What Cats Really See

Cats see things differently than the rest of us. And now we have the proof to back up that long-standing theory, c/o Cole and Marmalade!

From Neatorama.

Someone’s Gonna Pay

10686898_10152760296110073_831300906380292285_n[Just a question of who, and when. Getting all this snow is bad enough- but then they dress me up like a FREAK and toss me out here, baby-talking all the while. ‘Oooo, wookie at alll the snow! Would you just wuvs to go out? Of COURSE you would!’ Good grief.”

Andrew Y. found this on 9gag.

Love To Be A Fly On The Wall Here

junior_turtyProbably going something like this:

Cat: “So, Turty. Dude. Who stuck you with that outfit, man? Let me guess. Marcie.

Turty: “None other. And you oughta see the Thanksgiving thing she’s got for me. Turkey feathers, the works. She’s gotta be stopped, Junior. Next month is Christmas!”

“Long-time friends, Junior isn’t quite sure of what to make of Turty in his Cute dinosaur costume.” -Marcie B.

Hey Horse! You Want Me To Scratch Your Back With My Face?

[I can do that! And I can clean your back, too! Just hold still for me, OK?]

From Susan M.

Kitteh On The Cob

I love a kitteh who KNOWS what he likes. Speakers UP for this one!

The Squid.

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Oakland, CA.

IMG_1821ccThe Cat Town Café & Adoption Center is now open in Oakland, CA! It has rescue cats that are all available for adoption. Part of the location is for foodski, and the other part is The Cat Zone. Visitors can spend up to an hour in the Cat Zone, and free walk-ins are welcome as space allows. For a $10 donation, you can make a Cat Zone Reservation ahead of time, which ensures your visiting time is available, and supports a great cause. Here’s their FB, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Cute Overload dropped by last Sunday during a preview weekend, and took these photos just for you!
























If You Go™:

*Location: 2869 Broadway in Oakland, CA.
*Hours: 8AM – 7PM Wednesday-Sunday, (Cat Zone from 10AM – 7PM.)

Cat Burglar

[I look right. Then I look right again. And…I look left. OK, time to pull this long plastic thing out and sneak in. SHHHHHHHHHH.]

From Nothing To Do With Arbroath.

Cats: Furry Work Preventers

Do you work in an office? Ever wonder what it’s like to “WFH?” (Work from home.) Cole & Marmalade will be happy to show you what it’s like. They might make you think twice about setting up a home office.

From Wendy M. who saw it on io9.com. (P.S.- click that link and scroll down to the comment about “Bowie The Ferret.” Classic.)

Friday Haiku Too: BFFs

Deer and cat are pals
They like to hang together
Like friends often do

Laughing Squid.

Holy Hairballs, It’s Cat Man!

Today’s Big J lesson is about “Kyushu Neko Ojisan.” Also known as “The Cat Man from Kyushu.” Basically, there’s this fellow who has nine Chinchilla and Himalayan cats. He gathers them up, stuffs them in a BABY STROLLER, and then takes them for a walk in Tokyo. RN24 and Jezebel have more deets.

And of course, there’s the FB and Twitter pages, too. (IF you understand Japanese.)

“Redonk cat walk TIMES NINE,” says Stephen T.


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