Nosevember: Teddy, Now & Then

Stephanie_Lee_Teddy_Nosember_GlamourShotGuess we could consider this a “Flashback Friday” post, too. There’s T-Man today (above) and below when he first came online. “​Hello! Please consider my cat Teddy (a.k.a. Theodorable) for Nosevember. Everyone who meets him comments on his dark nose even though his fur around his nose & mouth is white. It is a prime Booping target for sure. Thank you! Stephanie Lee.”


OK, OK, We Forgot Toesday…

IMG_0784(That, plus this email didn’t come in until earlier this morning.) To make up for that, we got a LOT of Beans for you.

“Dear Cute Overload: My polydactyl cat, Tilli, should be a should be a shoe-in for Toesday, she thinks. But she also proudly offers her tricolor nose–peenk, dark peenk, and black–for Nosevember. I adopted her from the Tri-County Humane Society in St. Cloud, Minnesota! The photos were taken by can credit me as JK. I am all over those Terms and Conditions. Thank you for the site, which I check multiple times a day.”

Now We Know Where Tesla™ Got Their Logo

P1010406Earlier, we got a look at The Side-Eye Of Death. Kazoo will have none of that. She’ll just glare at you straight on.

And is it just me, or does the Tesla car logo look…..familiar?

“This is my kitteh Kazoo. She has snifty olive-yellow alligator eyeballs and a boopable peachy nose. She can throw down some disapproval too. Pix taken by her mom-servant, Mindy.”


THRILLERThe time is close at hand
For Trick Or Treaters across the land
When Halloween Day turns into Night
You’re more than likely to get a fright
So when you’re out and about…
Always know exactly where you’re at
Because when you least expect it
You might just find a black cat.

(Of course- if you want Halloween poetry, no one did it better than Vincent Price.)

(“This is Boo and Bug. I was putting away new cans of their food. They were trying to double-team hypnotize me into giving them some.” -Dave K., Six Cats, One Dude.)

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues…

Yarrrrrrr! It’s Almost Halloweenie, Matey!!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“This is Hudson The Pirate. He is a resident of Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati. Hudson is adoptable & waiting for his forever home! Thanks and we love C.O.!” -Cathy O.

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

Headline THIS Winners!

9781452138916We have our winners for this morning’s edition of Headline THIS! Each winner receives a copy of the book You Need More Sleep: Advice From Cats, a guide to maintaining a successful, self‐centered, catlike existence, along with sleeping mask, and a pin.

Whoopie Cushion? Go ahead and find out, I dare you.“- Hilz.

Lord Sugarbutt says, ‘You’re fired!”N. Fritz.

Your request for a purrsonal day has been denied.” – 260Oakley.

To those three folks- check yer email, we need your contact info. To everyone else- we appreciate your entering!



You Need More Sleep…So Headline THIS!

9781452138916Time for another edition of Headline THIS!, to celebrate National Cat Day! Cats have spent eons observing, napping, pondering, napping, and taking notes about the human condition. In between naps, they’ve realized that we humans are prone to serious personal mismanagement and could use some catlike guidance. The result is You Need More Sleep: Advice From Cats, a guide to maintaining a successful, self‐centered, catlike existence. This new book will show you how to live the good life by manipulating the world around you to cater to your every whim.

Want to win a copy, along with sleeping mask, and a pin? We’ve got three sets to give away- just Headline THIS! Write up your favorite headline for the photo below, and we’ll post our three favorites at 1pm PT! (International entries are A-OK; no purchase required.)



Last Toesday Of ‘Tocktober, So…

IMG_1242…let’s serve up some ‘Tocks -N- Beans! “Attached please find a pick of Greyson (aka ‘Grey,’) our former foster cat (now adoptee/new member of the family) showing off his ‘Tocks. Photo by: TJ (aka his adoptive mama.)” -Tara C.

Hmmm…This Is EITHER…

DSCN1016….one of those furry hats Sean Connery wore in “Hunt For Red October,”…or “Katherina, in the classic meatloaf position, with the end slice in view and haunches up.” Your guess is as good as mine. Pic/description from Michael S.

These Days…You Can’t be TOO Careful

PROHere at Cute Overload, we take home security seriously. That’s why we’re proud to announce our new service called “C.O. HomeSafe™.” Soon, you’ll be able to click on a page on the C.O. site, and pick your own SecureCat™. We offer overnight drop-ship services (along with our partner DHL™) to anywhere in the world. Installation is simple: just place SecureCat™ in a prominent place within your home, and SecureCat™ does the rest. We guarantee he/she will NEVER move from his/her spot. Except for dinner.

Protecting your home and family is what C.O. HomeSafe™ is all about. Coming soon!

(“This is Monty, the neighborhood greeter and ambassador of goodwill, who fearlessly approaches dogs and their walkers on the front sidewalk with a smile on his face. Here he is guarding the gate and his favorite bit of wall after a hard day.” -Michael S.)


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