Got an update on the Mewgaroo Hoodie from earlier today. AB, Peanutcat, and debg expressed an interest in buying them- and it’ll cost ya. (Currency differences, y’know.) Anyway, C.O. reader AJ found a site that will ship to the U.S. Or try eBay. And we just got an email from Mio Kumagai from the PR team of BE-S Co.,Ltd. in Japan. They’re reading C.O. in The Big J.

Imagine that.

We read your article on Cute Overload! Are you getting a lot of feedback from your readers? For your reference, we got thousands of pre-orders yesterday and now both sizes are out of stock! At the moment, unfortunately we do not handle the direct sales to oversea individuals, but if you really wish to get it you might want to check with the shops listed at the Market Place in Amazon Japan.


We Feel Your Pain, Napo

Don’t you just HATE it when you dive into a scoop of (Favorite Brand Here) ice cream and get locked up with a Brain Freeze?

Napo the Cat does.

(Boing Boing!!!)

Cat PC Search History: I Haz The Google?

Ever wonder why your laptop doesn’t seem to always hold a charge? You might not be the only one using it, as we see from BuzzFeed.


10:39 AM:
10:39 AM: – Bing search
10:40 AM:
10:40 AM: least convenient places to nap – Google search
10:41 AM: Cute Overload/NEW Maru: The Circle’s New Look
10:42 AM: how Maru get book deal -Google search
10:43 AM: where mouse hide – Google search
10:54 AM: what if hate but also love mouse – Google search
10:55 AM: Dilemma – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
11:40 AM: is light a thing I can grab – Google search
11:40 AM: why light hot but no grab – Google search
11:41 AM:
12:31 PM:
12:56 PM: why yarn make heart soar – Google search
12:59 PM: benghazi – Google search
12:59 PM: 2012 Benghazi attack – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1:05 PM: Muammar Gaddafi – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1:06 PM: Mickey Mouse – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1:53 PM: can i eat mickey mouse – Google search


1:54 PM: where does mickey mouse live – Google search
1:55 PM: is hollywood in my wall – Google search
1:57 PM: human vs cat intelligence levels – Google search
1:59 PM: dog vs cat intelligence levels – Google search
2:06 PM: dog vs rock intelligence levels – Google search
2:08 PM: last comic standing auditions – Google search
2:08 PM: Last Comic Standing: About –
2:15 PM: Last Comic Standing: Rules –
2:19 PM: can cat win green paper for laughs – Google search
2:24 PM: how hold microphone with claws – Google search


2:26 PM: where tuna can live – Google search
2:28 PM:
6:34 PM: why nap so much – Google search
8:21 PM: why nap so much cat – Google search
8:22 PM: Cat Nap – Urban Dictionary
8:25 PM: Pimp Nap – Urban Dictionary
8:26 PM: Pimpnapped – Urban Dictionary
8:28 PM: Pimp My Snacks – Urban Dictionary
8:30 PM: is mouse snack – Google search
2:21 AM: nap always happens why – Google search
2:23 AM:

Fun Way To Waste Some Time

Here’s how it works, according to the game site; this was made by a fellow named Will Herring. “You play as my garbage cat, who wakes me up at 3am literally every morning. Knock everything over until your owner wakes up. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Press Z to meow and cry all the time. Press X to knead with your dumb little paws. Do your worst. (Also! Thanks for playing!) (Click here to play!)

Mark D. writes, “Ever wanted to destroy the house? Now you can. Not my game, nor do I know the author. But I appreciate the accuracy of it.”



(Images from The Inquisitr; GIF spotted on The Verge.)

Things Are Not Always….

….what they appear to be. A couple of days ago, we met Earl The Pandalamb. Today, it’s…Panda Cat. Sure, why not.

From Andrew Y.

Caturday: How Long Will It Take…

….to annoy this kitteh? Let’s find out!

(Boing Boing.)

Exactly Who Trained Who Here?

Did the Pecan The Kitteh train the hoomin to feed him when he tapped the bell, or did the hoomin train Pecan to tap the bell in order to get fed? Nice shirt, too. Looks like Eddie Bauer.

Submitted by John N.

George Decides To Take A Stand

George is just your average cat..who likes to stand all the time. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.





From The Panda.

Hmmm..Whazzat Over There?

[Ooooo! A Birdie! Come on over little friend- just for a minute! I wants to tell you a secret!]

From Arne.

Bear And Chloe

0307151633bAs you get ready to settle in for bed (if you haven’t already) take a peek at this shot of Bear The Hammie and his big sister, Chloe The Kitteh. Totally comfortabuhls and stuff. From Megan R.




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