Star Wars Cat

Join the Dark Side, you will.

(Tastefully Offensive.)


As If They Needed More Weapons

Now they’ve got Lasercats, too. Is the Rebel Alliance doomed? (Wait. If the Alliance can…somehow upload hairballs to the Lasercats…they…MIGHT just have a chance. It’s their only hope!)

From Harvie’s FB.

I Haz Lightsaber?

[How I turn this on WHOOPS OK I figured it out.]

(Star Wars

ResQte Of The Week (OZ Edition:) JAWS

Photographer Patrick Jones sent us this photo of Jaws. “Jaws is currently looking for her forever home at the RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter. She would make an amazing companion for anyone who has room in their life for a cat with some special needs,” writes Patrick. We agree.


Waiting For Mr. C

[‘Dis way, when Jolly Fat Guy pops out from the chimney, I’ll be ready to pounce welcome him to our home! Wait. We don’t haz chimney. He comes through the front door then? Or maybe the back door? I feel a Stress Hairball coming on.]

“I’m an avid fan of your site, but this is my first submission. My husband Jason captured this picture of our cat Smokey sitting in our Christmas tree. His caption was ‘Maybe if I don’t move, the hoomins won’t see me.’ Definitely fits for Rule #32. Thanks, Susan L.”

Nice Beans There, Fi-Fi!

This just in from Deb M.: “Hi! This is my rescue Fiona who has shared her exquisite-ness with me for 8 years! Her nose (and a partial blue eye) was included in the farewell to Nosevember. Thanks for viewing. Deb and Fi.”



OK You Guys- What’s Going On Here?

Look like nobody’s gonna talk. Off to the interrogation room for both of ya. (Imgur/Reddit.)

I’ve Been Good All Year, Santa…Mostly

[….well ‘cept for that time I bit The Dog. And….that pesky postal guy. But HE deserved it. Just like I deserve treats in my stocking, OK?]

~ ~ ~

“This would be my ragdoll Coco Chanel’s second time on C.O. The Christmas picture was taken by Coco’s Aunt Robbie last year. Always a fan, Amélie & Coco.”

A Christmas Gift Guide For Kittehs

Still got about two weeks to go, but if you’re stuck for ideas, take a look.

Now THAT Is A Realistic Ornament!

I knew that Hallmark made some great looking ornaments, but that is by far the most realistic looking kitteh ornament ever.

~ ~ ~

“I start my morning every day with you and my coffee. In October, 2014 we adopted a litter of three 8 week old kittens from the MSPCA Nevins Farm. Christmas 2014 was their first Christmas and they took full advantage of it by spending almost every waking hour in or under our Xmas Tree. This is Bagheera in our tree last year.” Wendy H., New Hampshire.