Caturday Afternoon: Can We Paws For Just A Sec?

IMG_20150418_144315“Hi! This is Bart offering a benediction to all the sick and the suffering, cuz he’s a pretty good cat like that. He’s Stella’s platonic life mate! (The white cat with one gold eye and one blue I submitted and you posted a couple weeks ago.) Love C.O.! Thank you!!! Elissa M.”

I. Want. To. Come. In. NOW.

They bug us when they want to go out. And they really bug us when they want to come back in.










(Bored Panda.)

ResQte Of The Week 3: HEY! Over HERE!

11196328_640933816040650_9153682149176975270_nThis kitteh is now at Animal Care & Control in San Francisco. “She’s looking for a home in San Francisco. I think her name is Diana,” says The Furrtographer.

Sooooo…It’s Election Day In The UK

Paul P. sent us a video of this cute birdeh, and remarked “This robin’s standing for election, I think.” The fact that it’s election day….and the bird is chirping on the fence at the PM’s house…must have some connection.

UPDATE JUST IN: OK, we got an update from Paul. “That door is #10 Downing Street, London– the British equivalent of the White House where the Prime Minister lives and holds his cabinet. While the general election is on, the press are waiting, and spend their time filming the local this fox.”

“There’s also Larry the famous Downing St cat.” I love the British media.

Right, play the clip.

When Danger Strikes..Call ShadowCat!!

IMG_0401Battling the bad guys is a 24/7 business. When duty calls, call on ShadowCat! Zira’s crime-fighting alter ego is shown here getting ready to respond to reports of Chihuahua’s in the front yard!!

Photo from Monica B.

C.O. Cat Café World Tour: Seoul, South Korea

IMG_2684“I recently went to YCat Café in Seoul,” writes Gina M. “I couldn’t wait to share the pictures with you!” [*Note: Part II tomorrow. -Ed.]

“The café has a nice atmosphere with over 20 cats of different breeds. We went right when they opened the café, so the cats were very friendly, energetic and curious.”

“I’m afraid I don’t remember exactly the entrance fee, but I think it was something about 10000 Won per adult including a complementary drink.”

“There’s also the option to buy food for the cats, which we did and the cats went crazy about it. It was really good fun!”






If You Go™

What: YCat Cafe (청춘 고양이; Cheongchun Goyangee)
Where: Mapo-gu, Seogyo-dong, 358-92, 3rd Floor.
Phone: 02-336-5779.
Get There: Nearest station: Hongik University Station (Line 2), exit 9.

Perfect For Bunday

Not even gonna set this one up. It’s ovah the TOP. Just click.

From Andrew Y.

There’s Some Big Movie Opening Today

It’s just the first of May and it’s already time for the big smash-bang-crash movies. HULK SMASH! (The summer movie season will soon start in, oh, FEBRUARY if the movie studios have their way.) While I like characters like Iron Man and Black Widow and Captain America- this movie would be better with……..KITTENS.

Wait- did I say “Iron Man?” I meant Iron CAT.

We Haz The Dinners Now, OK?

IMG_0207“I took this pic a couple of days ago, this is Fred (orange kitty) and his sister Melody. Rinsing out some dishes around 7pm, I turned and was greeted by this! I couldn’t help but laugh! Hope you like it!” -Tammy L.

多摩に満足して16日 (Happy 16th To Tama)

Tama is the “Super Ultra Station Master and Operating Officer at Kishi Station in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.” Try and get all of THAT on a business card. (C.O. archival super coverage here and here.) Today is Tama’s Sweet 16th Birthday! (Video of the festivities c/o NHK NEWSweb.)


You can even buy Tama stuff (of course) here. I think. Chrome won’t translate this one. Nuts.

Here’s the current work schedule for Tama and intern Nitama.



(Andrew Y. and RN24, of course.)


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