Everybody On Your Feet, It’s Caturday!

Our furry feline friend looks like he/she has spotted lunch/dinner.

Spotted on MSN Now.


Who’s The Cat That Won’t Cop Out…

..when there’s danger all about?



Right on, Josh N., who is clearly on a ROLL.

Would You Like To Ride In Ma Bootyful Balloon?

Ah don’t cares eef eet wuz for the hoomin’s birthday last month. Eet’s MINE.

Cuteporter Laura let us know ’bout this one, saying “This is Nala. Chexjc posted a picture of her holding a balloon on Reddit, saying that the cat has been dragging the balloon everywhere for the last month. When people didn’t believe this was true, chexjc posted video evidence. The video turned out better than anyone could have predicted.” Post title inspired by the 5th Dimension.

They Wouldn’t Let Me Cover The Westminster Dog Show

Ah got a press pass and a BEEG camera and everythings!

Well, ah put up a BIG STEENK and they still wouldn’t let me een. They said eet had sumfun’ to do with “antagonizing the contestants.” (Like ah nose whut that meanz.) Shoot, jus’ wanted to take some pitchers.

From The InterWebs.

Q: Ever Wonder Where Your Socks Go?

A: Sock Ninjas steal ’em in the middle of the night…naturally.

Fortunately, The Kitteh Sock Protectors are there to save your Sock Stash!

Sent in by JoEllen M., who “Saw this on io9.” (UPDATE: If you like the background music on this video, you can download it for free here.)

Presidential Pets On Parade!

“If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

That famous quote is attributed to President Harry S. Truman. Indeed, searching the InterTubes turns up lots of First Dogs- but Socks appears to be the sole First Kitteh.


It’s President’s Day in the US. To celebrate, here’s a mini-selection of famous Presidential Pets!

Bill Clinton and cat n









Photo 1 of Socks (and President Clinton) from No Idea.
Photo 2 and 3 of Socks (and President Clinton) from the U.S. National Archives.
Photo 4 of Socks from The Washington Post.
Photo 5 of Bo and Michelle Obama from ABC News.com.
Photo 6 of Rex and President Reagan from Pupscale Grooming.
Photo 7 of Barney from Rollcall.com.
Photo 8 of Millie, President and Mrs. Bush from Petside.com.
Photo 9 of Checkers and Republican VP candidate Nixon from Reporter News.

Thees Kitteh Look Familiar 2 U?

Prolly so!

That’s ‘cuz thees kitteh ees on today’s 2013 CO Calendar desktop page!

Her hoomin Danielle says “Honey doesn’t fit in my pocket anymore. I love your site and have bought the calendar for the past 3 years in a row. Keep up the good work!”

[Three years in a row! Outstanding. And we appreciate the kind words. -Ed]


Nomming Elbows IS As Fun As Eet Looks

O HAI! Kuzma The Kat is back! Last time he was going for the brush, and this time, K-Man wants him some prime elbow ACTION. (Except at :15, when he gives us his WHY ARE U HERE glance.) Go, Kuzma, GO!

From Michele W.

GET OFFA MY LAWN! [Scream in old man voice]

Rita R. sent this in. “We are wintering in Florida and my husband watched this drama unfold.”