Gina, U R Ready For Takeoff On Bunway 1

14484994759_cba2abcc34_oGina The Bun, from Megan K. (Who notes that Gina is actually the mother of Gallifrey.)

How ‘Bout….A Bunch O’ BUN Gifs?

Sure, why not? These can’t wait ’til Bunday, no way.






From Teri C. who saw ‘em on The Usual Japan Site.

Epic Mealtime On Bunny Island!

Updated with photos! C.O. has featured “Disapproval Island”Rabbit Island” (Okunoshima, Japan) on several occasions. Now, there’s gonna be a VIDEO SERIES. WHAT. Sender-Inner Scott Y. shot this video and the following photos.

Scott says “The bunnies that live on this island are super friendly…”

“…yet fearless when it comes feeding on the food provided by the visitors.”

“They love to chill in the shade when the sun is out. In one of the photos, a row of bunnies chill on the street, in the shade provided by the curb.”

“The baby bunnies also roam wild on this island and have no reservations in getting picked up, with the hope of getting a yummy treat I guess!”


Defining “Prosh”

PROSH [prosh] adjective

1. Derivative of the world PRECIOUS. Thought to be created by cute animal website “Cute Overload.”
2. Usage example: “That Bun is Prosh.”
3. See “Cute Overload Glossary.”
4. Click button below to hear correct pronunciation.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3
“My daughter Madison’s new 4 week old bunneh…Buttercup!” -Marlena C.


bunny03Talk about giving someone the raspberry!!

“I’m submitting a video and three pictures of Bunbun, a blue-eyed white Holland Lop bunny.” says Scott Y.

“After seeing another bun eat a raspberry online, he wanted a raspberry treat too! So here he is devouring it without getting any red juice on his fur, and then going the extra mile by wiping the remnants off his mouth and face!”