Listen, You Knucklehead

This video plays like a lost Stooges clip. Take a look at the kitteh on the left- SHADDUP, YOU. [OW!]

From Frîncu M.

Dear Diary…My Food Dish Is Now Only Half Full….

What happens when all hope is lost? You put a video on YouTube and plan the hoomin’s downfall hope for the best.

“You are going to love this! This man has a direct line to the feline mind. Thank you for making my day BETTER on a steady basis.” -Cuteporter Shari E.

Undercover With Monkey Pants

Bring me the food, Carol. If you place any value on this comforter, you’ll do as I say.

Carol B. says, “Monkey Pants demonstrating Rule #26 – he burrows under the blankets. Sometimes during the day I can’t find him until I investigate the lumps under the comforter. I sent my camera in periscope style and got these undercover shots.”

Well We’re Movin’ On Up, To The East Side.. a deluxe apartment in the sky-y-y-y-y!

Hilary P.: “This is Andy, hanging out in the ‘garden’ -a planter box on the external side of our balcony railing, on the 11th floor. He and his sister don’t seem to have a fear of heights!”

Turkish Delight!

From intrepid Cuteporter Suvi: “Hi Cute Overload and greetings from Finland! Yours is the best website ever!” [Thanks! -Ed]


“If I ever feel blue, visiting CO makes me feel better. Every time :). Here are some Turkish delights [Stole this for the header, again- thanks! -Ed] from my holiday trip.”


“In Istanbul, there are cats on every corner. I basically took pictures of three things during my holiday: cats, mosques and food.” [You forgot to send the food shots. -Ed]


O HAI It’s “Be Kind To Animals Week”

I’ll be kind to all the animals, but that doesn’t mean I have to share my dinner with ‘em.


From Daily Pozitive.

Amsterdam Vegetable Stand

Let’s see…I’d like some oranges…a few apples…those strawberries look nice, are any of them fuzzy though? On the bottom? No? OK. Oh, and I’ll take a box of cat. Looks like the last one YAY.


Anabel T. reports in: “Last week we were walking through Amsterdam and saw this cutie for sale in a vegetable stand. Well, I wouldn’t confuse her with carrots but I would want to take her home!” For you techies: Anabel’s shot came via a Canon EOS 7D.

Like, Remember When U Fell Asleep In Your OJ Glass?

And you were snoring? Remember? Sure you do. In case ya don’t, we’ve got it on VIDEO!

Mihaifrancu vid submitted by Ray R.

You’re Busted, Carrie

Looking at puppies online again, I see. This concerns me.

“This is my cat Gigi. While she disapproves of me looking at puppies online I think she shares this puppy’s mindset. I hope you like it.” -Carrie E.

So Close, Yet-

So far.

Mariana A.: “This is our cat Amy. She has a love-hate relationship with a bird that we rescued about a year ago here in Brazil. She has never tried to attack it, but sometimes she will stand in front of the cage for hours, just looking at him.”


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