We Haz The Dinners Now, OK?

IMG_0207“I took this pic a couple of days ago, this is Fred (orange kitty) and his sister Melody. Rinsing out some dishes around 7pm, I turned and was greeted by this! I couldn’t help but laugh! Hope you like it!” -Tammy L.

多摩に満足して16日 (Happy 16th To Tama)

Tama is the “Super Ultra Station Master and Operating Officer at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.” Try and get all of THAT on a business card. (C.O. archival super coverage here and here.) Today is Tama’s Sweet 16th Birthday! (Video of the festivities c/o NHK NEWSweb.)


You can even buy Tama stuff (of course) here. I think. Chrome won’t translate this one. Nuts.

Here’s the current work schedule for Tama and intern Nitama.



(Andrew Y. and RN24, of course.)


11156134_10153222923321505_6244362052384441969_n[C’mon hoomin, GET WITH IT. We’re HUNGRY. Crunch-n-munch for me and The Dog, and whatever it is you toss outside for these birds.] From Josh N.

Caturday: The Top Ten Cat Superpowers!!

Speed..jumping..strength..agility…it’s clear that kittehs have it ALL. Are there going to be cats in the new Avengers movie?


C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Takadanobaba, Tokyo

1000-baba-nekoya35Robb S. is back with another stop on the World Tour- “This one is called Nyankoto, in the student neighborhood of Takadanobaba in Tokyo. I must have arrived at just the right time, because all the cats were awake simultaneously. Lots of different exotic breeds here, and a couple of cute kittens.”








If You Go™

Phone: 03-6233-9662

Hours: Open 11am-10pm daily.

Cost: Y800 cover charge for the first hour, Y200 for each additional 15 minutes. Average visit time: 60 minutes.

Address: Takadanobaba 2-14-6, Swan Bldg #201.

Misc: Website : Twitter : FB.

[*Note: This is the place. Click to enlarge. -Ed.]


[*Note: No idea what this means- it’s on their FB page. But it’s got cute cat drawings. -Ed.]


“Hey Honey? Did You Make The Bed Yet?”

“Uh…no. Kinda having a bit of a PROBLEM in here. Little help?”


My Fave Color Is Blue. No- Green!

StellaStella has both colors going for her, as you can see. Got a little Rule of Cuteness #40 going on here, too. “I just wanted to give you all the opportunity to bask in the cuteness of Stella, just as she is basking in the warmth of this sunbeam,” says Elissa M. “I imagine she is praying for lots of birds outside the window.”

Yeah, I Remember My First Catnip..

[I mean, what a long strange trip it’s been. I was seeing rainbow unicorns and everything. I gotta cut this out….next month. Now, somebody put on side two of Terrapin Station, willya?]


gandalf's first taste of cat nip

grendel needs to lay off the nip

im not as think as you nipped i am

never look in the mirror while high
From Casey C. (Who also supplied the hovers.) “Here are some cats going crazy for cat nip. Hope you like ’em! Shot by Andrew M.”

Who Wants To Take A Dip?

Dogs, don’t ever turn your back on a cat.


“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Ear Plugs?”

“I’ve only got one here. Do we have any extras? How could I be missing just ONE ear plug??”


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