Merry Christmas!

What, you say? It’s only NOSEVEMBER 25th, not DECEMBER 25th! Ah, but that is the NAME of this puppeh! “Here’s a pic of our ResQte pup, Merry Christmas. We’ve had her since last December and she’s as sweet as can be!” -Tonya H., Cincinnati.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA‘Nuff said. From Lisa D., who says “At the kitten nursery where I volunteer (the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA in Burlingame, CA) when a kitten comes in without littermate we give them a stuffed friend to snuggle up with. This little girl became instant best friends with her new bunny friend. I think she’s dreaming of the two of them going on an adventure. An adventure involving (oddly enough) tuna and carrots. Green fields and comfy chairs. Sunshine and sunbeams. And, of course, best friends.”

Let The Sun Shine In!

Despite what your local TV station weather person might say- your forecast for today is LOTS OF SUN!

“I’d love to share with you pictures of my Rescue Corgi Sun who was the happiest dog EVER on a hike this week.” -Lottie P.



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(Sing-Songy:) “Somebody Needs A Name!”

Check out this little goober, who just woke up from a nap. Oregon Zoo keepers need your help to pick a name for a Rescued Otter Pup that arrived there this month. For the next week, you can click here to vote on your favorite of three names:

J.R. Papenfus: a creek in Lane County near the location where the pup was found. (J.R. is for junior, since a creek is junior to a river.)
Little Pudding (nickname: LP): a tributary of the Pudding River, joining the main stem west of Mt. Angel.
Hobson: a creek named for John Hobson, a Clatsop County pioneer who opened a salmon cannery near Tillamook.


Photo from Oregon Zoo.

Toesday Too

2015-07-09 21.08.33Got another terrific Toesday Submeesh for you, folks- that’s just how we roll. Lauren Sidwell took the time to write us and says, “Beau is a year and half old. I adopted him from the Animal Rescue League of Pittsburgh at the age of seven months. He’s a very active, very silly boy, and I love him a lot. In these pictures, he is helping me with my day planner. Clearly I need to add “pet the cat” to my daily schedule….at least once an hour.”

2015-07-09 21.06.44

They’re ALL All-Stars To Us!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATonight’s the night for the MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati! Up top is Phillips (after Brandon Phillips of the Cincinnati Reds,) & he’s at Cincinnati’s Save the Animals Foundation. Not available for adoption, there’s a line a mile-long of people wanting to take him home!


We have a couple of critters here that are ready to adopt. (As always, while you probably don’t live in Cincinnati- maybe you have a friend you can share this post with.) STAF’s Cathy O. says, “And batting second, this tiny kitten is one of my little foster babies, Firefly. He won’t be available for adoption for a while.”

“Next is Ranger, he is available now!”

“And hitting cleanup, this is Charlie, also available for adoption.”

THIS UPDATE JUST IN: “Good news, Charlie, the three-legged guy, is going to be adopted, probably this weekend!” -Cathy O.

A Tiny Fuzzy Gray Cotton Ball (Named Willy)

IMG_4246Melinda Y. writes, “I work at the Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, NJ. I see LOTS of Cuteness is the course of a normal day (drowning in Cuteness this time of year–kitten season) but sometimes the Cuteness Levels are just too high! This little guy was found by himself in someone’s yard. He looks like the world’s Cutest cotton ball! (Albeit a gray one :) I took this picture moments after he first came in. We named him Willy.”

Toronto Toesday

_DSC1164-2-3“I was hoping that I could submit my little Jackie Boy’s toebeans for your Toesday celebrations. Jackie was saved off the mean streets of Toronto, as a very sickly kitten, by Annex Cat Rescue. Don’t feel sorry for him because he is blind in one eye – he gets by just fine and tortures his older brothers constantly. Thank you to Annex for saving my sweet boy and looking after him until he found me.” -Vanessa.


Kaly ResQte Of The Week UPDATE!

Remember Kaly? The little ResQte puppeh stuck in India who needs to get to Canada? We’ve got an update for you from Jade L.

“I have updates on Kaly’s big adventure and I need your help again!

Kaly was supposed to arrive in Canada in the last week of May but just as she was getting ready for her big adventure to Canada, Goa put an embargo on pet travel! This means Kaly and all her friends at Dr. Marylin’s office are stuck there until it is lifted. She is with 9 other dogs all waiting to get to their homes. Here she is just two days ago.


The embargo should be lifted July 15 and the vet is getting Kaly a new crate so she can come as soon as it is lifted but I’ve been paying $15 a day since April out of my travel budget for her to be well taken care of there in Goa. Here she is back in April:

Now more than ever I need to make my $4000 goal on GoFundMe. I am $900 short and this little bit will make it so I can pay for her flight and finally be reunited with my baby.

You’ve already helped so much but if you could re-post my story it would mean the world to me!”

YAY 4 #WorldOceansDay 2

Watch this story about all the Adorbs Sea Lions being rescued and cared for at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.

And as long as we’re on the oceans subject, let’s zip up the Pacific Coast for a little Sea Otter Action c/o The Oregon Zoo!


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