Friday Haiku: Capybara Redux

800-ko-kingdom95Last week’s Haiku
Was about Capybaras
Now we have one more

More on Tempozan Anipa in Osaka by Robb S. here.









Big Is Beautiful

Just in case you were in the mood for some Capybara Action this morning, we have it for you right here. How did we know?

Magic. Capy magic.

Super Capy Disapproval Noted!

23-Капибара целуется с собакойAnd it’s from a Russian website and we have no idea what they’re saying and Chrome won’t translate an inch of it but the photos are cute so go with it.


7-Самый крупный грызун в мире - капибара

2-Семейство капибар

4-Обезьяны играют с капибарой

9-Вкусный вегетарианский обед капибары

19-Ныряния капибары в бассейне

22-Капибара отдыхает в кресле

24-Капибара и морская свинка

25-Капибара целуется с плюшевой капибарой

Just A Capy And Some Ducklings…

…taking a bath. What, like you’ve never seen this before?

(JoeJoe The Capy and some fuzzhead friends, from Arbroath.)

The Zen Of The Capybara III

There’s no sound to this one, but that hardly matters. “My face hurts from watching this,” writes Karen F.

*The Zen Of The Capybara.

*Return To…Zen Of The Capybara.

Scritch. Flop. Repeat 7X.

What happens when you scritch one Capy Belleh? He/she flops over. But then the others see that, and then you have to scratch them, too. Tough job.

Spotted by Andrew Y. on RN/24…but look! It’s an Encore Presentaysh!

PS- Want more Capys? Why not?

Return To…Zen Of The Capybara!

About a year and a half ago, we told you about…Capybara Hot Tubs. As if you need to ask where this is. Anyway- thanks to the tag-team of RN24 and Andrew Y., we learn that the annual Capybara Hot Springs at Izu Shaboten Park will reopen on the 20th of the month.

It’s just for the cold winter months, so it seems. Fruit gets tossed into the warm water, too. To, er, help the aroma.

PS- Maybe if you hit The Big J you could pick us up a stuffed Capy…IN A VENDING MACHINE.

JoeJoe The Puppeh Sitter

From the “C.O. Can’t Even Fathom This” Department: According to the YT video, “the mother of the puppies was unable to care for them so JoeJoe watched over them until they were old enough to go to forever homes.”

So what we’re talking about is..A CAPYBARA PUPPEH SITTER. Say that out loud, then press the video button. #DED.

From Andrew Y., who is tasked with finding an officially licensed Maru plush figure. Don’t think it’s gonna happen.

When U Just HAVE 2 Have A Popsicle

JoeJoe The Cappy shows us how it’s DONE. Seems like he likes Cherry, too. Chomp Chomp DRIP Chomp Chomp DRIP DRIP.

Say OMG!

Ever Feel Like U Have A Monkeh On Your Back?

Don’t worry about it- you’re not the only one. Take two Squirrel Monkehs and call us in the morning.

From Gene A.


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