Caturday: Make Mine Sausage, Please

[Honey, I left the last slice of Domino's on the chair for you!]
[OK, thanks Ma, be there in a second.]

Anthony (the cat version) has other ideas.

“This is Anthony. He thought it would be a good idea to fall asleep on Anthony’s piece of pizza. No joke, the cat and the boy are both named Anthony. Just go ahead and lay anywhere, cat.” -Jen S.

Caturday: Cats On The Nip

Here we explore the five stages of Catnip Addiction. The downward spiral is inevitable, as you will see in the following clip.

From the folks at The Pet Collective, as seen on

You Only Live Nine Times, Mr. Bond

The 007 Skyfall followup doesn’t start filming until October, but two Reddit users are anxious for some Bond action now. With cats. Octopussycat, anyone?

This guy has that Le Chiffre vibe from Cats-ino Royale.

And this fellow needs no introduction.

As seen on The Daily Dot; headline by Thedaviddepablo.

Caturday: Welcome To The Hotel Cat-ifornia

When these guys (especially that one at the top- bully) gather for their Fancy Feast®, better get out of their way!

From Studio Singa. Concept kinda sorta adapted from Henley/Felder/Frey.

Caturday: Hugs Я Us

If you’re in need of a hug, you’ve come to the right place! Hugs Я Us is open 24 hours a day. U need a hug? We’ve got ya covered. In cat fur. Hairballs extra.

Submitted by Cuteporter Annie M. And yes, it was hard to reverse that R.

Things Cats Do That’d Be Creepy….

…if a Hoomin did them. Perfect for Caturday. I…think.

Anyway, Junior Producer Felix H. emailed this one in from way over the Big Pond in Berlin. (He has a great address, too- like all sorts of GmbH’s and Platz’s in it. No Strasse’s, tho. German addresses are cool. Like listening to Aussie’s talk.)

It’s Caturday, And I Am Sleeping IN

[Since my bed is being cleaned, I'll just bomb out right here in the hoomin's lap. That's what they're made for, right? Oh, and U have my permission to repeatedly scritch ma belleh. I'll let you know when you're done.]

“Meet Scootie, my 12 week old kitteh. We rescued her after her entire litter was abandoned at 5 weeks. She goes 100 MPH and then suddenly drops and sleeps in the most awkward positions. She likes to hide in bags and bite my face while I’m sleeping. She’s growing up to be a very pretty kitteh and we love her dearly. Photos by Dr. Nome, Perth Western Australia.”

It’s Wonderful To Be Here (Not)

It’s certainly a thrill. (Not.)

But you are a lovely audience.

“These are our pets, Sergeant and Pepper, and this is their disgruntled Christmas photo. Sergeant is the grey striped cat, and Pepper is the red. They own our hearts.” -Photo from the Tennant family. Header and text assist from Lennon/McCartney.

[Say Like Eva Gabor:] Oh, Ol-Lee-Vah*?

This is Oliver. The O-Man is demonstrating what kittehs do best. Once again, we refer to The Rule Of Cuteness #40. You curl up in a sunbeam for a snooze….it’s cute. And the little Santa hat knocks it over the fence. (Baseball metaphor.)

(*A Green Acres reference. You know, Oliver & Lisa Douglas move out of NYC to a far- never mind.) Oliver was adopted at the San Francisco SPCA/Macy’s Holiday Windows event on Black Friday. He’s already making his second C.O. appearance! From Amy K.

Caturday: Something’s FISHY With This Laptop

[I got NOSE idea how to get Fishy outta this thing. Windoze 8, grumble grumble. I gonna call Acer tech support I 'spose.]

“Hi this is a photo of my baby Himalayan, Sugar. She is just 4 months old and already knows how to use a touch screen laptop! She and her big sister Kiwi love to sit on their butts! Photo taken by me, Lori Ann H.”


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