Caturday: Bah Humbug Whatever

Two Cuteporters sent us these photos after our Grumpy Post earlier this week. “Hi Cute Overload– saw your posts of the ‘Grumpy Cats’ and thought you might enjoy my Persian ‘Harry.’ He’s a ResQte™ that I’ve had for about 3 years. This is when got home from the groomers. He’s really very sweet and social but always looks a little grumpy. Love your website…it make my day every day!!!” -Jenny B.

unnamed (1)
“Miss Riley Claire doesn’t see the resemblance. Is this a grumpy look or perhaps a disapproving look?” -Photo by Double D.


Caturday: You Will Address Me As Your Lordship

[O HAI my name is Simba, and everybody noze ah am gonna be The Lion King cuz Disney says so. Now bow down before my greatness. Oh, sorry- before that can you get me a bowl of noms please?]

From Reddit.

Caturday: Kiska

It’s Caturday. You rule the house. What’s on the agenda today? Obviously, get your well-trained hoomin to tend to your every whim while you lay sprawled on the bed. Bonus points for the Double-Paw Snack Grab™! Let’s hear from the Humiliated Dedicated Hoomin Cat Servant:

“My name is Elise, and this is a video of my cat Kiska! She’s a loveable 18 lb. ball of fur and she’s very floppy. If I’m downstairs in the living room and shake the bag of treats I can hear her jump off the bed upstairs and suddenly she’s at my feet! One time she was laying on her back on the couch and I decided to experiment to see if she would eat them without getting up and assuming the normal cat-eating position.”

Caturday: The Dukester

Duke (6)-XLA QTE© gray and white face, soft nommable toes, and a snorgle-ready belleh- that’s Duke! He was found in a backyard, fostered by Toni’s Kitty Rescue in San Francisco, and adopted a few weeks ago, according to The Furrtographer, who took these shots!

Duke (5)-XL

Duke (9)-XL

Duke (10)-XL

Fruit Ninja, My Favorite!

When Apple unveiled the first iPad and ushered in the tablet era, they probably didn’t realize what a hit it would be with the furry set.

Fruit Ninja, in particular!

Time for some TO.

You Can Either Wake UP On A Caturday…

…or not! Your call!

From Trevor M.

Caturday: Let The Sun Shine In

It’s Caturday Afternoon…the hoomin done took The Dog to the vet for a checkup, and that means nothing, but NOTHING is gonna mess up Little Oscar’s sunbeam.


Oscar, from Cuteporter Lyndsey H.

Freddy Cougar: Full Frontal Floof

Freddy gets the award for best kitteh name so far in the month of March. You can tell he’s obviously very stressed, too.

From Rebecca S.

These Whiskers

Boldly go where no whiskers have gone before.

“Bailey, Queen of the Universe.” -Aditi K. C.

Caturday Caterpillar


and after!

“Mmunchphy vwsmunchtmsdy.” (means, “Oh Hai.”)

It all really started when a nice hoomin discovered Mr. Munchabunch had hitched a ride home on a new houseplant.

Seeing how much Mr. Munchabunch really, really, really liked the new plant the nice hoomin was happy to let him stay and named him, John.

John liked the new name and decided to hang around for awhile.

John became very attached to the new houseplant.

(If you’re the impatient type, skip to the next frame)

Ta-DAAAA! Now, where’s my nectar cocktail!


“This is a serious cutemergency. I’ve come to you for help in spreading this amazing story all over teh interwebs.” -Dora N.
Cat-erpillar, via Emergency Kittens.