Meanwhile, over at the Cute Lab

It’s funny that we’ve only had ONE entry in the ‘Cartoons’ section of this site — UNTIL TODAY! Super fine illustrator Dan Sipple sent in this delightful Cuteologist cartoon; the Cuteologist is rating the ‘Pawsitude of a potential subject" in the Cute Lab.


Of course he chose a Marmelade kitteh. The green skin is sweet, too.
XOXOXO, Dan! [Yes, he's the same guy as the ad on the right!]

There’s a “Space Glenda” too…

CoverThis just in! Renée French has been confirmed as the creator of the “Glenda,” the cartoon logo for the Plan 9 Research system from Bell Labs. (Also used On this sweet book cover.)

Renée also goes by the pen name “Rainy Dohaney” when illustrating fabulously cute children’s books like “Tinka” on the right. Merci, Renée. Spaceglenda37Hineysm_1

What is this thing?