Lucy In The Sky (In Macro)

Right, she’s not in the sky. But her name IS Lucy, and I wanted to get a Fab reference in there. Anyway- Andy from Burger Fiction passed this one along- they provided Bubbles a few months back, and with Super Macro Lens Work like this, we are happy to oblige!

The Definitive Big J Video

We’ve seen a lot of wacky video from the Land Of The Rising QTE, and this is right up there. Ryunosuke the cat rides on the shoulders of this fellow as he rides his motorcycle through the streets. ( sidecar?) We also get some swing set and biscuit making action. Don’t forget to turn up the speakers for the classic Big J soundtrack.

This makes no sense, which is totally the point.

(Andrew Y./RN24.)

“Hey Honey? Did You Clean Up That Spill In The Kitchen?”

“No, didn’t need to. The Cat took care of it.”

“Cinderella cat says, ‘Why isn’t our house like Maru’s?’ From the OTHER side of the Big J.” -Katherine B.

It’s Still Adopt-A-Cat Month, Ya Know!

It most certainly is! So..the no-kill shelter Homeward Bound (great name) of Decatur, IL. recently partnered with yoga studio Yoga at Connie’s. (The yoga “Up Dog” move probably won’t fly at this yoga studio.)

It was a way to introduce kittehs that need homes, to peeps who might not otherwise consider a shelter.

Six kittehs hung out during the session, one was adopted, and over $500 was raised for the shelter.

We contacted the studio to see if there will be another event- we’ll let you know if so!





(Seen on My Modern Met and The Dodo, and also sent in by Carmen C.)

Cats….Who Are Actually SPIES

It didn’t take a video posted by The Dodo for us to realize this.

What Is It, Meredith?

Meredith The Kitteh clearly has something on her mind. Probably has to do with the glaring lack of a dinner bowl in front of her.

Happy (Late) Birthday, Stu!

Sorry we missed your party last week- looks like you had fun!

“I’d like to submit my cat ‘Stu‘ for your site!” -Sami C.


If You Want Something Done RIGHT…

[Ya just have to do it yourself. Give me THAT.]


It’s Hug Your Cat Day

Yes, it is! And, well, OK- maybe Grumpy Cat isn’t the….BEST example for this day. Let’s take a look at whether or not your cat LIKES to be hugged, c/o Cole and Marmalade:

Cats Taking Showers

It’s a commonly held belief that cats pawsitively despise taking a shower/bath. This new video seems to show that some of them actually enjoy it!

Of course—your results may vary.


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