Caturday: One “Impending Doom” Tag, Comin’ Right Up

image1 (1)Something’s about to go down here, and for the life of us we can’t imagine what. “Our cat Purple continues her reign of terror: previously featured on Cute Overload bullying her brother Shaman, (RIP) she has now set her sights on baby Afra.” -Majied & Kirstie.

Caturday Joy To The World

All you boys and girls
Joy to the kittehs in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me

-Three Dog Cat Night















Caturday: Watch Out For Those Rogue Cucumbers

They will get you EVERY TIME.


Caturday: U Haz The Fireworks Yet?

IMG_0271[I am ready to start hiding if U do. But first…how ’bout some belleh rubs?]

Esme The ResQte Kitteh, c/o Helen C.

Caturday: “You..WANT…To Get Wet???”

IMG_0548“Gizmo (previously featured on Valentine’s Day) is shocked! Shocked and appalled at my habit of immersing myself entirely in water for cleansing purposes. He does not approve. Not even a little bit.” -Molly D.

Caturday: Play With This For Me, K?

[I don’t mean play with it WITH ME. Play with this FOR me. I’ll just watch you, ’cause I can’t be bothered. OK? Get to work, ’cause this is REALLY tiring.]

“Hi Cute Overload! Thought you might enjoy a little Gilbert (the Crocodile Resqte) on this lazy Caturday morning.” -Cheryl C.

Caturday: Fluffer McWhiskerpoofs

8 Jess 22“Don’t you just love that wide-eyed look of surprise on Fluffer McWhiskerpoofs? (I suspect that the other kitten just whispered something startling!) Photo by Jess Lessard for The Cat House on the Kings. -Harvie Ruth S.

[Note: A new Maru video is coming up NEXT. -Ed.]

Caturday: Hi, I’d Like To Check Out A Tortie, Please

There is a government building in Las Cruces, New Mexico that doesn’t have any books to lend you. They’ve got something much….furrier.

[*Note: Here’s a version if you can’t view the one below, thanks to Carmi. -Ed.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Lazy Way To Spend A Caturday

Just hop on the carousel with your bread pillow- then round and round you go!

Halt! Who GOES There?

picdump-1377-12What’s the password???? (DP&F.)


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