Caturday Homework

[Here, let ME help you with this. Er, 3x + 5y = 2. 5x + 8y = 3. So…..x=-1, and y= 1. Duh. Like I haz to do everything. Now give me that pencil.]


Caturday: Hand Paw To Eye Coordination Is KEY

If you decide to take on this kitteh in ping pong or even tennis, let’s just say right now you have no chance.

(Laughing Squid.)

All Hail To Our Caturday Cute Overlords

[I HATE having to suck up to this little RUNT. HATE it. If the guys down at the bar find out about this, I’ll NEVER hear the end of it.]

(RN/24 + Andrew Y.)

Caturday Photobomb Action!

[O HAI, U gonna EAT that?] Photo of Sprinkles Confetti-Cake (early leader for best name of 2015) by Katie S.

Caturday Morning: Move OVER

[Look, if we’re ALL gonna be IN here, we have to SHARE the bed, OK? And no SNORING, either!”

“Only in Japan,” says Sender-Inner Paul P.

Super Gonzo Caturday Baroo

We’ve had several great Baroos in 2014- and each time, we say “this one is the best ever.” (This one looks quite familiar.)

But, good grief People. Take a look!

Jenny S. says “this was posted by a friend on Facebook.”

Caturday Close Up #2

“Tinker was featured on C.O. once before, on July 3rd, 2014. He hasn’t let fame go to his head. I thought you might like to revisit this mellow fellow with a close-up of his lovely pink nose. He hopes everyone had a chillaxed Christmas.” -Jessica R.

Caturday Close Up #1

“My cat Ollie Bear is ridiculously photogenic, his photos always evoking “awwww” or “woooooah hahaha” from those who see them. I hope my fellow Cute Overloadees enjoy him as much as I do! PS, please let me know if you use this! I check C.O. every day but would hate hate hate to miss it. Me and my niece and nephews get to visit once per month and the first thing we always do is sit down to look at Cute Overload together :-D” -Jared N.

The First MO-ël

Looks like someone’s got One Flap Up as they count down the hours ’til the arrival of Jolly Old St. Nick! “I look at the site everyday! This is a picture of my cat M.O (Microbe Obliterator from the movie WALL·E) getting into the Christmas spirit. M.O. is a 3 year old ResQte cat who was rescued by my twin sister. Thank you so much and happy holidays!” -Alanna C.


Thing Two is just not all there yet on Caturday morning- maybe the coffee will help. And no, we have no idea what the donut thing is for. It IS The Big J, after all.