Ever Wonder What 10 Cats Eating Sounds Like?


(Andrew Y. via RN 24.)

Welcome To Toesday

It’s early- we understand that- so if you wanna go back to sleep, we toe-tally understand.

Should I Flip Or Should I Flop?

[Either way, this is positively the most fun I’ve ever had in my entire life.]

And…the GIF.


(From Boing!! Boing!!)

Ticatnic: My Heart Will Go On

Cue Celine! ♬ Near, far, wherevvvvvver you are!♫

Thanks to Arne.

HEY! Maru! Check Out Our House!

2015-07-13 15.17.38“I have never submitted a photo before, but I thought you would like to see my two Rescue Cats, Zimmer (L) and his new buddy Addison (R) enjoying their new cat tower. Cute Overload rocks!” -Leeanne H.


cat-loaf-bread-lou-lou-p-delights-1A “Catloaf” is when your kitteh plops his/herself down wherever they want to (imagine that,) folds the front paws up underneath, and…looks like a loaf of bread.

Lou Lou P’s Delights, a UK baker, decided to bake actual catloafs. (Or would it be…”catloaves?”)

The My Modern Met article says LLP recommends using this Bunny Bread recipe. Bunneh Bread? Who knew?


Five Ways To Tell If Your Cat Hates You

Let’s face it, they march to the beat of a different drummer. As a rule, they’re rather inscrutable and hard to read. What’s going on in that little noggin? We might not want to know.

Sometimes…It Is Just A Cat Scratch

Other times, though….it can be something much…more…serious.

AS SEEN ON TV: The Catzooka©

It’s easy and fun to use The Catzooka©. First, scan the cat you want to replicate. Punch up the software on your laptop. Then aim your launcher at the location you want the replicated cat to land. Three, two, one, BAM! That’s it- instant cats with The Catzooka©. Available at fine stores everywhere. BUT WAIT! There’s more. If you order your Catzooka© before midnight tonight (any time zone) we’ll throw in an EXTRA Catzooka©, free! (And, since no one bought them we have a ton of back stock, we’ll throw in few of those chintzy little credit card holders that are supposed to block cards from being scanned. ACT NOW!

Trash Cat

Don’t let your kitteh near your iMac. Just don’t. (Brilliant work by Kelsey Goldych as seen on Digg.)


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