Caturday: Cat In Is The Hat

An oldie but a goodie, sent in by a Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, NJ Mr. William D. of Fairfield, NJ.

Caturday: Say Hi To Cindi

001Whoever said you can have too many Cat features on #Caturday? No one did, that’s who. Which is why this hour brings us the terrific kitteh, Cindi. Diane B. tells us, “She has such beautiful markings! Because she’s so stinking Cute, it’s a little easier to put up with her ornery-ness!”

“I got her from the local animal shelter. I don’t normally check their website (too many temptations) but I logged in and saw her photo and I was hooked. I’m a sucker for Calicos. I figured it must be fate and didn’t hesitate to adopt her!!”


Caturday Night: Gotta Be A Sqwerl Or A Birdeh

SOMEthing has this kitteh’s attention. At least, we THINK it’s a real kitteh. Hard to tell.

This Boot Wuz Made For Sleeping…

…and that’s just what I’ll do!!

Puss in boot
Nothing To Do At ALL With Arbroath.

She’s On My Spot

“(All right, stay calm. She’s on my spot, but it’s OK that she’s on my spot. Just because it’s my spot doesn’t mean I have to be upset that she’s on my spot, or even care she’s on my spot. There are other spots. Like this spot. Sure, it’s not my spot, but it’s almost as good as my spot. But she’s on my spot, so I’ll take this spot I happened to spot even though it’s not my spot. Which she’s on.)”


Concentrated Cats from Laura D’Alessandro.

‘Nuther Day, ‘Nuther Robot

On Thursday, Maymo and Penny tackled a toy robot. Today, in honor of it being Caturday and all, Coco The Kitteh battles…Robot Puppeh!


Caturday Night: Heeerrrrree’s MINNIE!

photoKibblenibble’s email was short, sweet, and to the point. “Dear C.O.—Minnie’s nose is just so adorable to me!”

Can’t argue with THAT one bit! #YAY4NOSEVEMBER.

Caturday: Maru And The Art Of The High Five

THIS JUST IN! The Circle shows us how it’s done! Hana….not so much.

Caturday Open House (At The Cat House)

unnamedAttention all C.O. Central California Peeps. (And you know who you are!) The Cat House on the Kings Fall Open House Fundraiser is TODAY from 10am to 2pm (PT, natch)! With kittehs! Music! Food! Kittehs! A silent auction! (Maybe even some cute pupsters, too!) Check eet out! Photo & deets from KB. (Here’s a map for ya.)

Caturday Night: I Haz The Windex™!

[Can I help? Can I huh Can I huh Can I huh? NO? OK I’ll whack this other guy.]


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