Christmas Sampler

Here’s a mini sampler of Christmas Cute- remember, if you’ve got a photo we need to see, send it to us! Comments and credits are in each photo hover. (Above, “I’m submitting a photo I took a few years ago around Christmas time. Daisy doesn’t normally pose for pictures, but I was able to capture her for a few seconds before she escaped down the stairs!” -Elena K.)



Tink Christmas




“Worst Painting EVER”

[Who haz painted this mess? Picasso? Rembrandt? Whoever- somebody should be getting their money back. Dis awful.]

~ ~ ~

“Ms. Charlotte is questioning our taste in novelty art.” –Rachael V.

Caturday: “The Cats Of Ephesus”

Don’t even need to go search for that- without a doubt this is the first ever mention of “Ephesus” in C.O. history. Which just goes to show that even after ten years, there’s a first time for everything. “I was accused of photographing the cats in the ancient city of Ephesus (modern day Turkey) more than the ruins. Maybe true :). But how could I resist?” queries Christina T.

EF - 012

EF - 013

EF - 015

Caturday Morning “Helpers”

Don’t you love it when your little friends decide to come over and “help” you with some major project? Like these guys, for example:

“We are remodeling our kitchen,” writes Randy D. “I happened to catch my kitties, Gemma (on the top rung) and Abby, investigating the ladder and it was just too cute for me to pass up taking a few photos. As you can see (above,) there was such disagreement as to ‘top cat’ status.

“The angle of the camera is flattering to Gemma–she actually weighs almost twice as much as Abby. Gemma and Abby think that the ladder should be a permanent fixture in the kitchen. P.S. I’ve enjoyed your site for many years; please don’t ever stop spreading the cute.”

I Haz The Joy?

“This is Chai (aka Chaibug.) Every year she claims her favorite quiet spot sitting under the Christmas tree. My little Christmas kitten. Photo taken by me – her human. Hope she can help spread some Christmas Cheer on Cute Overload! Thanks, Lynnetta.”

Friday Haiku

Two pals together
Enjoying a sunny day
Buddies ’til the end

~ ~ ~

ResQte Of The Week: Tribble

This kitteh was returned to the shelter TWICE! (He has a home now.) The story: first time, the owner died. Whoops. Second time, Tribble got stressed out living with four kids….imagine that. And you wonder WHY his name is Tribble?

Click the video and don’t forget to turn those Speakers UP!


Congratulations, Jackie!

We all remember our first C.O. post. Let’s congratulate Jackie S. on hers, shall we? “This is my first submission! Here are some photos of my cat I took today. Kitkat is having trouble putting up the lights for the Christmas tree.” By request, a Bonus C.O. Wallpaper!


Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls 2

Here’s a somewhat belated (and cheeky) sequel to our November 2013 post!






(Boing Boing)

Gonna Sit Right Here ‘Til The 25th

[I nose the drill. Fat man in the dirty red suit stuffs himself down the chimney- why I don’t know, we haz front door, I disable alarm? He has the noms in his bag, and I haz been good all year. ‘Cept for biting The Dog. And the hairball in hoomin’s new Porsche Cayenne. And knocking over the box of flour. And clawing up the couch. See? Mostly gud.]

~ ~ ~

“This is Nelson anxiously waiting for Christmas to arrive (Tree decorations! He will be having a ball…or two!) Thnx for all the cheer you bring all day long !” -Iris W.