Caturday Night: GAAAAAAAAAA Lookit That FACE

And those EYES! And..and the little Paws-N-Claws™ wrapped around the thumb! (AYIEEEEEEEE runs screaming into the backyard, scares the doves off the patio.)

photo 1
“Hello! This is Trixie, she was abandoned by her mother in a small town near our city. She came to the Saskatoon SPCA and we are fostering her until she’s old enough to adopt (in about six weeks)!” -Lorene T. & Leslie L.

photo 3

(BTW, our second name choice was Duchess Cutie McFluffyButt of Snuggleburg. 😉


Caturday Is ALWAYS Laptop Day 4 Sienna

“…or as we like to call her: Bear Trap (lays in wait, then springs like a bear trap) or Red Devil (self-explanatory)” says Cuteporter Christina L-S from The Great White North.

“She is OBSESSED with my husband’s laptop to the point that if it isn’t completely open…”

“…she will try to crawl UNDER the sofa tray my husband has it sitting on. Here are some examples of the crazy laptop obsession she has.”

“She prefers Mac but her dad’s laptop is Windows since she’s outgrown my MacBook Air.”