C.O. Trading Cards #26

Next up in our series, some pure California Blorp! (First seen here.) Click for ULTRA MASSIVE C.O. Super-Size™, and collect all of ’em!



C.O. Trading Card #25: Clownfish

♬ Somewhere beyond the sea ♫….you’ll find C.O. Trading Card #25! (As seen on Flickr.) Click for C.O. Super-Size™ Effect and collect ’em all! (You’ll use up all the office toner on this one- even the extra one you kept stashed under your desk- but you’ll have the best looking cube.)


Sorry ‘Bout That, Rilo

Rules are rules, and they’re put there for your safety, little girl. Maybe you’ll be big enough next year! You were just born July 7th!

Callie B. tells us, “My Frenchie puppy Rilo Clomette had a pumpkin patch adventure that culminated in her passing out between two pumpkins. I’m particularly partial to the “Am I big enough, mom?”

I think she’s adorbs, I hope you agree!”



C.O. Trading Cards #24: FUFU

It’s Fufu! This Furrtographer shot is #24 in our C.O. Trading Card Series…collect them all and click to Super-Size™! (Fufu is also in our Wall Calendar/May!)



Interview With Skidmark’s HERO Hoomin!

‘Member the kitteh that was rescued from the Oklahoma intersection? Here’s the latest info! (And his Instagram.)

Laney (above) is the name of Skidmark’s rescue hoomin, and she told C.O. earlier this morning,

“Skids has gotten used to being in the house with us two giants, and loves chasing our feet! He pretty much just runs around the house like a mad man. We are researching some good cat condos to get him something fun for him to climb up and down – and to hopefully stop tearing up the couches! He has been doing spectacularly! Once his energy dies down, he is a super cuddly kitty! We do plan on keeping the name Skidmark, I told the Internet that was his name – no going back now!”



Vaht Are You Starink At?

[My NAME…ees LOKI. LOH-KYE. Like the “Thor” moofee. So..eet ees just a few days ’til Halloveen. Vaht ees da beeg deal? By da vay– vaht ees your blahd type? Just…curious.]







(Bored Panda.)


C.O. Trading Cards #23: Reuben

Our C.O. Trading Card this week features a newcomer to C.O.! Please give it up for REUBEN!

“This is our 9 week old pug, named Reuben,” says Daisy W. Click for C.O. Super-Size™– more C.O. Trading Cards here!


Please Welcome Stogie To C.O.

There are Puppeh Faces and then there are PUPPEH FACES. The kind that make you WEAK IN THE KNEES. Or, the kind that has to have his own Trading Card, STAT! Like Stogie here, who certainly has an Ewok look about him, too! Where did he get the name, Ann R.?

Didnt like first bath
“We got our little Havanese puppy two weeks ago, just in time for Nosevember! We named him Stogie in a nod to the breed’s origin of Havana Cuba. He is 13 weeks old and is enjoying the fall here in Whitefish Bay (Milwaukee) Wisconsin.”

Stogie extreme close up
“I have wanted a dog with a pink nose forever and I can’t stop taking pictures of his little pink nose and blue eyes. Unfortunately his eyes won’t stay blue but his nose should stay pink. This is my first submission but I have been enjoying this site for a long time. It has been great stress time out when I was still working or had two small children.”



C.O. Trading Cards #22: Pandas

Our C.O. Trading Card Of The Week was taken by Marc Blickle as seen on Flickr!

Click for C.O. Super-Size™– more C.O. Trading Cards here!



If There’s A BETTER Halloween Kitteh Photo…

…we’d LOVE to see it. Meanwhile, Pam W. says “I took this photo of my cat, “Kismet”, who, pretty much, epitomizes the new “Floof” Rule!” (Here’s a link to download Super-Size™ Kizzy if you like.)