Who Wants To Snorgle Some Of THAT?

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“A friend of mine suggested I submit a kitten photo I took day before yesterday. My son Stuart (7 years) convinced my husband and I we should adopt two kittens from a farm where we pick up veggies each week throughout the summer. He chose Stripy and I chose Lilah (calico.) They were very skittish at first, but we’ve had them two weeks now and they are obviously very comfortable in our household. This is the best photo I’ve been able to capture so far.” -Amy T.

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ResQtes Of The Week (Friday Sydney Edition)

Yesterday we featured some ResQte Photos from Aussie Patrick Jones– photos he takes for the RSPCA in NSW. In his email, he said he had some other posts recently, and to choose any that “struck our fancy.” All I can say is–THESE sure did! (But- no Quokkas or Wombats, sorry.) Comments on each photo (taken from his site) are in the hovers. That’s Billy The Kid up top.




C.O. Trading Cards: Scooting Bebeh Trunkster!

Cute Commenter Doomchild requested that Scootin’ Bebeh Trunkster be the next in our series of C.O. Trading Cards- and so it shall be! Collect ’em all! Click below for C.O. Super-Size™!


[*Note: We’ll be bringing you Trading Cards on a regular basis starting next week…..on Trading Card Toesday! Who will it be? You otter know the name and face….-Ed.]

C.O. Trading Cards: Chacha

Number Four in our new series! (They’re all right here!)

Collect the Entire Series! Trade ’em with your friends- we’ll have #5 coming soon! If you have requests, let us know!

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Friday Haiku: Frogster

Small on the sidewalk
That is the way this guy rolls
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“Hi, Tammy again! I was recently in Florida to visit my sister and her backyard had lots of baby frogs. They were so tiny it was difficult to get any decent photos of them! Here are a few that turned out out okay, hope you enjoy:)” -Tammy L.

Friday Haiku: Squeedorability

Green dude went jogging
Forgot to wear his Nikes
Like the ones shown here

~ ~ ~

“I was walking in a local park and saw a little toddler crouching down to look at something while her mom took pictures. Turns out it was a Baby Turtle! I didn’t have any coins to put down next to the turtle for scale, so I just snapped a pic with my toe for scale. Hopefully the Squeedorability of the turtle makes up for the lack of photo quality?” -A.B.



The Cats Of Arabia: Luna & Mishi

Here we have a pair of kittehs from the sands of Saudi Arabia. “Mishi (Green eyes) and Luna (Ginger cat) are 2 kitties living the high life in Saudi Arabia,” says Sender-Inner Hoomin Also Named Mishi.

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Processed with VSCOcam
“Luna was dumped by her previous owners at a pet store and ended up in a shelter. 😦 We adopted her two months ago and she’s enjoying her furrr-ever home here.”


Oh, U Wanna See A CHOTK Kitteh, Do You?

We can DO that!

“Hi there! This weekend my husband got a chance to visit with the kittens we rescued from our carport for the first time since we brought them to the CHOTK. The result: Super Cute Overload! This little tabby and his seven siblings and mama cat are doing great! Thanks for sharing!” –Jess L.


UPDATED 1:17pm PT: Just got some more photos! The rest of the bunch! “Thank you guys for showcasing my little rescue tabby (from the CHOTK) today. Saw comments that people wanted to see the rest of the litter, so here they are in a big kitten pile! Mama wasn’t interested in being in the photos but the littles were quite curious about my camera.”