Time For Your Caturday Workout

Then again, maybe wait until later today or tonight.

This video of Taloose The Cat and Hoomin sent in by Crazie C. (Feels like Simon’s Cat, right?)

Hey, Rose? Don’t Forget To Re-Charge Your iHobbes™

The latest version of iHobbes© has been having problems charging, as you can see from this first photo.

unnamed (1)
They tend to become disconnected from their power cord. Make sure you firmly connect the power cord to your iHobbes™ PowerPort™. Once you plug it it, your iHobbes™ perks right up!

“This is my sweet cat Hobbes (aka The Hobbit.) He’s not always super photogenic, poor thing, and in this picture I think he almost doesn’t look real…something about the eyes maybe. He was asleep next to my charger (the first, super adorable pic), then turned and I guess scooted his ear up under the charger (the second, kinda weird pic.) He and I are big fans of CO- we’d love it if he made it on the site!! No lie, I might save it, print it, and frame it.” -Rose F.


She wasn’t kidding about the framing thing.


Caturday: Welcome To The Hotel Cat-ifornia

When these guys (especially that one at the top- bully) gather for their Fancy Feast®, better get out of their way!

From Studio Singa. Concept kinda sorta adapted from Henley/Felder/Frey.

Because I Felt Like It, That’s Why

[I climbed up to the top of this tree, cuz I wanted to. I did not call all these hoomins to come rescue me. So when they get all the way up to the top in their red thing, I decided to leave. Why? I'm a cat, that's why.]

Via 22Words.

CO World Premiere: Savour Every Moment (Director’s Cut)

In late April, we featured the short film “Savour Every Moment” from Keith Hopkin. Now Keith is back with an expanded “Director’s Cut” version, and CO readers are the first on the ‘Tubes to see it!



Le Creditos~
Directed by Keith Hopkin : Original Score (link goes to iTunes) by Carly Comando : Produced by C. J. Gardella : Directory of Photography Dave McGrath.

Poor Kitty’s Trying to Tell Us Something

Yomph nrrwmm errgg errggg.
Stop mumbling, you know you can tell us anything. Just say it. What was that? Something about oh torture, such torture?

(Do not try this at home. Owner is obviously a highly trained professional!)

“This is Janelle, my friend´s gorgeous shaded golden Persian Princess. She absolutely *hates* to be brushed and always makes this known by growling, hissing and struggling a lot! She really makes me giggle though when I feed her treats while she´s trying to be angry and she comes out with these hilarious “nom nom nom” sounds. Enjoy!” -Barbarella aka The Mad Cat Lady -www.themadcatlady.com. Via YouTube.

Hunger Games for Cats!

Does it involve can openers? Did someone open the fridge? Are there cats pointing at their moufs? Nooo. There’s just “cute little hunters treated like puppets in a dystopian wilderness”! Hey, no spoilers!

We hope you enjoyed this CO Exclusive Hunger Games Collector’s Edition with Previously Unseen Deleted Footage (shifty eyes). The much anticipated Hunger Games sequel: Catching Fire, premieres in movie theaters today! From sender-inner Emily W., via YouTube.

Daggone MUNI…LATE Again!

[I've been sitting here for an hour. What does a fella have to DO to get the bus to arrive on time???]


Photo 1 from Dee in Mississippi…Y’all. Photo 2 from noideaatall.

Choco Ball The Kitteh Goes Absolutely Nuts

SOMEone should lay off the Red Bull. Or the catnip. Or both.

(This feels vaguely like a Japan video. Telltale sign= Hello Kitty cutout. And more research has revealed that “Choco Ball” is indeed some kind of snack in The Big J. You want bizzaro proof? OK, U asked for it.)

And since today seems like Full Tilt Gonzo Japan Whackadoodle Day, let’s toss this one in. OK, we’re done. Hopefully.

Finicky Cats Prefer It Fresh

Welcome to Faucet Water Time, I am Gilmar, and this is my assistant, Milton. Today we are tasting the bathroom sink faucet water for freshness. Milton, will you let us know just how fresh it is?

“This is my cat, Gilmar. Such a sweet little guy.” Also featuring, Milton’s ‘tocks.  -Pollyanna C.. Cheers from Brazil!


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