Press Nose, Get Present- Only In The Big J

dsc03564‘Member this video from the middle of the month?

So leave it to the masterminds over at The Big J to raise the stakes a bit higher. Or larger. The same transport company in the above video has decided to deposit a giant black cat inside Shinjuku Station this week. Quoting the ever-vigilant RocketNews24: “The big cat will be ‘awake’ and spitting out 72 different presents at Shinjuku Station’s Metro Promenade from 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. every day until 4 October. After that, he goes on tour, stopping at ten locations around the country, like a giant, furry, four-legged, off-season Santa with presents for furballs.”

A Santa…with furballs. Let’s think on that one.

(Andrew Y.)

The Art Of Seduction (In Five Easy Steps)

Number 1: Make intense eye contact. Number 2: -Wait! We’re not gonna give it away! Watch the clip!

Got A Noisy Puppeh?

Have you tried everything to get a puppeh to stop their incessant barking? Well, then it’s time to bring an enforcer on premises to quiet the little yapper down. Kinda like this cat Greyscale, who means business.


You Know Your Cat Is A Total Creep…

…when he watches you sleep. (OK, so that’s the header from the video- but it’s accurate, right?)

ResQte Of The Week: Meet WHALE

12011140_10153636055264869_205984637857533838_n“We who volunteer with Sante D’Or have had Cute Overload luck before, so when I saw this picture I thought ‘Brinke. Brinke must know.’ So bigger kitty Cobbler – an alum of Sante D’Or…was wary of foster baby Whale at first. She was curious but not exactly friendly. After a few days, Cobbler began to let Whale play with her tail, and even played a little with her, and then volunteer Megan found them napping together like this! These babies benefit from Race for the Rescues next month!” –Quinn C.

[*Note: WHALE? Best kitten name ever. -Ed.]

One Day, Someone In Japan Woke Up And Thought…

“We need to invent little kitteh bandanas that we can sell in vending machines because here, you can buy ANYTHING in a vending machine.

And so they did.





(From RN24 via Andrew Y.)

[UPDATE: You can buy these here– I think. They have these, too (below.) Remember Sushi Cat? -Ed.]


WHO’S The Boss? That’s Right, I Am

Following yesterday’s Pizza Rat, we’re back to Noo Yawk for….Boss Rat.

So this kitteh lives inside this health food store, and patrols the premises to keep out the…well, rats. And THIS rat knows that.

(Say like a NYC Cabbie:) “Hey Cat- yoo wanna piece o’ DIS? I gotcher “Cat & Mouse game” right HEAH, pally.”

(The Gothamist.)

Kaia: She’s He’s (STILL) Living Life….On The Edge

1Shannon P. of Little Elm Texas says, “Hi guys! You may remember dis kitteh from such episodes as “Kaia: Living Life….On The Edge” Well, a year and a half later, and he’s at it again. He got up here for the first time this morning during a mad attempt to murder a moth. Now, he’s up there recreationally, all Mufasa-like, with our kitten Grayson (see red box!) looking up with rapt attention:” “Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.”


“And, on an interestingly relevant side note, you might have noticed that Kaia was a “she” in your prior post, yet I now refer to Kaia as a “he”. It was quite the shock for me, picking him up from the vet after getting her fixed, only to find out that…she was a he. It would seem that his wee narnads were a little tardy to the party. I’ll just leave that little tidbit right here.”




Caturday: “Jack, Your 2 O’ Clock Is Here”

Jack the Cat Masseuse is giving Bella the Great Dane the complete treatment, and Bella doesn’t seem to mind one bit. [*Note: Annoying Hoomin Commentary included- consider killing the volume when playing. -Ed.]

Caturday Morning: Understanding Your Cat’s Emotions

Your Case Study Subjects today are: Cole & Marmalade.


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