Kittens. In Sweaters. Made Of Socks.

This is JUST the ticket to get the week off on the right foot. Er, right paw. Right, Quinn C.? “We here at Sante D’Or Adoption Center in L.A. believe that a warm kitten is a happy kitten, and that a warm fashionable kitten will, hopefully, someday be invited to compete on “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”

“Rocket (below) is grey and Chewie (above) is orange.”


Bebeh Duckster ResQte In Slidell, LA!

Four Bebeh Mallards were stuck in a storm drain in Slidell, Louisiana last Saturday. St. Tammany Fire District #1 rescuer Cody Knecht used a duck call ringtone on his iPhone to lure ’em out, and they were reunited with their Mama. Their FB page says that “this is the second duck rescue call in less than a week!”

duckling rescue 1

duckling rescue 2


St. Maarten ResQte ACTION!

MelodyMelvin[*Note: Can’t wait ’til Thursday’s ResQte of the Week. Going up Monday 14:00. -Ed.]

“Attached is a photo of Melvin and Melody, siblings that were rescued on the small island of St. Maarten. I have been taking pictures of the rescue dogs to raise awareness as the government provides no funding for animal shelters, and on a 25 square mile island, there are literally thousands of homeless dogs. Any attention being brought to would appreciated sooooo much!” -Nelson F.



Bring a little of the QTE Caribbean to your desktop with this PROSH WALLPAPER. NO worries, mon- jus’ click to save!

April Melody And Melvin

(Say Like Wally Cleaver:) “Aw Gee, Beav!”

unnamedYes Sir and M’am! Today is International Beaver Day! How ’bout let’s check out Bath Time For Buttons, OK? According to sender-inner and video creator KB, “She is an orphaned baby beaver in the care of Farasyn Farms Wildlife Rescue in Oregon.”

“Orphaned baby beavers have to be in the care of a rehabber for two years before they’re able to make it on their own back in the wild. That takes so much dedication on the part of the wildlife rehabber. In addition to being adorbs, baby beavers are also prone to depression and temper tantrums.”

unnamed (1)

Meet Chip And Adele

FB-chip-and-adele-timelineChip (the puppeh) and Adele (the kitteh, natch) were given up by their respective owners at five and four weeks of age.

They both ended up at Operation Kindness in Dallas and are currently at a foster home.

They are paws-itively inseperable!

Here’s their FB page.

They will be ready for adoption at the end of April, y’all.

Here’s where you can donate to help little Critters like Chip -N- Adele.

As seen on 22 Words.

Didn’t Wanna Wait ‘Til Caturday!

whitesmudgeonbacktabbyL(This coming Caturday happens to be 24 Hours Of Cute: Happy Valentine’s Day- so we’re movin’ Caturday up a few days, OK?) Take a look at these Little Fur Heads! “Hey there! I’ve got some super sweet kittens to show you this week from the Cat House,” writes Photographer Jess L. “All are available for adoption now and boy is it Cute Overload this week! Many of these little ones had a rough start to life but they are healthy and happy now and ready for their Furever Homes :). Please feel free to share.”

OK! We will!




The Legend Of Tugboat Jones

IMG_9952There lives a cat named Tugboat Jones
A fearless feline is he
Dogs quake at the mere whisper of his name
He’s who all kittehs aspire to be
Adopted at Oregon Humane, he rules the world
From his throne in the Pacific Northwest
One eye is yellow and one eye is blue
Which makes him stand tall among the rest





photo (11)

photo (13)

From Jamie B-H. Poem inspired by The Adventures Of Jim Bowie.

Meet Lily And Wendy!

IMG_5797“I am so lucky that I get to pet-sit for Lily the Labradoodle and Wendy the ResQte Dachshund,” writes -Meredith R.

“I have been watching Lily since 2011 and Wendy came along in mid-2014. They are so much fun to hang with. Lily is a lover who loves anyone she meets and even lets little humans tug at her beard. Wendy is ball obsessed and would play ball 24/7 if possible.”

“I am blessed to have these girls in my life.”


Toesday Late-Breaking Bonus Post!!!

image1Had to get this one in here, JUST in from Jennifer M. Get a load of those BEANS! “Rudy says all the cool kids are on Cute Overload. He promised to stop chasing the cat if he got on the site. At least for a day. Which by the way- he is not naughty. He has spirit. Lots of spirit.” Rudy, time to give the break, starting right now.

Gettin’ Catty On The Kings

OrangesurprisedkittenLBeen almost two months since we’ve checked out the Cat House On The Kings, so let’s go! Got some terrif photos from Jessica L. She says, “KB said that you guys might be interested in showing a few of my photos from my weekly trips to the Cat House on the Kings and possibly other furry friends.”

“Anyway, I got a few cute kitten shots from this week that I would love to share on your site.”

“All of them are available for adoption now.”




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