Another Cute Overload Success Story!

Digit, from Wisconsin, writes: “Dear Cute Overload: Last year, I was a 98-ounce weakling (see photo). Even my stuffed monkey beat me up for my lunch money.

“But then my mommy Amy S. bought me the Cute Overload Page-a-Day Calendar. I practiced its time-tested Dynamic Embiggenating™ techniques every day, and one year later, just look at me now!

“Now I walk with a confident, manly swagger. When I enter the room, monkeys fall over one another for the honor of buying me a drink. And the ladies have noticed me as well. Thanks, Cute Overload! I owe it all to you!”

Never capitulate to stuffed animals again! Order your Cute Overload 2011 Page-a-Day Calendar today from Amazon, Borders, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, or wherever industrial lubricants are sold! Hurry — supplies aren’t limited!


Update: We’re coming for you DILBERT!

(And Ansel Adams!)

PEOPLE! Thanks to you, we surpassed the Glee and Sierra Club calendars and are heading for the Top 3 calendars on Amazon!

Wow! Thank you all for your supports!

Learn more about the 2011 calendars here.

Well looky here

Guess who just surpassed Betty White on the Amazon Calendar Bestseller liiiiiiiiist! [singsong]

Ehn! [Reaching higher sound]

I’m coming after you next, DILBERT and ANSEL ADAMS!!!

Cute Overload 2011 Calendars

Come ON People! Are we going to let the 2011 BETTY WHITE Calendar beat us up the Amazon sales charts!? Oh, it’s ON, Lady!

Seriously folks, the 2011 Cute Overload calendar is like a slice of heaven on your desk. There are Buns, impossibly small OMG ponies1. pups, Kittehs, Pocket pets, and peegs! With captions penned by Theo, NotThatMike, and Meg.

Choose from two formats, the desk Page-a-Day:


The Wall:


And also online here:

Amazon! (Page-A-Day Calendar)
Amazon! (Wall Calendar)
Powell’s! (Wall Calendar)

Announcing Cute Overload 2011 Calendars!

It’s a slice of heaven on your desk.

Tiny bunnies! Impossibly small ponies! Puppies, kittens, hamsters, and peegs! It’s all cute, all year long. It’s the redonkulously adorable wall calendar based on Cute Overload-“the fuzziest, nicest blog on the planet”! (CBS News!)

There are two formats! DESKTOP and WALL! You must have eet. Act now!

Amazon! (Page-A-Day Calendar)
Amazon! (Wall)
Powell’s! (Wall)

They’re even Goose-approved (for nomming at least)

Take a look! You can hang up our very own copy of World Peace Hamster!

You can tear sheets off, create paper airplanes and annoy your co-workers!

You can impress your friends with your Rules of Cuteness knowledge – where you learned it is OUR SECRET

OMG, Look at May 9th! And to think there are 363 more pages JUST LIKE THIS!

Act Now!

Operators are standing by with your choice of football phone or Slap Chop bonus gift.

Selling WHEREVER calendars are sold in stores!

And online here:
Amazon! (Page-A-Day Calendar)
Amazon! (Wall)
Powell’s! (Wall)

The Hard Sell

I’m bringing out the big guns, Poeple. I know our Cute Overload calendars are fabulous—but don’t take my word for it!

Check out these happy clients and then…

Get your calendar delivered by Christmas! New Year’s Eve?
(with 2-day free shippin’)

Just 1 day left to arrive by Christmas!

Order on Amazon and it will still arrive by Christmas! 2010 CALENDARS! Act now and we’ll send you a Slap Chop! We can’t do this all day! We’ve earned 4.5 stars, which means only one person hates it!

Get a Wall Calendar!

Get the Page-A-Day!

Look Inside!
You get to tear a page off a day and throw it, in paper airplane format, at your nearest co-worker!





And the wall calendar looks like this! Here’s what it looks like inside! Here’s August!

08 Aug Cute Wall_patch

Here’s May!

05 May Cute Wall_patch

And if you thought you’d only see twelve measly photos on the wall calendar, you’d be wrong! You’ll see pictures in the days too! Check this details action OUT:


Which will you choose!? Desktop or wall? Desktop or wall? Act now! If you brave the mall, they’re selling WHEREVER CALENDARS ARE SOLD too!
Barnes ‘n’ Nobles!

We’re #1! We’re #1!

We’re number one in er…

#1 in Books > Entertainment > Humor > Cats, Dogs & Animals

Just 2 days left to order your Page-a-Day calendar OR Wall calendar by Christmas!

YOU CAN DO EET! Yes, it will look like your stocking swallowed a large square cracker, but the recipient will LOF EET!

Thanks, People Pets!

Picture 3 copy THIS JUST IN! The fine folks over at People have recommended the Cute Overload calendar.

It’s a “Must Have”! they say. Natch! But you already knew that.

Check out the Cute Overload calendar here. The wall calendar won’t fit in a stocking, but the Page-a-Day might!

Cubicle of Unfathomable Awesomeness!

We’ve all seen them, envied them:  They are the Cubicles of Unfathomable Awesomeness, beacons of style in the soulless sea of the modern workplace.  Is your cubicle unfathomably awesome?  Look for these tell-tale signs:

  • Multiple pages from the Cute Overload Page-A-Day Calendar, the only calendar specially formulated to melt away those stressful brain cells.
  • The almost-nearly-completely-as-cool calendar for the ASPCA!
  • Pen. (Pens rock!)
  • Telephone with more buttons than the Millennium Falcon.
  • Web browser open to Google Analytics, bringing instant karmic enlightenment to statistics junkies.

And the crowning touch, the crème de la cool…

Photo 1

  • Puppy in your in-box!

Bonus points if it's a boxer in your in-box.

Cool pup + cool job = cool you, Ayumi S.