“We now have peace in the land. A truce between Bojangles (former summer houseguest, now furever kitty) has finally relinquished a spot on ‘his desk’ for the new puppeh ‘Gracie.'”

Truce 08.05.13
“Bo decided that the desk is ‘his’ and was going to give ground so Gracie just laid down and went to sleep.” Photo by Dave of Charleston, SC. Submitted by Suzanne G.

The Ukraine Cats Really Knock Me Out…

So what we HAVE heah—are hairless cats that look like Vladdy Putin, the Russian president dude…from Foreign Policy.com.


You don’t know how lucky you are, comrade kittehs.








Spaseeba to Richard H.

And So Then I Said To The Hoomin….

“…the litterbox needs cleaning. And how about some Petromalt for my hairballs? AND I haven’t been to the groomer in months! And I – hey! Have you heard a WORD I’ve SAID?”

Submitted by Maia L.


It’s been nothing but meetings and putting out fires all…week…long. Hold all my calls, I’ll have my usual Friday Martini please. And a Tynenol, I’ve got a splitting headache. On the plus side, though: I found my Nemo.

From The Interwebs.

I Know We’re ‘Sposed To Be Enemies And All…

But do you mind if I share this with you? Then we could be..FRENEMIES!
(Could be said by either one.)

Submished by Concordian Cute Kokonuts Barbara and Paul, clearly on a roll. With buttah.

Ever Wondered Why….

Cats can’t be more like dogs? Wonder no more.

Yeah it’s a commercial, but so whut. More here. From Jennifer B.

I Can Haz Hair Elastic?

‘Member the little kitteh dude that went BAZOINK due to a..banana peel? Well, (sing-song-y:) he’s baaaaaack.

“Hi Cute Overload-ers! I am YouTuber Cattycatzcatz, and I am so pleased to present a sequel to last month’s popular cat-terrified-of-banana-peel saga. It features the same action hero, Gyoza, but with a new scary flight-inducing object: a hair elastic!”

Some Sad Fum News Here, People

Remember Fum and Gebra? The kitteh and owl BFF Dynamic Duo we featured back in April? Sad to report that Fum passed away early last month- he was 3 years old. :(


My Show Is On- Can We Talk LATER?

According to NBC News.com, a new study suggests that- despite what we all know to be true – your cat isn’t totally ignoring you.

The key word there is “totally.”

The report’s in the July issue of Animal Cognition. Quoting the website article, “Dogs have evolved, and are bred, to follow their owner’s orders, but cats have not been. So sometimes cats appear aloof, but they have special relationships with their owners.”

(Like, sometimes they MIGHT share the remote with you. Or not.)


Top: Fred Baby, from Avivit B-Y.
Bottom: Coconut, from Jennifer E., photo by N. Kehler.

Bonjour, Mademoiselle Coco Chanel

Comment vas-tu aujourd’hui? (How are you today?)

“This is my new kitteh, ragdoll Coco Chanel. Within hours of coming home, she was already acting as dignified as her namesake. I LOVE your site and hope Coco can be a part of the Cuteness!” -Amélie P.


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