WANTED: Cat For Starring Role In CatZilla

Kitty breaking into a dollhouse. - ImgurHOLLYWOOD, CA., JULY 1, 2015/PRNewswire (For immediate release:)

The Cute Overload Moving Pictures Company is searching for just the right cat to play the lead in the new movie, “CatZilla: The Cat That Destroyed The Big J.” Must be large and somewhat corpulent (like Maru, but Mugumogu wants too much cash) and have a laser like glare (think Grumpy Cat but already committed to another movie.) Should be able to burp flaming hairballs, and smash through houses and basically flatten Tokyo with a single paw. Working knowledge of the Godzilla films helpful but not a requirement. If interested leave name/number in Comments section. Casting closes 30 July.

(Photo via Imgur.)


着物を着て猫 (Cats Wearing Kimonos)

mmmmmmmmmWe see so many Cute Trends that start over in the Big J. You know, Cats In Boxes (Maru.) Cats With..Food On Their Heads (Shiro & Friends.)

Now, we give to you- Cats. In. Kimonos.










(Fast Company.)

First Ever Maneki Neco On C.O.

`Fairly safe in making that claim without bothering to do a search. What IS a Maneki Neco, you ask? Oh Great Wikipedia, bestow upon us your wisdom.

The maneki-neko (Japanese: 招き猫?, literally “beckoning cat“) is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. In modern times, they are usually made of ceramic or plastic. The figurine depicts a cat (traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail) beckoning with an upright paw, and is usually displayed—often at the entrance—of shops, restaurants, pachinko parlors, and other businesses. Some of the sculptures are electric or battery-powered and have a slow-moving paw beckoning. The maneki-neko is sometimes also called the welcoming cat, lucky cat, money cat, happy cat, beckoning cat, or fortune cat in English.

And why are we covering this Big J turf, you ask? All because of an email from Gerry D. “Here is my new Maneki Neco,” the email begins. “John, the King of Neuroradiology and Ann, the Power Behind the Throne, brought it back from Japan.”

“Like a cat, I find the box more fun than the gift. Also—a battery was enclosed?”


U Got This Bed Just For Me…Right?

funny-cat-sleeps-baby-crib-finny-zoe-3[WOWSERS! Usually I just curl up on the sofa, or on the big window sill in the front, or maybe on your black cashmere sweater when you fold it nice and neat in the dresser drawer you forget to close. But THIS..well, I don’t know what to say. Except…get me a blanket and one of those little suck-suck things the bebeh hoomins use. And step on it, there’s a draft in here.]


Happy Father’s Day (Star Wars Edition)

Luke, I AM your father. Now how ’bout cleaning off the top of my head?

Happy Father’s Day, Now Play With ME

[I got you a hairball in your slipper for Father’s Day, (and I hid the other one.) That’s all YOU get. Now put down the video game thing and play with ME!]


TGIF: Talk To The Paw

Been a long week, so there’s only one thing left to do. It’s 5pm PT….so hold up a single paw and say, “TGIF!”





(Boing Boing.)

Lucy In The Sky (In Macro)

Right, she’s not in the sky. But her name IS Lucy, and I wanted to get a Fab reference in there. Anyway- Andy from Burger Fiction passed this one along- they provided Bubbles a few months back, and with Super Macro Lens Work like this, we are happy to oblige!

The Definitive Big J Video

We’ve seen a lot of wacky video from the Land Of The Rising QTE, and this is right up there. Ryunosuke the cat rides on the shoulders of this fellow as he rides his motorcycle through the streets. (What..no sidecar?) We also get some swing set and biscuit making action. Don’t forget to turn up the speakers for the classic Big J soundtrack.

This makes no sense, which is totally the point.

(Andrew Y./RN24.)

“Hey Honey? Did You Clean Up That Spill In The Kitchen?”

“No, didn’t need to. The Cat took care of it.”

“Cinderella cat says, ‘Why isn’t our house like Maru’s?’ From the OTHER side of the Big J.” -Katherine B.


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