Hunger Games for Cats!

Does it involve can openers? Did someone open the fridge? Are there cats pointing at their moufs? Nooo. There’s just “cute little hunters treated like puppets in a dystopian wilderness”! Hey, no spoilers!

We hope you enjoyed this CO Exclusive Hunger Games Collector’s Edition with Previously Unseen Deleted Footage (shifty eyes). The much anticipated Hunger Games sequel: Catching Fire, premieres in movie theaters today! From sender-inner Emily W., via YouTube.

Daggone MUNI…LATE Again!

[I’ve been sitting here for an hour. What does a fella have to DO to get the bus to arrive on time???]


Photo 1 from Dee in Mississippi…Y’all. Photo 2 from noideaatall.

Choco Ball The Kitteh Goes Absolutely Nuts

SOMEone should lay off the Red Bull. Or the catnip. Or both.

(This feels vaguely like a Japan video. Telltale sign= Hello Kitty cutout. And more research has revealed that “Choco Ball” is indeed some kind of snack in The Big J. You want bizzaro proof? OK, U asked for it.)

And since today seems like Full Tilt Gonzo Japan Whackadoodle Day, let’s toss this one in. OK, we’re done. Hopefully.

Finicky Cats Prefer It Fresh

Welcome to Faucet Water Time, I am Gilmar, and this is my assistant, Milton. Today we are tasting the bathroom sink faucet water for freshness. Milton, will you let us know just how fresh it is?

“This is my cat, Gilmar. Such a sweet little guy.” Also featuring, Milton’s ‘tocks.  -Pollyanna C.. Cheers from Brazil!

A Black Cat On Halloween? Sure, Why Not.

[Since I can’t haz a Kit-Kat, I’ll take a tube of Petromalt in my pumpkin tonight. Is that asking so much? Now, get outta my way.]

Photo in Strausbourg, France by Igor Zenin. Music by J. Jackson.

Prolly The Last Book She Ever Read

If there ever was a post that deserved the “Impending Doom” tag, this is it.

Sent in by Nadya N. as seen on Reddit.

“Kill Bond! Now!”

Purred by Ernst Stavro Meow-feld in 1967’s “You Only Live Twice.” (Note folded-over paws in de rigueur Evil Genius Villain Pose.™)

Sigfried, from the Mostly Cats Mostly Tumblr.

THIS JUST IN: How Different Cats Are Spending Autumn

We never really know what’s going on in their derpy little heads, do we?

As seen on The Squid Of Laughter. Posted to The Tubes by Pleated Jeans.

Time For Some CO (Cat Overload) Action

It was National Dog Day earlier this week, now it’s Kitteh Time. Animal Planet has posted some entries from the 2013 Internet Cat Video Festival. Here are just a few! (Oh, and be ready for what happens in the first one. Let’s bold this for emphasis: I mean ready. I’d advise putting down your coffee cup first.)

Window Cat Attacks


Bub Sounds

Kitten Meets Hedgehog

Little Kitten Challenges Big Dog

Cleo’s Nicknames

A Cat Like That

A Cat Sculpture Made out of Butter

Русские сделать это снова! (Russians Do It Again!)

Fascinating look here at some Russian Kittehs that we might otherwise nevah get to see. Kudos to Cuteporter Mira A., and thanks for the headline! What say you, Mira?

“I would like to report more cuteness coming from Russia. I do think Russians are overtaking Japanese in cute-ology. Here is some proof, I give you cats of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.”

Mira adds, “Hermitage had these portraits commissioned to celebrate their feline co-workers.”


These images are from


Artfully done by Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov.






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