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[Ya just have to do it yourself. Give me THAT.]


It’s Hug Your Cat Day

Yes, it is! And, well, OK- maybe Grumpy Cat isn’t the….BEST example for this day. Let’s take a look at whether or not your cat LIKES to be hugged, c/o Cole and Marmalade:

Cats Taking Showers

It’s a commonly held belief that cats pawsitively despise taking a shower/bath. This new video seems to show that some of them actually enjoy it!

Of course—your results may vary.

Time For CatCon LA

Clipboard01As their website so accurately puts it: “It’s like Comic-Con…but for Cat People.” (If you’re in Southern California, that is.)

It’s two-day weekend event happening in L.A. this Saturday and Sunday, with products and ideas in art and design, pop culture, and (c)attitude…for cat people. Featured guests include Simon Tofeld of Simon’s Cat, and Lil’ BUB with her servant hoomin Mike Bridavsky.

CatConLA showcases the world’s top cat-centric merchandise including furniture, art, toys and clothing for cat lovers, as well as conversations with some of the top cat experts in the world. Note: Please do not bring your cat, as they will not be allowed into this event.



If You Go™

Dates: June 5 and 6, 9am-6pm : Schedule.

Addy: THE REEF LA, 1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90007

Online: Website : FB : Twitter : Instagram.

Pick A Square…ANY Square

Will SOMEone PLEASE just pick a spot and be CONTENT with it? Oh, wait. You’re cats. Never mind. In Comments, debg noted, “Is this Maru’s heaven or his heck?”

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Who Needs A Watch Dog?

Cat lovers, now you don’t need to invent in a big Slobberknocker Guard Doggeh. The C.O. Cat Training Method™ offers guaranteed results but your results may vary or your money back! Sleep easy at night knowing that your Kitteh is snoring blissfully keeping watch over your property and family. Call now! Our operators are asleep at their desks standing by!

“But I Don’t Haz Shoes To Remove?”

FullSizeRender“Saw this kitty napping at a souvenir stand in Poʻipū (Kauaʻi island in Hawaii,)” says Barbra B. Up next: C.O. Cat Café World Tour heads to Northern Tokyo.

Urgent Email From Kerry C.


unnamed (1)

C.O. Follow-Up Post: Coincidence? I Think Not!

“Hi C.O., back in November you posted a custom, pillow portrait by artist Sarah Clark. We couldn’t resist — we got two for our cats Mac and Cheese (Cheese is the smiling goof.) Plus, we got one of her stock pillows, which looks very much like our foster kitty!” -Charmz.





f42That’s the slogan on the back of the “Mewgaroo” hoodie, straight from the brilliant minds of The Big J. Stuff your kitteh in the front pouch for some portable snorgling- even has a removable liner (second photo below) to collect all the cat hair. We’re not sure why that person (first photo below) is hanging out of the dryer; remember this key concept: make sure your kitteh isn’t IN the hoodie when drying. (Also notice the CAT EARS ON the hoodie. They’ve done it again.)





ImageProxy (2)

ImageProxy (1)



(Laughing Squid.)


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