ResQte Of The Week 3: “What’s Goin’ ON Up There?”

IMG_5514More Cheeto The Cat-Shenanigans from Harvie Ruth S. at the Cat House On The Kings!





And Let’s Call It A Night, Shall We?

IMG_0034This kitteh certainly has the right idea. “This is my wonderful and funny kitteh, Fen, aka Fenway.* Tongue sticking out is an ROC, I believe.” Amy T. says. (Say like Adam West/Batman: “How Right you are!)

[*Note: Red Sox fan, perhaps? -Ed.]

If I Fits, I Ships

Miki W. says “Major Japanese shipping company Yamato Transport, whose trademark is black cats, released this video of ‘how to fold our flat-rate small box’ starring a real black cat. The cat does amazing job! (I’m a bird person and don’t even like cats, but I am still amazed.)”

Maybe I Should Pick On Someone My Own Size?

[Those guys are pretty big…biggest dogs I EVER saw. And what’re those things on their heads? I don’t know. Maybe I can just sneak up on them…after all, I am The Lion King. Sorta.]

And the sequel, ’cause all big movies deserve sequels…

We’re Back, Welcome to CAT-TALK™ on KQTE

We’ll be taking your calls all morning long here on CAT TALK. Call us, 555-KQTE, that’s 555-5783 for those of you who don’t like to have to stare at the phone and figure how what letter matches what number. Whatever’s on your mind- the new 2016 Cute Overload CalendarC.O.’s 10th Anniversary…’Tocktober coming up in a little over two let’s hear it! That number again, 555-KQTE, lines are open. Hello, THIS is CAT TALK™, YOU’RE on KQTE:

(Speakers UP:)

(Boing! Boing!)

[*Note: There really IS a KQTE. -Ed.]

Thank YOU, CHOTK! #CO10

CO-10yearsJ1COTENLARGESuper Photographer Jess Lessard was kind enough to send this in! The CHOTK and Jess have sent in many super quality photos over the years, and we really appreciate it! Send in your favorite posts from the last ten years! (Just email us a URL with the specific post.) Then on September 26th, we’ll run ’em all day long! The Best Of The Best, chosen by You, our Best Peeps!

Hey! There’s A Water Shortage In California!

Notice the complete disdain/disregard Sid The Cat has for Katie The Great Dane, who patiently waits her turn until she realizes who she’s dealing with.

Better Watch What You Say Around Cats–

–you never know what’s gonna end up on Twitter. #TRENDING #LOOSELIPSSINKSHIPS #CATSONTWITTER

ResQte Of The Week 2: Mr. Grey Will See You Now

DESKCAT“I volunteer at the Evanston Animal Shelter in Evanston, IL.,” says Maggie G. “Last week I met the greatest guy! His name’s Mr. Grey. He’s an excellent office assistant, well groomed, and enjoys cuddling on chilly days. He is a mature gentleman, and in addition to a strong physique and sensitive green eyes, he’s got the best Toe-Foofs you’ll ever see! His only caveat is that he doesn’t ‘do’ babies. (He’s not as huge as he looks. It’s mostly fluff.)


Why Bother With Those Fancy Cat Toys…

…that they sell at the pet store? You’ve got everything your kitteh needs in the bathroom, for hours and hours of shredding pleasure.

[*Note: Hope you had a good Labor Day holiday today (if your country has that, of course.) Tomorrow we kick things off with Rats, It’s Monday Tuesday- a Maru/Hana Double Feature, a special message from BUB, AND it’s Trading Card Toesday. Who will it be??? -Ed.]


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