LOOO-CEEEE, I’m Home!! (Part II)

20150806_091139“Hi, this is Lucy. She’s been on Cute Overload before, but I thought you would enjoy this close up nose shot for the Nosevember collection. Thanks for all the warms and fuzzies! -pq.”
^^ ^^

[*Note: Part I here. -Ed.]

That’s A Wrap For The Week

image1Time to hit the sack with Daisy, who beat us to it! “Greetings Cute Overlords! Here is a pic of my cat Daisy’s pink schnozz (and bonus vampire fang.) Hope it’s cute enough for Nosevember! Photos by me–Baranda.”

Can’t Tell Who Is Using Who Here

This one’s called “A Man And His Cat.” Usually the Cat takes advantage of the Hoomin; think it’s about 50-50 here, no?

Sent in by Krzysztof S.

Vaht Are You Starink At?

CAT[My NAME…ees LOKI. LOH-KYE. Like the “Thor” moofee. So..eet ees just a few days ’til Halloveen. Vaht ees da beeg deal? By da vay– vaht ees your blahd type? Just…curious.]







(Bored Panda.)

Someone Needs To Watch Maru’s Channel

image1Humbaba The Great decided that the Maru Box Philosophy of “If I Fits I Sits” wasn’t quite working for him, so he just crushed the box and fell asleep. Works for me. “I’d say Humbaba the Great found his happy place,” says Joy.

Flashback Friday: Buzzer The Cat, 1912-1916

Buzzer the cat  1912 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/agc.7a16795Great article from Mashable on Gunther The Studio Cat. What’s a “Studio Cat,” you say? A fellow named Arnold Genthe had a NYC portrait studio WAY back in the day…

..and Buzzer was used as a “prop” with female subjects, to put them at ease.






#Tocktober: Even Cats Admire ‘Tocks

We’ve got Supreme Goldie Action on the kitchen floor here, with RULE #47 strictly enforced: Splayed haunch action is cute.

“Hi Cute Overload, my sweet golden Theo is shown here splaying out, while his brother, Mia (boy cat with girl name,) looks on, judging*.” -Jennifer H.

[*Note– A cat, judging you? Imagine that. -Ed.]

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen My Wicker Basket?

“Well, last time I saw it, it was in the kitchen. Look in there.”

First Day Of School: Teacher’s Pet

542a332d3d385d402aba9a104f3d3a2a[Summer Vacay is OVER? But…(sputtering)..but…I was JUST HERE! OK, it was..in June. I cannot HANDLE another year of Miz Higgenbottom. And why are all my teachers always named like that? Do they get those names at Teacher School? Agnes Pimplethorn Higgenbottom, I swear. Good grief, I can’t deal with this. How many sick days have I accrued so far? This is, what, second bell?]

(Seen by Smedley on Pinterest.)

TGIF: We’re In A Pickle!

Actually, this IS “Pickle.” And she’s making an honored appearance on our weekly Friday late afternoon feature, TGIF! “I think she was looking for her treats,” writes Bonnie P.



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