Are You Gonna…Eat That?

[Lemme just get that little Count Chocula marshmallow there, K? Hold STILL!]

From Stockholm With Loff

This is JumJum, the Birma Ragdoll! Marianne H. sent these photos in, and she’s going to tell us all about ’em.

“I just have to share with you the Overload in Cuteness that is JumJum the Birma-Ragdoll. I have the immense perk of getting to cat-sit while his mom and little moms are away. His little moms are called Stella and Sofia (5 and 3) and they’re in Greece now with big mom Josefine helping with the refugee crisis there. Jummy misses them all.”

“JumJum likes licking your eyelid in the morning, doing mad dashes through the apartment, mewing, throwing his toys really high and napping.”

“He lives in Stockholm, Sweden and supports the football (soccer) team AIK.”

“I attach a few pics from our fun together, and I would argue there are some Rules in there..Toe Beans, Toe Floof, Paws Up, Side Eyes.. And General Major Fluffiness! AND watching of Tip and the Dreamworks kittens on the iPad! So you are the supreme judges of course….but isn’t he just Cute Overload?”







リトルプライバシー、してください (A Little Privacy, Please)

Only in The Big J, do you get a kitteh litter box to look like a private spa. Yep! This is what’s called a “Cat Onsen.” Quoting Wikipedia: “An onsen (温泉) is a term for hot springs in the Japanese language, though the term is often used to describe the bathing facilities and inns around the hot springs.” Now that we’ve got that settled- we move on.

Got a nice little discreet curtain.

But as you know, cats go when they are good and ready to go.

You just slide your litter box inside this box kinda thing…

Hang up your little curtain..

The interior..

Assemmbly required!

And…you got your rubber ducks in the litter.

Yes, rubber ducks. It’s Japan, just roll with it.

Cat watches as hoomin does all the work. As it should be.

And that’s it!

(RN24 and Andrew Y, of course.)

Cats in Kimonos

And that’s all you need to know about this post.

“Dear Friends at Cute Overload, From Japan! Cats in kimonos, enjoying a gourmet dinner of kibble and salad.” -Erin U.

Right, That’s Four Paw-ounds, Please

IMG_3396“Hi C.O., You always manage to brighten up my day so here is a pic I snapped for you. This munchkin is from London Cat Village sitting at the cashier’s desk making sure they get their tips and donations. :). Love from London, Duygu C.

And What Comes After “Rats, It’s Monday?”

ToesdayTOESDAY, naturally. And who do we have here? “Please accept these submissions for possible Toesday publication,” writes Lori K. OK, we will! “This is Benedict Clambercat, also known as Benny Boo Boo. Photos taken by me.”

Wanna win the new book from Grumpy Cat? That’s coming up…..NEXT.

He Is…The Most Tolerant Cat In The World

This is probably the only cat in the entire world who would put up with this type of treatment. (OK, maybe Shiro too. But that would be it.)

“And I Assume You Have Collateral?”

20150118_215144“This is Milo. This is his Loan Officer Face. [*Note: New tag. FYI. -Ed.] He has reviewed your application to pet him….but he’s going to need to see some references.” -Margaret.

Gilbert’s New Game

[Not only do I have this new ball thing that rolls around, they can’t see me when I do it ’cause I’m in this plastic basket!!!]

(“Hi Cute Overload! I thought you might enjoy Gilbert’s new game,” says Cheryl C.)

“Hey Honey, Did You Break The DVD Player?”

“Not me. I was trying to play something last night and it wouldn’t come out of the slot there, you know where you put the disc in. You got me. BTW, have you seen the cat lately?”


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