Mihai’s Caturday Compilation

Just in time for Caturday this kitteh compilation comes rolling in. Look how sweet- the kittehs all showing affection for their hoomins.

Like they don’t have an ulterior motive.

Caturday: Tifa, We Need To Talk

It seems Tifa loves to fetch, wags her tail, and pants like a puppeh. Tifa, that’s what DOGS are for.

“I just came across this video. It’s not mine, but it’s super cute. My dog doesn’t even fetch!” -Catalina.

Simon SAYS “I Want That Fish!!”

“This is my cat Simon playing his fishing game on my iPad™!” -Anastasia M.

iPad™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc™.

Caturday: Timo And His Hammock, Part III

When last we saw Timo back in March, he was struggling with the ins and outs of his new hammock. Three months later, he’s still getting used to it, but seems to be settling in nicely. (We should all have such problems!)

And if you’re new to The Timo Thing, his hoomin offered us this overview of The Man himself.)

Caturday: Neck & Butt Wiggle Action: The Sequel

‘Member this post from earlier in the week? These two are back at it. First up we have Ohagi, and then Ami, who is a tad on the mellow side. Notice the key ‘Tock positioning before each Ohagi launch.

(Say like Spock: “Fascinating.”)

Welcome To King Arthur’s Court

I wondered this very thing. How can a kitteh type on his own Twitter account? (I think the hoomin does it.)


2014-06-07 20.08.47

2014-06-11 15.16.53

2014-06-12 08.37.04

2014-06-18 06.27.09
“Here are some pictures of my cat Arthur (Artie.)” -Laura S.

Caturday: Welcome Home. Feed Me.

A kitteh welcomes his soldier hoomin home.

We all know he has an ulterior motive for displaying such affection, no?


Caturday: How NOT To Make Your Cat Internet Famous

Claire (and Clive) show us how it’s DONE.

From Mashable.

Who’s Up For Some H2O?

Joey is! All day, every day!

T.O. (Nuffer Disclaimer from the video: “He gets yearly checkups and is totally healthy, this is just his favourite way to drink it.”

Say HI 2 Stevie And Her Gang!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Last weekend I found a young cat and her 4 kittens in the well of my basement window outside the house. I took them to the vet and everyone’s healthy and until the kittens are adoptable they’re all living in my spare room. Since I’m a shutterbug I can’t help but take this opportunity to take a billion pictures of them. :) So I just thought I’d share the Cute!” -Andrea K.














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