Flower Power

Remember what Flower Power looked like back in the 60’s? (Without having to go to Google Images.) You know—the Dead, the Airplane, Haight-Ashbury, a sit-in at Berkeley, free speech, power to the people. The Man is keepin’ us down. “Look what’s happening out in the streets- got a revolution, got to revolution.”

Can you dig it?

Tigrou, the coolest cat on earth. From Camille G.

And They Call It Muppet Love…

Um, Beaker? You wanna go somewhere a little more….private?

“My name is Catarina M. and I am from Portugal! This is my 2 year old extremely cute cat, we call her “Rosinha”, it means “little rose/pink”, because of her little pink nose, ears and paws!”

Close Encounters Of The Chiquita Kind

Gyoza here. Hoomin left this on the table. Hideously tortured it by peeling back its skin and ingesting most of it. Then left the carcass to wither and die. Must investigate this, though imminent peril may await. Will I suffer the same fate?


Wish me luck- I’m going in.

Spotted on MSN Now via YT post by cattycatzcatz.

What’s On The Schedule Today, Meepo?

Well…I’m gonna wake up.


Play with my toy. That’s about it. Couple of naps, some chow too probably. I dunno. Will play it by ear.

“Here is my kitty Meepo hanging out in Schrödinger’s (one of my other cats; black and fluffy and named while living with physicists) crate. Also, Meepo doing her best back bend. Thanks for taking a look at my sweet kitties! I hope they bring a smile to your face as they always do to mine.” -Johnnie L.

Today Ees National Hug Your Cat Day!

Your mission, should you decide to accept it- is to find a cat. Then hug it. (Any size cat/kitteh will do.) Alternatively, a massage will also work nicely. This has been a Public Service Announcement from Cute Overload.

From DP.

Stay Furr-sty, My Friends

970771_605428959467844_772653617_nThis is Hamilton The Hipster Cat. Quoting SFGate.com: “He is….the most interesting cat in the world.”

Hamilton was having a hard time getting adopted at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, because he was a bit on the nervous side.

His new hoomin Jay S. saw something others didn’t, and now Hamilton is rockin’ the Interwebs. You know, Instagram, Facebook, the usual!



Photos from Ham’s Instagramster.

The ShoKo Show Is Here!

Starring Shorty and Kodi! (Shorty dressed all in black, Kodi in the black/white outfit of course.) In this episode, Kodi ends up taking their new kitteh for a walk.

As spotted on Well That’s Adorable.com.

Highway To The Danger Zone

Eddie The Cat has a great imagination. There’s Top Gun, Iron Man, and 2001: A Space Odyssey in there. Think Maru has this much fun?

Submitted, Written, Directed, & Edited by Jordan F. Cast: Trip S. & Eddie the Cat. Gaffer/Production Sound/Cat Wrangler: Duncan R. Like the music track? Download it free on SoundCloud.

This Is Not The Ducky You’re Looking For…Move Along

Nothing to see here.

“May I present Mr. Link. He’s our 7 year-old tabby.” -Cuteporter Liz M. of Lawrenceville, GA, who also helpfully provided the suggested header.

You Knucklehead, You!

“This is my sensitive boy ‘Knucklehead.’ (Like the motorcycle engine, not because he’s a dummy.) He’s getting ready to take a trip down the catwalk wearing his new (& first ever) bandana.” -Cuteporter Mudbug.



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