“To The Catmobile! Roger, Ready 2 Move Out.”*

“My grandmother has been feeding the neighborhood cats her entire life, and when my mom recently inherited her home she also inherited the pack. I took this picture when I visited last month. They definitely know whose house (and car) it is!” -Laura R.

*60’s Pop Culture reference, kids.

Caturday Nite Meer-Cats

[Is this the way you do it? Stand straight up and give someone the Voodoo Whammy Hairy Eyeball?]


First photo via DP&F. Second photo from Pinterest.

Wanna Go 2 The Calico Cat Cafe in Shinjuku, Japan?

“I recorded this quick video at a cat cafe in Tokyo last week. The second I tapped on the container of tuna they all came in a full-on cat stampede!” -Dustin T.

They ARE Smarter Than Us, You Know

You look over and there’s your cat, just sitting there [blink blink] innocently staring at you…or so you thought.

When in reality, they’re absorbing knowledge.

And waiting for you………to leave.

RocketNews 24.

So THAT’S What He Wanted A 3D Printer For

Total world domination. Makes perfect sense coming from a cat, when you think about it.


Is SOMEONE Grumpy Today?

(Surprise! We’re not referring to The Grumpy One. Just your normal, regular, non-first-class-on-the-Concorde types.)








Derived from The Buzz.

Pardon MOI

[Just passing through, sorry for any inconvenience. No, not really.]

From DP&F.

Caturday: The Dukester

Duke (6)-XLA QTE© gray and white face, soft nommable toes, and a snorgle-ready belleh- that’s Duke! He was found in a backyard, fostered by Toni’s Kitty Rescue in San Francisco, and adopted a few weeks ago, according to The Furrtographer, who took these shots!

Duke (5)-XL

Duke (9)-XL

Duke (10)-XL

Fruit Ninja, My Favorite!

When Apple unveiled the first iPad and ushered in the tablet era, they probably didn’t realize what a hit it would be with the furry set.

Fruit Ninja, in particular!

Time for some TO.

You Can Either Wake UP On A Caturday…

…or not! Your call!

From Trevor M.


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