sharon B-C (Western Australia) and Cindy.

Wanna Volunteer At A Bat Hospital?

One catch, though- it’s Down Undah. (“We are nestled in 5 acres of gardens in a quiet forest valley 6 kms outside Atherton, Queensland- an hour’s drive inland from Cairns.”) Got that? So save those frequent flier miles!

There’s a place there called the Tolga Bat Hospital.

The story at Lost At E Minor says you can sign up at the TBH to be a volunteer!

Quoting the story, volunteers do tasks like “preparing food and milk, taking care of bat orphans, cleaning the cages, helping to search for or release bats in rain forests, keeping weeds away, and even assisting on research projects.”


UPDATED! Welcome To The Taronga Zoo, Mate!

DSCN0376“We were fortunate enough to take a behind-the-scenes tour at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia. The Cuteness of the Australian native fauna is off the charts. This Quokka jumped right in front of my husband’s camera!” -Michele G.


“The ones that were awake just hopped around and seemed to be begging the keeper for carrots (the curious little guy had to hop around a few Echidna to make sure he stayed close to people.) I would have scooped him up and Snorgled him if our guide hadn’t been watching us like a hawk. He told us that he could stop our private tour if we touched a Koala, so I wasn’t going to step too far out of line, even with massive temptation. It took self-control of epic proportions.”

Voila! More Quokka!


It’s The Bunday Super Bowl Down Undah

Kinda sorta. Today the South Sydney Rabbitohs (the team that Russell Crowe owns) play the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs in the Australian Rugby League Grand Final, the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Got that, mate? And it’s starting right now- 1:15am PT (YAWN) = 7:15pm at ANZ Stadium, NSW.

UPDATE! The Rabbitohs won!

Frankie Rabbitoh
Sender-Inner Jamie S. says, “They haven’t made it to the Grand Final since ’71 (it’s been 43 years!) so it’s kind of a big deal for the team and all of the supporters here in Australia. Our Bun Frankie wants everyone to know he’s the Rabbitohs’ #1 fan!”

“Frank was featured on your site a couple of months ago for the 4th of July; he was our Foster Bun back then, but we have since adopted him :). Here’s a bonus photo of Frankie’s ‘Tocks for your ‘Tocktoberfest!”

Frankie tocks
[*Note- If you don’t know anything about rugby- like me- it’s totally incomprehensible. But BUNS, I know. -Ed.]

U May Squee When Ready

[Not picking up BBC anymore. Man, I gotta tune these things again. Frickin’ pain in my ‘Tocks.]

An Australian western pygmy possum as seen on DP&F.

Belle? DO U Wanna Go Outside?

“No? Is that what you’re saying? Not today? OK, dear.”

“These are photos are of our Cavalier/Maltese Belle. She is allowed on the couch (sofa) on her blanket but not on the cushions. The cushions ended up on the floor, so Belle took full opportunity to make use of the technicality that if they are on the floor they are surely intended for her. But the side-eye look of guilt says it all.” Cheers, Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)

Crikey! Meet Kangaroo Dundee!

This fellow bloke, sorry, gotta speak the local language- is named Chris ‘Brolga’ Barnes, and he is mos’ def’ channeling a bit o’ the late great Steve Irwin, eh? AND WILLYA LOOK AT THE LITTLE GUYS WITH HIM. Sorry to shout- bebeh kangas get me all kinds o’ wound up.


Quoting Mail Online, “While working as a tour guide in the Northern Territory, he realised (British Spelling alert!) that people in remote areas of Australia were looking for a place to take orphaned or injured animals, so he opened The Baby Kangaroo Rescue Centre.”




Link from Sharon B-C. (Western Australia)


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