♫ You Got To Know When To Hold ‘Em ♬…

…and know when to fold ‘em!

Yeah Baby She’s Got It*

Venus4(*Headline = 1960s pop culture reference.)

This is Venus, and she is a “Chimera Cat” living in North Carolina. As her FB page suggests, “0% Photoshopped, 100% Born This Way! :).” Below, Venus poses with her Gund lookalike.

O This Is YOUR Chair?

Sorry. I’ll go away now. Didn’t mean to offend. Seriously. My bad. Gotta go. Seeya.

Hark! What Evil Lurks Beneath The Door?

These maniacs are about to find OUT.

Three Legs. Big Heart. Can’t Lose.

People, wantcha’ to meet Wallace! As you can see, having three out of four limbs doesn’t bother THIS prosh prowler one leetle beet.



“This is Wallace! He was rescued from the streets and had to have his front leg amputated. Now he lives in Washington, DC with his librarian, Mfred (that’s me). As we like to say, “three legs, big heart, can’t lose!” -Marcella F.

G’Nite, Internets

[It’s been a fun week, time to shut ‘er down and we’ll have more QTE for ya Monday but before you go CAN SOMEONE GIMME A LITTLE HELP HERE?]


If I Sitz Like This—

tumblr_n74chg7wcs1qejbiro1_1280—I can click ALL THE KEYS AT ONCE!!!! (From Catasters Tumblr.)


…how they got here. OK, OK, it WAS a long night. I mean, me and the fellas went to The Sandbox for happy hour, I remember THAT. And…after that..it gets a little hazy. If this picture gets out on the Interwebs, they’ll NEVER let me hear the end of it.


If you’re reading this, then it already has.


From Fantastic Cat Adventures Tumblr.

Pop Is TRYING To Tell Us Something…

…maybe it’s “Keep doing what you’re doing, and don’t stop!”

Yeah, that’s it.

“My cat Pop (Dutch for Doll) purrs very loudly. It actually sounds like she swallowed a pigeon!” -Marleen O.

The Look

unnamedDateline, City Of Brotherly Loff: Philadelphia Zoo’s Black-footed Cat Aza had a litter of little guys (and one girl) – the first ever to be born at the Philadelphia Zoo, says ZooBorns. They were named Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. Drogon and Viserion are guys and Rhaegal is a girl. (Someone at the Philly Zoo is a “Game Of Thrones” fan.)

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)
From Maureen P. and Mira A.


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