Caturday Night: Heeerrrrree’s MINNIE!

photoKibblenibble’s email was short, sweet, and to the point. “Dear C.O.—Minnie’s nose is just so adorable to me!”

Can’t argue with THAT one bit! #YAY4NOSEVEMBER.

We Can Haz Fall Back Now?

Remember that hour of sleep you lost in March? You get it back tonight, so roll ‘em back when you go to sleep. Our lives are run by clocks, right?

Or are they run by cats?

From TO.

Caturday: Maru And The Art Of The High Five

THIS JUST IN! The Circle shows us how it’s done! Hana….not so much.

Caturday Open House (At The Cat House)

unnamedAttention all C.O. Central California Peeps. (And you know who you are!) The Cat House on the Kings Fall Open House Fundraiser is TODAY from 10am to 2pm (PT, natch)! With kittehs! Music! Food! Kittehs! A silent auction! (Maybe even some cute pupsters, too!) Check eet out! Photo & deets from KB. (Here’s a map for ya.)

Caturday Night: I Haz The Windex™!

[Can I help? Can I huh Can I huh Can I huh? NO? OK I’ll whack this other guy.]

Caturday: Less Than A Week To Go Before Halloween…

…and if you put a bunch of catnip in his pumpkin, Timo will be just fine with that!

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Oakland, CA.

IMG_1821ccThe Cat Town Café & Adoption Center is now open in Oakland, CA! It has rescue cats that are all available for adoption. Part of the location is for foodski, and the other part is The Cat Zone. Visitors can spend up to an hour in the Cat Zone, and free walk-ins are welcome as space allows. For a $10 donation, you can make a Cat Zone Reservation ahead of time, which ensures your visiting time is available, and supports a great cause. Here’s their FB, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Cute Overload dropped by last Sunday during a preview weekend, and took these photos just for you!
























If You Go™:

*Location: 2869 Broadway in Oakland, CA.
*Hours: 8AM – 7PM Wednesday-Sunday, (Cat Zone from 10AM – 7PM.)

Last Caturday In ‘Tocktober!

IMG_6233So let’s make it a great one! “Hi there. Here is my Tock-tober submission,” says Rachel R. “I’ve been following C.O. for a while (it’s the first thing I look at every morning!) and thought this would be the purrrr-fect opportunity to introduce my kitties, Mr. Willy (L) and Ms. Billy June. I rescued them together because they wouldn’t leave each other’s sides at the shelter. As you can see are inseparable. I would be so excited to see them on C.O.!”

It’s Caturday Morning- Do I Wanna Go Out?

I think not. Catch me tomorrow for Bunday, K?

Caturday: Drink Up, Siskel!

Siskel The Kitteh has her OWN style when it comes to using the water thingy, thank you very much!

From Frank S., who says “This is my cat Siskel (her brother Ebert isn’t in this video.) She’s been drinking normally from this pet fountain for over a year now but lately she’s taken to drinking in other ways. She sometimes dips her paw and then licks it; other times she pretends she’s a mountain lion and drinks like this.”


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