Five Ways To Tell If Your Cat Hates You

Let’s face it, they march to the beat of a different drummer. As a rule, they’re rather inscrutable and hard to read. What’s going on in that little noggin? We might not want to know.

Sometimes…It Is Just A Cat Scratch

Other times, though….it can be something much…more…serious.

AS SEEN ON TV: The Catzooka©

It’s easy and fun to use The Catzooka©. First, scan the cat you want to replicate. Punch up the software on your laptop. Then aim your launcher at the location you want the replicated cat to land. Three, two, one, BAM! That’s it- instant cats with The Catzooka©. Available at fine stores everywhere. BUT WAIT! There’s more. If you order your Catzooka© before midnight tonight (any time zone) we’ll throw in an EXTRA Catzooka©, free! (And, since no one bought them we have a ton of back stock, we’ll throw in few of those chintzy little credit card holders that are supposed to block cards from being scanned. ACT NOW!

Trash Cat

Don’t let your kitteh near your iMac. Just don’t. (Brilliant work by Kelsey Goldych as seen on Digg.)

Limberbutt McCubbins For Prez: Life, Liberty, And….The Pursuit Of Laser Pointers!

LIMBERWe’ve heard from Jeb, Hillary, and The Donald MWAH MWAH MWAH. Now it’s time to hear from a Presidential Candidate with substance. A feline with no fear. He stands for more (and better) Catnip for all. Equal litter boxes. Deporting all dogs to some desert island. You know, the important stuff. Meow is the time. Please welcome from Louisville, Kentucky, a 2016 Democat-ic Presidential Candidate: Limberbutt McCubbins.

Welcome to Cute Overload Limberbutt- we appreciate you taking time out of your day to speak with us. Do you endorse the use of catnip?

No research has shown that cat nip is harmful to cats. I’m not a user, but I do support it.

Have you met any of the other candidates, like…Donald Trump?
I’ve never met another presidential candidate…they don’t seem to like to come to Kentucky.

Who is your VP choice? Maybe Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat? Have you begun the vetting process? That’s important- ask John McCain.
My team and I are hard at work to find the best Catidate for our ticket. Our main choice will be either Grumpy Cat…or Bernie Sanders.

*Any final words?
No other words!



Official Website : Facebook : Twitter : Official Swag.

* Thanks to NTMTOM for the heads-up *

They’re ALL All-Stars To Us!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATonight’s the night for the MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati! Up top is Phillips (after Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds,) & he’s at Cincinnati’s Save the Animals Foundation. Not available for adoption, there’s a line a mile-long of people wanting to take him home!


We have a couple of critters here that are ready to adopt. (As always, while you probably don’t live in Cincinnati- maybe you have a friend you can share this post with.) STAF’s Cathy O. says, “And batting second, this tiny kitten is one of my little foster babies, Firefly. He won’t be available for adoption for a while.”

“Next is Ranger, he is available now!”

“And hitting cleanup, this is Charlie, also available for adoption.”

THIS UPDATE JUST IN: “Good news, Charlie, the three-legged guy, is going to be adopted, probably this weekend!” -Cathy O.

It’s Come To THIS In Greece

This kitteh will let you know if you can withdraw money from your account. No cash for YOU.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

“Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats”

Earlier this morning, it was “Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs.” Of course you knew there was going to be Equal Time for The Puppehs, right? Here we go!

“Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs”

That’s the title of the video..and personally, I would never rank one over the other. But this video does make a rather compelling argument for The Kitteh Species.

How ‘Bout A Cup Cat Of Coffee?

That’s all for this week on C.O.! We’ll leave you (for now) with Coffee The Kitteh, c/o Andrew Y. and A new Maru and terrific Headline THIS headed your way tomorrow morning, ’cause…Rats, It’s Monday!



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