Caturday: He Shoots, He Scor-NOOOO! A GREAT Save!

[*Note: if you have your speakers up, the announcer loses his mind. -Ed.]

The goalkeeper crouches in front of the net, tense as a….cat. He waits for the penalty kick, and here it comes and WOW WHATTA MIRACULOUS SAVE!


TGIF: Inertial Dampeners Are Offline!

[Mr. LaFORGE! I need those back online or we’re all dead dizzy! Today’s Stardate: 92895.75; that means it’s time for a Trekkie TGIF!

(Boing!! Boing!!!)

Now U Know Why There’s A “Batman Head” Tag

IMG_20150411_170551How RIGHT you are, old chum!!

“‎This a pic of my pretty girl, Tabitha. Her shadow kind of looks like Batman and I believe she’s displaying a couple ROC’s, like Sleeping In A Sunbeam and Putting Up A Paw. Her can opener, Jessie.”

Box Too Small….Or Cat Too Big?

SAM_1343YOU make the call! Photo of Gabby taken by Anne D., Wilsonville OR.

When You Ask A Toddler To “Feed Kitty”…

fcltVSd…this is what you might end up with. Ella says “Spotted this on Reddit for Flipboard. So cute. Poor kitty is confused.”

Ever Have One Of THOSE Days?

The weekend is still an eternity’s only Toesday. Feel like the whole world is ganging up on you? Wish you could just GET AWAY? Yup, it’s like that.

From Jennifer A.

Sons of Scotland! I Am William Wallace!!

FullSizeRender[*Note: That’s this kitteh’s name, so the Braveheart header makes sense. -Ed.] From Michele H.

Hey Hey Hey! It’s Pompous Albert!

And he’s got The Glare Of Death for you. Remember that cartoon jingle? Seriously, who wouldn’t wanna wake up to this face in the morning? (Take your time with that answer, OK?)

cat-21 says PA “is a Selkirk Rex, a rare cat breed known for its soft tufted and curly fur.”




Pmpous Albert.

Headline THIS! (So Much Is At Steak Right Now)

picdump-1324-29(*Update 1:10pm PT:So much is at steak right now” from Phoenix (in the grand Oakley tradition) scores in today’s Headline THIS! Thanks to everyone who commented!

Steak. It’s what’s for dinner. There are more that a few things that can happen here, and all of them are bad. Give us your best caption in the Comments section, and we’ll update at 1pm PT. Probably. Unless we forget to. But that won’t happen. Hopefully. K? (Photo from DP&F.)

@Samhaseyebrows (Yes, He Does!)

We first met Sam back in January of 2013. Now he’s bigger and more famouser than ever! [*Note to copy edit; that’s not a word. Even in C.O.’s scrambled dictionary. Please remove. -Ed.]

Here’s the Instagram.


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