It’s Sqwerl Apreesh Day!

unnamed (5)Sqwerls are a C.O. favorite, and today is their day! Check out this huge selection of Sqwerl Photos, c/o Cuteporter KB- taken at the Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, California.

(Here’s a bonus Wallpaper Of The Month, too- just click n’ download!)

Squirrel Appreciation Day


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Original wallpaper image from Shutterstock.

Yes, I See What You Mean

IMG_1655“This is our dog Olive… My fiancée found her stray in a bad part of Los Angeles eight years ago. Now she lives a life of leisure and…squirrel watching. She is getting a bit older though, hence the glasses. Photo taken by Dr. Jeff.”

‘Member How The Koalas Needed Mittens?

imrsWell, we’ve got an update to that story. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) has LOTS of mittens now! Now, they’re in need of something else. Kangaroos, possums and wallabies have sadly been orphaned by the Australian fires, and these little dudes need to be kept warm and safe in a little pouch. Click on the image, and it’ll pull up this image in a more detailed PDF. (Have a hard time figuring out metric conversions? Like..everyone else? Noooo problem. There’s a site for that!)


Send to: IFAW, 6 Belmore Street–Surry Hills–Sydney NSW 2010. Phone: +61 2 9288 4900, and 1 800 00 IFAW. Questions? Send ‘em an email!

Flying Foxes Come With The Latest Specs

6a010535647bf3970b01b8d0b8f245970c-800wiThese lil’ snugglebombs are Spectacled Flying-Fox orphans, and they are being cared for at the NightWings Rainforest Centre in Queensland, Australia.

So..what’s the difference between a Flying Fox and a Bat, you say? Glad ya asked.





(As seen on ZooBorns.)

Happy Whoooooo Year

unnamedThis just in, from Peter G. at Providence Raptors: “Here are some photos of “Little Who,” an adorable Northern Saw-Whet Owl who was rescued by Tara Kissel. Driving home one night, Tara spotted the reflection of this tiny owl’s eyes as he lay in the middle of a four-lane highway. Here she is accepting the Oscar® for Bravest Owl Rescuer, then releasing the “Little Who” back to the wild after rehabilitation by the Wildlife Rehabilitators Association of Rhode Island and the Born To Be Wild Nature Center.”

unnamed (1)
“It was obvious he had tried to fly across but was hit by a car and stunned. With no way out, this owl was doomed.”

unnamed (2)
“But along came his guardian angel who pulled a u-turn, waited for a break in the traffic and ran out to scoop him up in her new Christmas sweater.”

unnamed (3)

The Bebeh Sloth With The Unusual Name

This little knucklehead acquired a strange name during its first night at the Kids Saving the Rain Forest Wildlife Sanctuary.

Thanks to Derek M. for going above and beyond.

Wassup At The Cat House?

Haven’t checked in lately at one of our fave spots, The Cat House On The Kings. So let’s see who we have. First up, please welcome Marshmallow von MuzzlePuff, who rules the kitten room. “Not yet ready for adoption but will be soon,” says Sender-Inner KB.

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unnamed (3)

This little critter’s not ready for adoption yet, but will be there soon!

Now, these guys ARE in the adoption room, and are ready to roll.

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unnamed (5)
And ya know, they’ve got PUPPEHS there, too.

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North The Wonder Cat

unnamed[*Note: North is the one on the left. Just so that’s clear. -Ed.]

“This is North who is unbelievably attractive and completely aware of it. He’s also deaf, but since no cat actually listens, we just assume he’s slightly more evolved. Left in a hotel room (stuck with the bill!) he’s now waiting for his perfect family at Santé D’Or. (Los Angeles.) He’s disgusted by other cats, but would love a friendly canine companion, preferably one who keeps telling North how good he looks.” -Quinn C.

P.S. “If this gets him adopted, we’ll name the next litter of kittens at Sante D’Or after C.O. writers; yes, one will be named Not That Mike the Other Mike.


Elaine_A363835-XLOn the heels of #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday comes #GivingTuesday. As the website says, it’s a time to “celebrate generosity and to give.” Like maybe to your local animal shelter- many of them are always in need of your time or your donation. Just a thought.

(Photo of Elaine at the San Francisco Animal Care & Control, by The Furrtographer.)

Toesday: Reindeer Beans?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, it IS getting closer to the night Santa and his reindeer take their annual trip ’round the world. A month from last night, as a matter of fact. And who do we have here? A new rookie reindeer? Oh- he’s a rein-cat! “Hi C.O. folks, This is Evan, one of our special needs kitties at Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati, OH. I think he’s a very adorable rein-cat!” -Cathy O’ B.


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