Caturday Night Truckin’

[I haz developed a new way to get the noms. I just drive into the kitchen and pick ’em up. How easy is THIS?]


They’re Living Here Among Us

They eat our food. They sleep on our beds. They go and come as they please. What’s next? The truth is out there.

Starring: Peach. In a supporting role: Miss Kitty Fantastico. Video by Lauren S.

Cats. Cats. And More Cats.

Besides the fact you’ll love this video, this tune will get stuck in your head and stay there for the rest of the day. (“Excusez-moi” by the Triciclo Circus Band.)


♫ Tomorrow May Rain..So I’ll Follow The Sun ♬

[Are we tired by the end of the day? Yes! That’s why we keep sleeping! Sometimes we NEED a cloudy day!]

[*Note: Advise muting the video audio and just roll the Fabs. -Ed.]

From Stacy M. as seen on T.O.

GAAAA, We Missed National Cat Day…In Japan???

It was YESTERDAY. (Also known as Nyan Nyan Nyan Day.) Totally missed the mark with this one. (Looking at YOU, Andrew Y.) A thousand apologies. Anyway, how about these? [*Note: Duh, you did this last year. Check the records much? -Ed.]

Cat shaped eclairs. I love me some eclair action, I do indeed. But no way could I eat these.



Photos and story deets seen on Neatorama.

Snow Matchingks

The relentless snow that’s dumping on the U.S. (and no doubt other areas, too) has forced some hoomins to get creative…in order to avoid going stir crazy.







“Hey Honey? Why’s The PC Screen So Smeary?”

“What do you mean? I just cleaned it yesterday with some of that screen cleaner stuff. BTW, have you seen Sebastian and Hamlet?”


Dateline: Frederick, MD!!

IMG_5229Carolyn R. writes: “Late Monday night, in the middle of a snowstorm, a field mouse found its way into the bedroom. Rather than trying to catch said rodent, I wielded my most effective weapon: The Cat. When the mouse skittered into the bathroom, I introduced it to Kannon, the resident feline (above image) and closed the door for the night. The next morning (below) we discovered that, overnight, cat and mouse had become BFFs. Kannon is apparently a member of the interspecies peace cooperative.”

P.S.: “No animals were harmed during this tale.”

Superstition Ain’t The Way

[Me? Superstitious? No. Why you ask?]



Photos of Jojo by The Furrtographer : Music by Stevie Wonder.

Tonight On Fox: Snack Bandit!!

Your hoomin is kind enough to give you a treat, placing it down on the floor before you. Then all of a sudden…


(If you see The Snack Bandit, please call your local police department right away. Or call Fox, and they’ll turn it into a reality show.)



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