Toesday: Reindeer Beans?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, it IS getting closer to the night Santa and his reindeer take their annual trip ’round the world. A month from last night, as a matter of fact. And who do we have here? A new rookie reindeer? Oh- he’s a rein-cat! “Hi C.O. folks, This is Evan, one of our special needs kitties at Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati, OH. I think he’s a very adorable rein-cat!” -Cathy O’ B.

ResQte Of The Week (Wednesday PM Edition:) Tino

This first Floppy Eared Photo just keeled me DED DED DED so it’s not gonna wait ’til tomorrow. “This dusky little schnozz belongs to Valentino (AKA ‘Tino’), my 11-month old rescue,” writes Erica P.

Tino Smile
“He’s 16 pounds of long sproingy legs and, as you can see in the above picture, he is an ecstatically happy puppeh. Tino’s favorite things are: (1) Snorgling Oscar, my elderly gentleman of a cat…”

Tino and Oscar
“..(2) Running at the speed of light, and (3) Leaping over tall buildings (or at least over the extra tall baby gate I installed in hopes of giving Oscar a breather.)”

Tino Schnozz

Actual Memo To C.O. From Marla

To: C.O.
Fr: Marla C.
Dt: 11/10/14 11:47am PT
Re: Holy baby bats!


It’s me again.

Okay, so I was trolling around on Facebook for cute ahnahmuls, as I am known to do, and I ran across THIS.

Can you EVEN?!

-Marla C., Senior Project Lead, COMPANY NAME REDACTED


OK, Time To Break The Interwebs

seaotterpup9THIS JUST IN from Dual Cuteporters Tracey M. and Erin D. This female pup (#681) was found September 30th, on Coastways Beach in Northern California between the San Mateo and Santa Cruz county line. WARNING: This is SO Cute- you should be sitting down. If you fall over from The Cute and smack yer head- not our fault. OK- proceed.

She is now at the Shedd Aquarium after a month-long stay at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Quoting ABC7, “On arrival at Monterey Bay Aquarium, ‘681’ weighed 1.0kg..”

“…which is tiny for a newborn sea otter, and she had been separated from mom for at least 16 hours,” said Karl Mayer, Animal Care Coordinator for the Sea Otter Program.

“This meant it was critical that we begin to get calories into her as quickly as possible.”



















Photos from KGO-ABC7 in San Francisco.

Ultimate Raging River Sqwerl ResQte!!

Somehow, this bedraggled little knucklehead got stuck on a rock in the middle of a river. Along comes Mr. River Boarder Guy Thomas Paterson to save the day!

From VVV.

We Haz Missle Lock!

20141102_105931[I see my target. Slowly I make my move. Sloooooowly….sloooowly…..I haz to POUNCE!]

“Two for the price of one…here is Dexter, and his Nosevember contribution. Photobombing in the background is Quint, who was rescued from the perils of I-20 rush hour last week. Dexter is slowly warming up to his new role as big brother. Hope my boys can earn a place on C.O.! Michelle G., Atlanta.”

Butternut McFlufferson

DSC07974CHOTKnov1-2014eThat IS her real name, Folks. After you pick yourself up off the floor, gaze into those Bebeh Blues one more time. Massive WordPress-defying 13MB hi-res photo by KB taken three days ago at Cat House On The Kings. Not adoption-ready…yet.

ResQte Of The Week (Toesday Combo Edition!)

IMG_20141026_153359Got these photos from Sandy C. Immediate Editorial Decision Time. Do we do this post on Thursday (for ResQte of the Week?) Or…Toesday for…obvy reasons. What the heck, let’s just do a C.O. Combo Post™! “Here is my ResQte kitty Champ. He was abandoned by his mama and a friend found him. Thankfully he was a fighter, thus the name Champ. I took him in at four weeks old (he was a birthday present for my son.) He is now about seven weeks old and likes to chew on toes and ankles. We are spoiling him rotten…Hoping you can post him on the site!”


“Sorry to be picky; however, you posted Champs Toebeans (which I am very grateful) but the full kitty shot you included is my other ResQte, Precious. She appreciates you including her photo but Commenters are thinking that’s one huge seven week old kitten! This may be my only chance to be on C.O. and want to make sure the beans are appropriately acknowledged.” -Sandy C.


And here’s The Champ. From the front.


Best Job Ever: Kitteh Kuddlers WANTED!

So it seems that a Rescue Centre (note British spelling) in Westgate Road, Newcastle, needs UK peeps to…come in and cuddle kuddle their kittehs.


Quoting the ChronicleLive story: “Westgate Ark animal shelter says it needs people to cuddle and stroke homeless young cats to get them ready to be rehomed. They are also welcome to bring the cats little Christmas presents like treats, food, or litter. To make a donation or volunteer at Westgate Ark contact Paul on 0191 273 9555, or email him here.”


If You Go™:

* Addy- 9 Prospect Pl, Newcastle upon Tyne NE4 6NS, United Kingdom. (Google Street View Map.)
* Phone- 0191 273 9555.
* Hours- Daily 11am-7pm.

Andrew Y. spotted a version of this story on The Buzz.

(Nosevember Preview!) Manny The Maniac

IMG_3983 (1)Remember M The M from earlier this year? He’s back, and he would like you to nose that he has a mellow side, too. “This is after he runs around like crazy. Our wonderful English Lop Rescue Bunny.” -Maddy, Jodi and Jacy.


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