Caturday Morning: Sister Act

momskitchen 002“My 2 rescue sisters: Sophia and Bella. Bella’s in charge though….” -Kelly S. of Pepper Pike, OH.

We’ve All Seen The Signs

You come back home from a long day and work, expecting your loving cat to greet you at the door. [*Note: Riiiiight. -Ed.]

And then…you notice a certain glassy far-away look in his/her eyes. Hmmmmm. Where’s that number for Catnip Anonymous?

Mom Taxi LI: Watch The Claws, OK?

This cat clearly has his hoomin trained properly. Like this is a surprise to any of us.

(No audio on this one. From Andrew Y. who saw it on

All Aboard! Kishi Station Gets A New Super Station Master!

Clipboard01There’s a new (Super) Sheriff in town, folks. Nitama has been appointed as official Super Station Master (and successor to the late Tama) at Kishi Station, Wakayama Prefecture. This is the official press conference:

Her hours are 10am to 4pm, with Monday and Thursdays off. Tama has received the posthumous promotion to “Distinct Eternal Stationmaster.”


And here Nitama is visiting the Tama shrine. They take this SERIOUSLY in The Big J.

(Thanks to Andrew Y., who does not- repeat not- work for RN24.)

What Would YOUR Cat Post On Facebook?

You know, they’re sneaky like that. While you’re sleeping, they’re talking trash on the Facebookster. No need to be concerned- all we’re saying is- keep your eyes open.

What. Is. Going. On. Here.

The Big J may have outdone itself with this one. You advertise your breath mint with a giant kitteh picking up some guy at the train station. Makes..perfect..sense. “My husband sent me this crazy commercial from Japan (obviously). A giant kitteh carrying a man thru subway to his work. Been fans forever! Visit ur site multiple times a day!” -Katrine K., Seattle.

Caturday Night: Peppers Is Rule #58 All The Way!

unnamedEmmu M. says, “I don’t know if he counts as ‘One Flap Up,’ because Peppers only has one flap! He’s my sweet boy…I adopted him from the shelter and he had just gotten surgery to have his ear removed (it was deformed and kept giving him ear infections.). He had food allergies, a skin ailment, and behavioral issues. But we toughed it out through the roughest patches, and today he is a happy, healthy, loving addition to our family!”

Caturday Cat House ResQtes!

9 Jess 78Caturday is always a great day to feature these little knuckleheads who are waiting for a new hoomin to choose them, at the Cat House On The Kings in Central California! (Say like Adam West: “And how ABOUT these Batman Heads, old chum?”)

9 Jess 76 cal
Photos by Jess L., and sent by Harvie Rush S.

9 Jess 100 cal

9 Jess 102 cal

International Cat Day

GCToday IS International Cat Day– on a Caturday, no less! SOME of us happen to think that’s a big deal!

“We Want To Win, And We Will Win”

4a6c7600164865ef0dd46685446ff41c[*Note: C.O. does NOT wish to imply we are endorsing ANY political candidate running for the Office Of The President, like those guys on the tube last night. However, we do like can barely tolerate the ones that are easiest to make fun of. There IS one guy in particular, you know. See below, these posts definitely have a connection. -Ed.]

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6
Oliver the Red & Cream Persian, by A. Smart.


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