“Flawless Rule #52 Action!”

“This is Terry, flawlessly (and quite smugly) demonstrating Rule #52. Photo taken by me, his second favorite person – his dad forever remains tops on his list.” -Christine P.


Caturday Night Face Plant

Jake’s not too particular about how he gets his sleep on….as long as he gets it. “This is my cat Jake. I call this one above, “the face plant Siesta,” Michael B. tells us. “He’s done it for as long as we’ve known him. Not sure why, it’s just one of the things that makes him so special.”

“The other pics are of him in deep stretch mode and of him taking a side by side siesta with his brother Gary. Thanks for the consideration.”


The Cone Of Shame is well-known to kittehs, puppehs and hoomins alike. This kitteh knows her hoomins have done this to her deliberately as a way to shame her- but has come up with a new way to use The Cone to his/her advantage while plotting the appropriate retaliation.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Caturday Night: I Don’t Speak French

[But I DO know how to play the French Horn. No, not really. Actually, it’s more fun just to roll around in this case and get cat fur all over it.] Starling The Kitteh, c/o Courtney L.

Caturday Night Kitteh-Kut™

Why spend all that time and money driving to Supercuts™ or wherever? You can get a Kitteh-Kut™ for practically nothing! Well, it might cost you a tiny dish of Friskies™. And a Band-Aid™ or two. But still.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Caturday Night: Peppers Is Rule #58 All The Way!

Emmu M. says, “I don’t know if he counts as ‘One Flap Up,’ because Peppers only has one flap! He’s my sweet boy…I adopted him from the shelter and he had just gotten surgery to have his ear removed (it was deformed and kept giving him ear infections.). He had food allergies, a skin ailment, and behavioral issues. But we toughed it out through the roughest patches, and today he is a happy, healthy, loving addition to our family!”

Caturday Night: Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark

“I couldn’t find my cat, Elvira… she’s always hiding, so that’s nothing new, but we live in a small apartment, and there aren’t that many places for her to hide. I checked the usual spots, but still couldn’t find her. Then I heard a noise from the kitchen…..*” –Winston R., Everett, WA.

[*Note: To be continued? -Ed.]

Caturday Night: “Melba Toast? For Dinner? AGAIN?”

I think Majia’s hoomin is gonna have to up the dinner table ante to get Majia’s interest.

“She is 7 and a diva,” reports Deidre F. What? A cat that’s a DIVA? Color me amazed.


I’ll Work Out….Tomorrow

As the hot weather drags on throughout many parts of the world- you might find yourself just a BIT unmotivated to get up off the couch for a little exercise. Timo understands, and is here to help!

“♬ Why Can’t We Be Friends…♫”

This Budgie REALLY wants to be friends with the tiny Persian kitteh- though a couple of love noms earns him a couple of whacks in return- but the birdeh will not be denied, following the kitteh over the couch.

Why can’t we be friends?