Bunday: Everybody Needs Somebunny

People, there’s a LOT of cuddling and snorgling in the next thirty seconds. You might want to sit down while watching this one. So you’ll be closer to the floor when you pass out. [Clunk.]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

[Who’s the handsomest Cat of all? Why, I am, natch.]

He’s Back There, Isn’t He

10622311_10203657255689177_931313901_n[I mean, what the heck…]

[…even I know how to use a litter box. Typical dumb dog.]

“I was trying to take beautiful photos of California Kitty but in one I mistakenly got Meshach in the background.” -Brandy D.

Eddy The Destroyer

image1Sounds like a late-night B movie on Cable Access Channel D, doesn’t it? “Who’s willing to risk a few scratches? This is Eddy the Destroyer (who destroys all things and has the fluffiest belly ever). Of course, I love him to pieces. He would be honoured to appear on CO. (And it is OK that he is upside down, the picture was taken that way.) We are in Germany. But Eddy is a Maine Coon, so one could say he has American ancestors! Lots of love from Marita (human servant to Master Ed.)”

Cats. With Shower Caps.

Judging from the expression on their faces, you have to think that there’s gonna be a new hoomin behind the camera for the next video clip.

“Just .01 Per Kitten!”

Wanted to take a sec to plug one of The Furrtographer’s projects- (he took some shots for the Calendar, yo) kittehs for your phone! Open your phone up, and stuff ’em right in there!!

No, not really.

“Since people love kittens, and need to have a photo of one on their phone at all times, I designed this app to fulfill this need,” Josh says.

“It features 116 kitten photos taken by me at various rescues over the years. The app is FREE and features 17 kitten photos that are easy to share and save.”

“It’s just $.99 to unlock the other 99. That’s just $.01 per kitten!!!”


Black Cat Appreciation Day, Vol. II

6 jess 30 heart chest calHE/SHE HAS A HEART ON HIS/HER CHEST!

OK. Was hyper-ventilating there for a bit. Say, today IS their day as we mentioned earlier, but we didn’t want it to pass without showing you these great Jess Lessard pix c/o Harvie Ruth S. at CHOTK!

3 Jess 18

5 jess 8

5 Jess 56 best camera accessory

6 Jess 25 cal

9 Jess 14

Meow! It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Sure, they get a lot of attention in October, but that’s not quite the kind they want! Today’s Black Cat Appreciation Day! And here are five ASPCA-approved reasons why they would make a great kitteh for you!

Black cats go with everything—and they’ll never go out of style!

You can tell your kids you adopted a miniature panther.

Their fur won’t show on your little black dress.

In most cultures, black cats are a sign of good luck.

Black cats are just as loving, sweet and wonderful as any other cat!

Caturday Celebrity Cats (And Their Faithful Hoomins)

MQ-PrincessCheeto-HeroThe Interwebs are ruled by Cats. We all know this. But who puts The Cats in that position? Sure, cats are smart- but they need SOMEONE–grudgingly, no doubt–to open up that Instagram account or post that first photo on Reddit. Here are a few of the more well-known Net Felines, with their humble hoomins. That’s Hugo Martinez and Princess Cheeto of Brooklyn above and below:



Lil’ BUB, Bloomington, Indiana. Hoomin: Mike Bridavsky.


Sam (Who has eyebrows,) NYC. Hoomins: Amanda Collado.


Princess Monster Truck, Brooklyn. Hoomins: Joseph Bryce and Tracy Timmins.


Atchoum, Montreal. Hoomin: Nathalie Côté.


(Bored Panda; additional Princess Cheeto photos from Meow Quarterly.)

THIS JUST IN! ResQte Of The Week (Caturday Berkeley Edition)

image1unnamed‘Member the folks at Berkeley Humane- they hosted Grumpy Cat for the unveiling of their new Mobile Adoption van back in January. They’re holding their “Third Annual Bark (& Meow) Around the Block Adopt-a-Thon and Street Fair,” now ’til 4pm PT. (Part of #clearthesheltersday!) Location is Ninth & Carleton in Berkeley. (That’s “Damien” above with Laura Garcia-Cannon of NBC Bay Area.)

[*UPDATE 4:33pm PT: More than 10,000 animals found homes today! #WIN. -Ed.]

image1 (1)

FullSizeRender (1)


unnamed (2)

unnamed (3)
Thanks to Sherry L. and Melissa M. for the help! And here’s a SLO-MO Puppeh Drop with BONUS BUTT SNIFFING!


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