Caturday Rule Of Cuteness Alert!

We created this Rule five years ago, and it still applies, guys. Rule of Cuteness #40: Finding (and sleeping in) a sunbeam is cute.

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“I walked in my bedroom and found my cat Jelli sunbathing.” -Laurie M.

Caturday: “Do U Want My Purr Purr?”

If you got a poopy cat, then you know where it’s at. Or….something.

As spotted on Mashable.

Can You Touch Your Nose With Your Tongue?

Now remember, concentrate and just do it like me. See?


How cool, you can cross your eyes! Try again!

“This is Joey.” from Wonder Cat Rescue. Photo by Josh N., The Furrtographer!

Try Getting THIS Couch In The Moving Van

Yes, that is what you think it is. A giant kitteh couch, about 11.5′ long. It was made by Unfold, a design studio in Antwerp, Belgium. It’s called “Felix Domesticus,” and Unfold considers it to be more of a sculpture. Either way, think of the belleh rubs you can give it!

Must… Go… On…

It’s two days after Thanksgiving. The leftovers are starting to run down. WHAT WILL WE DO?

“Our King of the House! 5 month old seal point himalayan, Ringo.” -Natasha B. Photo by Nicholas W.

Poor Kitty’s Trying to Tell Us Something

Yomph nrrwmm errgg errggg.
Stop mumbling, you know you can tell us anything. Just say it. What was that? Something about oh torture, such torture?

(Do not try this at home. Owner is obviously a highly trained professional!)

“This is Janelle, my friend´s gorgeous shaded golden Persian Princess. She absolutely *hates* to be brushed and always makes this known by growling, hissing and struggling a lot! She really makes me giggle though when I feed her treats while she´s trying to be angry and she comes out with these hilarious “nom nom nom” sounds. Enjoy!” -Barbarella aka The Mad Cat Lady Via YouTube.

Top o’ the Caturday to You

Wonderful story here of an Irish farm cat owned by Ronan and Emma Lally, from Clara, Co. Offaly. Last week, their cat, Della, surprised them by adopting three lost ducklings. Della surprised them again when they found she had three kittens born only the hour before.

Peeps. You know what this means? What on earth could three duckling and three kitten siblings be named?! Any ideas?

Via YouTube. More on the story at the Independent. Thanks to Sender-Inner, Zarina.

Caturday: Squeaky Cheeks!

“Last year I was in a major car accident and recently I have been getting back towards work by foster caring for my local vet on weekends for the pure joy of it and to give me some drive towards routine. Recently this little black and white Kitteh squeaked in my direction via the vet and stole my heart!” -Kristen B.

Caturday: Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

Amazink, eh? Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls is a Tumblr site based out of Australia. As spotted on My Modern Met.








 by Zoe Mozart



Return To Cat Island

We took a look at these maniacs a couple of years back. Now let’s see what they’re up to these days.

“The second I saw this story I was shocked that I hadn’t seen it on the CO site. [See above. Ed] I’ve been an obsessed follower (according to my husband) for several years! This is a great story with amazing photos of an island off Japan where cats totally rule!” XO Ellen F.

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Photos by Fubirai.