A Cat’s Guide To Boxes

It would be easy to assume that Maru started the “Cats love boxes” craze. The Round One will stuff himself into anything, after all. And then there’s the whole “If It Fits I Sits” meme. With that said, Celebrity Kittehs Cole & Marmalade present their own “A Cat’s Guide To Boxes.”

Pest Problem? NO Problem!

At C.O. Pest Control (brand extension, yo) we’re all about locking down your house with the very best pest control on the market- Persian Kittehs! Watch this helpful instructional video, that will show you how OUR team goes about eradicating those pesky Hex Bugs…ONCE. AND. FOR. ALL.

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Caturday: The Dimitri “After” Shot

IMG_0286About a week and a half back, we saw Dimitri The Cat looking forlorn because his hoomins were about to leave on a trip. Good news here- they’re back! (He still seems to be staking out the same turf, too.) From: Doug & Sowmya in Winnipeg.

Ohagi VS. The Ninjas

Once Ohagi gets his Tail Mojo workin’, those pesky little Ninjas (WHACK!!) don’t stand a chance. One by one…the bodies fall. Oh, the humanity!!!

O Great Spinning Thing, We Beseech Thee!

[Give us your orders and we shall obey, Most Exalted Thing That Goes Around And Around! We exist to serve YOU!]


Help Us Moo, You’re Our Only Hope

Bouncing Bebeh Goatsters Lady Bug and Princess Leia of the Sunflower Farm Creamery run into Moo The Cat, who seems totally disenchanted with the entire thing….bored, even! Imagine THAT!

Ever Wonder What 10 Cats Eating Licking Ice Sounds Like?

The Ten Cats are back (they even have their own YouTube channel) and instead of chowing down together, today they tackle a big ball of ice.

(Laughing Squid.)

Looks Like Another All-Nighter

[Gosh this stuff is BORING. They MAKE U study this? History, mwah mwah mwah. SNORE. I can’t even read and I’M bored with it. So- U want I should go get a Red Bull™ for you and some Friskies Party Mix™ for me? It’s no trouble or anything.]

Caturday Morning Comix: Diary Of a House Cat

Clipboard01(As seen on the Twitter of @KitTea_SF.)

Well….Can You?

11752092_10152895920058204_3934930524147025913_n(Image from Dave TV FB page, with thanks to Dan L.)


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