Sons of Scotland! I Am William Wallace!!

FullSizeRender[*Note: That’s this kitteh’s name, so the Braveheart header makes sense. -Ed.] From Michele H.

Hey Hey Hey! It’s Pompous Albert!

And he’s got The Glare Of Death for you. Remember that cartoon jingle? Seriously, who wouldn’t wanna wake up to this face in the morning? (Take your time with that answer, OK?)

cat-21 says PA “is a Selkirk Rex, a rare cat breed known for its soft tufted and curly fur.”




Pmpous Albert.

Headline THIS! (So Much Is At Steak Right Now)

picdump-1324-29(*Update 1:10pm PT:So much is at steak right now” from Phoenix (in the grand Oakley tradition) scores in today’s Headline THIS! Thanks to everyone who commented!

Steak. It’s what’s for dinner. There are more that a few things that can happen here, and all of them are bad. Give us your best caption in the Comments section, and we’ll update at 1pm PT. Probably. Unless we forget to. But that won’t happen. Hopefully. K? (Photo from DP&F.)

@Samhaseyebrows (Yes, He Does!)

We first met Sam back in January of 2013. Now he’s bigger and more famouser than ever! [*Note to copy edit; that’s not a word. Even in C.O.’s scrambled dictionary. Please remove. -Ed.]

Here’s the Instagram.

“Hey Honey, You’re Snoring Again.”

“Honey? You’re snoring. Can you roll over, please? Honey? WAKE UP.”

(Boing! Boing!!)

The First MO-ël

IMG_0950Looks like someone’s got One Flap Up as they count down the hours ’til the arrival of Jolly Old St. Nick! “I look at the site everyday! This is a picture of my cat M.O (Microbe Obliterator from the movie WALL·E) getting into the Christmas spirit. M.O. is a 3 year old ResQte cat who was rescued by my twin sister. Thank you so much and happy holidays!” -Alanna C.

I Asked Them For Some Turkey Today…

001[…and THIS is what I get???]

(Leopold, from Brandy.)

“Twinkie The Linebacker Princess.” Honest.

unnamedThat’s really her name! Name Of The Month award can be retired. Well, if we had one. But we don’t. “Cat name: Twink is a Blue-Cream British Shorthair female,” Twinkie’s mom writes. “She loves James Bond (Daniel Craig is her man,) fuzzy blankies, and big ol’ dental kibble (it’s large, battable, and bonus – you can eat it when you’re done!)

Perfect! Hold That Pose, Tiger!

image“This is my friend Ange’s cat Tiger, caught Mid-Baroo. Cutest kitty in all of Scotland! :)” -Nancy W., Norway. (Sendt fra min iPhone.)

Caturday Brain Freeze Alert

[I haz all this, it’s pretty good. Best of all, The Dog will get nothing, MWAH HA HA HA HA. So there. Yeah. It’s like THAT.]



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