Autumn’s Whiskers

Autumn is a lion,
Batting leaves across the ground,

Chasing leaves around and around,

Clawing leaves like a rake,

Hissing like the sound leaves make,

Turning, crunching, tumbling at play,

Lion around brown and gray.

Sender-Inners Shelley C. and Smedley, via Daily Mail

Caturday: My Favorite Martian

Remember that classic 1960s TV show? No? Well, that’s what he looked like!

From Flickerer David R.

Rule of Cuteness #14: If An Everyday, Small Item Makes You Look Small, It’s Cute

This could also be, “If you can fit inside your food dish, it’s cute.” Let’s find out what’s going ON here.

Says Prisonspice: “At the beginning of October a black cat came across my path. He was sick and wounded and taking care of him pulled me out of a major depression. So I call him Lucky.”

“I dunno if he’s cute enough for your blog but my neighbor has been telling me to send you pics. So I am.”


Caturday + Nosevember = Catvember?

“I check out Cute Overload every day and it’s a great way to start my day. I’m submitting this picture of my straight ear Scottish Fold, Emily. I thought her beautiful heart shaped nose would be a perfect tribute to Nosevember. I hope you think so too.” -Renee G.

“PS, CO always makes me feel better about the world when I get down about things, especially about the way animals are treated. It’s such a positive site.”

His Honor Back On Duty In Talkeetna, AK!

Remember two months ago, we told you about Mayor Stubbs, the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. He got himself in a tussle with a neighborhood dog and ended up in a bad way. BUT: good news to report! Stubbster is back at work greeting his constituents at Nagley’s General Store at 13650 E Main St..on a PT basis for now, anyway. Check out in Anchorage for more deets.

Photo from KTUU, story tip from Cuteporter Karen Chicago.

Caturday: Anyone Seen Pan?

He was here somewheres. Pan? Where are youuuuuuuu?

“This is my cat Pan hiding in our pillows. He is very handsome but shy.” -Sarah H.

Caturday: Never. Ever. Give. Up.

Good Saturday morning to everyone, and let’s start Caturday off with a trio of videos from The Big J, shall we? First up, this little kitteh is VERY persistent, and he/she keeps, er, plugging along ’til a faint “I surrender” at the end.

Cuteporter Emily W. originally spotted the video here.

Next, Munchkin (we think) has decided he/she wants NEEDS to be on the other side of the fence. Just….because.

And finally, an encore from Munchkin, who possesses in inexhaustible energy supply.

Caturday: Hi-Res Rufus

If you’ve got a good camera, you can really zoom in on those noses. Take Rufus here, for example. Although The Furrtographer probably wouldn’t let you.


Caturday: Best Kitteh Name EVER!

Are you ready for it?
Sure can handle it?
Last chance to back out…



The YT post adds JP is seeing snow for the FOIST time.

Caturday: Sense A Common Theme Here?

Can’t quite…put my finger on it. Hmmmmm.




WAIT! A HAPPY ONE! How’d you get in here?

~Le Creditos~
1. Reddit.
2./4. Mostly Cats Tumblr.
3. Cleo, from Jessica W.