New Maru/Hana: Not Much Goin’ On Here

…but that’s never really the point, is it?

Caturday Pizza To Go

[This haz anchovies on it but dat’s OK, I steal it anyway?]

“This is my cat, Milagro, stealing pizza from a plate and trying to escape with it. He loves food. For once, I had my iPhone close by and caught him in the act right in front of me at the counter. I’ve been a C.O. fan since 2006 when I had surgery and discovered your site. Happy 10th Anniversary! Shot by me, Milagro’s mom and devoted slave.” -Janet S.

Caturday Morning: Feeding Time

When you oversleep and forget to feed His or Her Majesty- they’re not shy about letting you know.

Caturday Afternoon: Looks Like A Bowl Of Fun

If you look in the dictionary under “Shiro and Friends,” you’ll find the words “Low Key.” So here they are, spending a lazy Caturday afternoon…stuffed in a mixing bowl. One guy gets out–and the next guy takes his place. Share and share alike in The Big J.

YARRRR! Swab The Poopdeck!

YARRRIt be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! So shiver your timbers. Serve me up some Grog and Hardtack! Wait, belay that order! Arrrr, we’re all headed for Davy Jones’s lockerrrrr!

(Photo: The Furrtographer.)


Got this video clip from Tommie in The Netherlands. Now, all I can really figure out is this video has a bunch of cats in it, and…that’s about it. And…this is from a musician. Anyone else care to add some info? (And a cat cleaning itself in a stereo speaker, well, that’s a first.)

They All Said I Was Mad! Mad, I Tell You!

Call me a madman, will they? Did they call Jonas Salk mad when he invented polio? Was Pasteur mad when he discovered chocolate milk? Was Einstein mad when he dressed up like a duck and did nothing but scream the name “Philomena!” for three days?! I dare say not!


It’s Atchoum! (gesundheit!)

Caturday: Table Manners For Cats In Five Easy Steps

Now, we’re not talking about just walking up to a bowl of your standard Crunch N Munch here. This is….ETIQUETTE we’re talking about. (Or maybe..CAT-IQUETTE?)

Caturday: I Haz Kisses For A Quarter?

[I don’t even know what a ‘Quarter’ is, but eef you stop by my booth I will give you some snorgles, K? We’re here ’til Noon PT.]

Ever Heard Of Rule Of Cuteness #32?

20150908_080020_resizedAhem: “Rule of Cuteness #32: If you’re caught doing something bad, it’s cute.”

Now, we’re not necessarily suggesting that Sebastian here has done something bad…although he looks guilty as can be. Has to have something to do with the case he’s sitting on. (Maybe he stuffed The Dog in there?)

“Our naughty but extremely good looking ragdoll! Always sitting on Daddy’s lunch box. Sebastian the cutest muffin!” -Scott S.


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