C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Yokohama

Cuteporter Robb S. came across a Cat Café he thought we should know about. (A Cat Café in Japan we don’t know of? Are you kidding? Here’s his review of the Yokohama Miysis CC…and their official website is here.) *If You Go™ deets at the bottom of the post.











*If You Go™: Their address is Naka-ku, Yokohama, Chojamachi 6-99.
*6 minutes from Kannai Station (JR).
*Cover charge starts at Y1300 for 70 minutes, which includes one soft drink. (About $12 USD.)
*Average visit time: 70 minutes.

Argyle And The Queen Of Soul

“This is my cat Argyle, about 8 months old and named after the limo driver in Die Hard. He enjoyed watching Aretha’s performance on ‘Late Night with David Letterman.’ I took the photo – Betsy Hodges. (Also, I am Mayor of Minneapolis. And a Cute Overload fan for many years. When I was on the City Council I would bring up your website on my screen during tense debates just to have a little balance of my attention. So thank you for being awesome!)”


Flashback Friday: “Timmons, Mrs. Bascom N.”

SHORPY-21589aWashington, D.C., circa 1930. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. From Shorpy.com.

Good Grief, I Can’t Believe This

IMG_20140921_100248[The hoomin kid left a stuffed animal in here, and look at the dog. Thinks it’s real. Then again, he’s a dog. So I shouldn’t be a bit surprised.] (Charlie The Dog and Mia The Cat, from Raelin S.)

Cat Sushi Overload

Remember this story from May of last year? Cats with Sushi? Well….they’re back.

Sorta kinda.

THIS time, they’re little vending machine figures. In Japan (of course) they’re called “Gachapon or Gashapon;” little painted figures in capsules.

[Memo to Mugumogu: How about a Maru figure? If you can fit him in the capsule. -Ed.]
















Thanks to RN24.

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Montréal

20140916_150948“I was wandering around in Montréal and I came across a “Coming Soon” Cat Café with a perfect live window display. I took these pictures myself, but unfortunately I don’t know the cat’s name. According to their site it looks like the cat in the picture might be Gustave. The cafe’s name in French is a play on words; ‘Chat L’Heureux‘ means The Happy Cat, but it sounds just like ‘Chaleureux,’ which means something that is ‘warm, convivial.’ The location is here. Thanks, I hope you like the photos!” -Liz H.


In The Eternal Battle Of Cats Vs. Toilet Paper…

….the TP will NEVER EVER stand a chance.

HALT! Who Dares Pass The Newie???

Newie bellah[I am THE GUARDIAN OF THE LIVING ROOM. If you want to access the refrigerator at 3 in the morning, you must provide the SECRET PASSWORD. And toss me some of the “Just Chicken” noms from Trader Joe’s.]

(“This is my resqte Newie showing off her wonderous belleh. She was going to be taken to a kill shelter by her previous owner so I took her in. We are working on her weight issues but as you can see she is in complete denial. She loves a good belleh rub and lots of attention. I am so glad I was able to take her in. She brightens my world. Thanks for considering her, Michelle C.”)

Friday Haiku: Shiro

The Cat and the Frog
Best friends wherever they go
The Cat always drives

Shiro and friend, from T.O.

Flashback Friday: The Private Life Of A Cat

Says Sender-Inner Julia G., “It’s long, yes, (22:01!) but worth every single second of kittens-learning-to-walk goodness. Personally, if I were to name this video, it would have been called: ‘Parenting-You’re doing it right!'” [*Note- no audio on this one. -Ed.]

From The Atlantic.com.


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