Caturday Joy To The World

All you boys and girls
Joy to the kittehs in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me

-Three Dog Cat Night















Caturday: Watch Out For Those Rogue Cucumbers

They will get you EVERY TIME.


Caturday: U Haz The Fireworks Yet?

IMG_0271[I am ready to start hiding if U do. But first…how ’bout some belleh rubs?]

Esme The ResQte Kitteh, c/o Helen C.

Caturday: “You..WANT…To Get Wet???”

IMG_0548“Gizmo (previously featured on Valentine’s Day) is shocked! Shocked and appalled at my habit of immersing myself entirely in water for cleansing purposes. He does not approve. Not even a little bit.” -Molly D.

Caturday: Play With This For Me, K?

[I don’t mean play with it WITH ME. Play with this FOR me. I’ll just watch you, ’cause I can’t be bothered. OK? Get to work, ’cause this is REALLY tiring.]

“Hi Cute Overload! Thought you might enjoy a little Gilbert (the Crocodile Resqte) on this lazy Caturday morning.” -Cheryl C.

Caturday: Fluffer McWhiskerpoofs

8 Jess 22“Don’t you just love that wide-eyed look of surprise on Fluffer McWhiskerpoofs? (I suspect that the other kitten just whispered something startling!) Photo by Jess Lessard for The Cat House on the Kings. -Harvie Ruth S.

[Note: A new Maru video is coming up NEXT. -Ed.]

Caturday: Hi, I’d Like To Check Out A Tortie, Please

There is a government building in Las Cruces, New Mexico that doesn’t have any books to lend you. They’ve got something much….furrier.

[*Note: Here’s a version if you can’t view the one below, thanks to Carmi. -Ed.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Lazy Way To Spend A Caturday

Just hop on the carousel with your bread pillow- then round and round you go!

Halt! Who GOES There?

picdump-1377-12What’s the password???? (DP&F.)

Caturday: Try The COUCH, Mister

[Don’t even THINK about sitting on the chair. You won’t like what happens next.]

“She loves to sleep in this place but i don’t know about the pillow like this. And her name is White.” -Pedro S.