In Soviet Russia…



Remember: the hovertext will set you free.  Pleasant dreams!


You might cry the tiniest bit at this one

Pull at our heart strings WHY DON’T YOU Buenos Aires ZOO!

Sarah J., I won’t tell anyone [handing over a hanky].

And Now, Another Cute Olympics Update

BEIJING — In gymnastics today, the odds-on favored Hamstrovakian team took the gold in the Women’s Synchronized Dangling.  Pictured here, from top, are teammates Uvula Stolichnaya, Ivana Hugankissya and Olga Reallylongfunnynameski.

Yeah, prolly a fake, but who cares? WE LOVE EEEEET!

Our thanks to cute-porter Tabby for today’s update.

Friday Wrap-Up

Dognoses_clickGrilled hams.  Bunny fluffs.
Martha Stewart.  Fishy nuffs.
Auction bidding.  Rerun cats.
Dusty ‘chillas.  Kitty hats.
Marmie bits.  Otter pause.
Bamboo pandas.  Al-pa-cas.
Monkey mohawks.  Mugshot pugs.
You may suspect the mod’s on drugs.

(For the record, no I’m not.  Strung-out Theo?? …scary thought!)

UPDATE — forgot to mention!!  Thanks to Cheesybird for planting the seed of this idea.

Theo’s Week in Review

And now, once again, it’s time for The World As I See It.


Black and white and viewed all over

From the cartoon kitteh genius Simon Tofield, comes the third installment of our favorite annoying Kitteh who points at his mouth for eats. Oh, and Simon’s other awesome cartoons are below, just in case you missed ’em the first time around ’cause you’re living under a rock or something.

Simon is part of Tandem Films, a very talented UK-based animations outfit.

What did you think of Wall-e?

According to a HuffPost review by Joshua David Stein, Wall-e is like this: "Think with robots instead of kittens and you’ll get the idea."


Thumbs "way way up" Ian F.? Not decided yet? Check out the trailer!

Wuv, Twoo Wuv…

…that dweam wiffin a dweam…

May it fowwow you… fowevvah…

(twoo wuv comes in many wondwous fowms)

That was a CLOSE CALL

WOO! [wiping brow] That was a CLOSE CALL.

It’s a good thing we found the real ending to that Kiwi movie.

I’ll put away the cryin’ Kleenex and antidepressants now, Quincy C.

An Eye for Annai

The adventures of Annai, a cartoon creature looking for… an eye. Will he ever find it!?

Sender-Inner sasha V. thinks this one is even better than the kiwi video. I’m inclined to agree! [say in English accent]