HEY! Watch The Spit There, Hossam!

‘Cause we all know that when HOOMINS pose for a photo, the spit can go a-flyin.’ Camels would NEVER do that.

Maissra Sallah, Hossam Antikka and Karim Abdelaziz (and friend) hangin’ out in northern Giza, Egypt, as seen here, by Caters. From Stepphy N.


I’d Walk A Mile For THIS Guy!

“Dear Cute Overload, I took this glorious photo of this lovely camel from the San Diego Zoo. I named him…’Humpfey.'” -Ayako I.

Face Only a Mother Could Loff

All Moms, of all types, always think their babies are adorable, because … they’re the Moms!

Via Cute Emergency. Go to Zooborns for more about “Jack”, the baby Bactrian Camel, born March 9, 2014 at the Cincinnati Zoo.

OMG Bebeh Camel. In A Coat.

It’s only March 3rd- there’s still a LOT of cold left in the winter. Nobody knows it better than this critter, too! Bundle up, little friend!

“This is a 3 day old camel, wearing a coat! So cold here in Cincinnati! Photo courtesy of the Cincinnati Zoo and & Botanical Gardens!” – Frozen Cuteporter Cathy B.

Double Vision Always Seems to get the Best of You

A sudden change in your vision could be an early warning sign of a craving for jelly donuts, two monster sized chocolate bars, a box of dates, some sand dunes and a tent or two.

Via YouTube.

It’s Hump Day

You’ve made it half way through the week. This calls for some desert! And camel-mile tea.

Female 2-humped camel named Noemie being weighed for the annual audit at ZSL London Zoo. (ZSL, Zoological Society of London.)

THIS JUST IN: Mmmmmm, Bebeh Hoomin!

Mr. Camel seems quite content to nom whatever whoever is in the car.

Spotted on DP&F.