Oh, that is SO perfectly posed

99052133_lThis ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’ is no error, People, it’s tewtelly posed for your enjoyment! That cat is sooo comfterbuls. Now we know how Katie Holmes stuffed.

Forgive me, I cannot find the name of this submitter anywhere! Maybe you’ll comment, oh Mysterious Cat Stuffer?

Cats ‘n’ Racks—it’s official

Ow! A third submission for a new “Cats n’ Racks” category arrived. It’s now an offical category! As ‘Tracy B’ noted, “It doesn’t get any rackier than this. :)” ha!


Cat Bath™

I hate you


I hate you


I looooooooove you [gargling purr sound]


Alertly point out by Kora Manheimer!

Nice rack!

A very alert reader Julia Rose sent this delectable kitten photo. Holy composition!