Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

[Who’s the handsomest Cat of all? Why, I am, natch.]


Caturday: Boomer, Meet Sand.

Sand, meet Boomer! This little kitteh is eleven weeks old and is hitting the sand for the first time. Looks like it might be fun to…DIG into it, right?


Caturday: MISSING

Wait. Not missing. Nothing to see here, move along. (Boing Boing.)

“♬ Caturday, In The Park ♫..”

[Yeah, yeah, that’s a catchy song, but where’s my dinner, buddy? I don’t see it ANYwhere.]

Moki The Cat in the home studio..”helping” his hoomin…

…Jason Scheff of the band “Chicago.”


Do I Hafta Do I Hafta Do I Hafta

Today is National Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! (Besides being Caturday and all.) Here is Marmalade’s first ever trip to the vet!

[*Note: Of Cole & Marmalade fame. -Ed.]

Cat(urday) Burglar

Most of us like to save our money in the bank. It’s safe, earns interest, you get a handy ATM card, etc. Then there are some die hards who prefer to keep their cash under the mattress, or in a pickle jar in the basement. Still others prefer to simply hide it under the living room rug.

This is a bad idea. The Cat Burglar will find it everytime.

C.O. Caturday Cat Café World Tour: Nakano, Tokyo

At this point, we’re convinced Robb S. doesn’t sleep. “Neko no Kanzume (“Can of Cats”) cat cafe is in Nakano, Tokyo, with very energetic cats and human staff.” (As opposed to, er, a kitteh staff.)








If You Go™

Online: Website : The Facebook.

Phone: 070-6522-2225.

Hours: Open noon-8pm (Sat, Sun 11am-8). Closed Wednesdays, first and third Thursdays.

Cost: Cover charge is Y1000 for the first hour on weekdays, Y1200 on weekends.

Addy: Nakano 5-68-9, AK Bldg 3F. (Google Map.)

International Cat Day

Today IS International Cat Day– on a Caturday, no less! SOME of us happen to think that’s a big deal!

Caturday: The Dimitri “After” Shot

About a week and a half back, we saw Dimitri The Cat looking forlorn because his hoomins were about to leave on a trip. Good news here- they’re back! (He still seems to be staking out the same turf, too.) From: Doug & Sowmya in Winnipeg.

Caturday: One “Impending Doom” Tag, Comin’ Right Up

Something’s about to go down here, and for the life of us we can’t imagine what. “Our cat Purple continues her reign of terror: previously featured on Cute Overload bullying her brother Shaman, (RIP) she has now set her sights on baby Afra.” -Majied & Kirstie.