I’m tewtelly snaking this calendar!

“Hmmmmm,” [slither slither] “I enjoy surfing Cute Overload, [Hits Enter key with head] but sometimes it’s not enough! I want more. MORE!” [slither slither]


“What’s this I see!? A daily, paper version of the site? That corresponds with days of the week!?


“Brilliant! If I flash my beady eyes it may distract folks long enough for me to steeeeeeeal eeet” [Tears off page with mouf, proceeds to eat whole]


Grey-banded baby snakersons brought to you by Lesley C. Get your free Cute Overload 2011 calendar with every accepted photo. Submeet your photo tuhday!



Are you an insane Cute Overload fan?


Do you sneep out the pics from the calendar and adorn your desk?


Do you fill your cube with Cuteness so your boss is distracted when asking about your deadlines?


Do your pets look at you longingly when you show them the 2009 Cute Overload calendar?

980818 Cute Overload III

Congratulations you are our TARGET MARKET! Submit your photos now for the 2011 (yes 2011) Cute Overload Calendars! We’re accepting the HIGHEST resolution you GOT, right now! Frakking go for it, People!

Special thanks to Jo and Vincent; calendar models, Brooke B. (the wall!) and Nate B. (the office décor!)