C.O. Trading Cards #22: Pandas

Our C.O. Trading Card Of The Week was taken by Marc Blickle as seen on Flickr!

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If There’s A BETTER Halloween Kitteh Photo…

…we’d LOVE to see it. Meanwhile, Pam W. says “I took this photo of my cat, “Kismet”, who, pretty much, epitomizes the new “Floof” Rule!” (Here’s a link to download Super-Size™ Kizzy if you like.)

C.O. Trading Cards #21: Quokkas!

Photo by Sam West as seen on Flickr. Click for C.O. Super-Size™- more C.O. Trading Cards here!


Friday Haiku: Hermie

Home is a small shell
And you can move anywhere
Brigadier lives here

From Robin W. Click image 2 and 3 to SUPER-SIZE™ Click here to SUPER-SIZE™ Trading Card.


C.O. Trading Cards #20: Milo

Another C.O. Hall of Famer gets his own Trading Card! Milo is #20 in our series: more C.O. Trading Cards here! (Click Milo below for C.O. Super-Size™!)


And Look At Those Lil’ Wieners GO

As you might know, Oktoberfest is going on now in Munich, and last Saturday Friday they really had it going on in Zinzinnati- the second biggest Oktoberfest celebration on the planet. Naturally, it featured Wiener Dog Races. (Click each image for C.O. Super-Size™ Wiener Dog Action!) Now, can someone get me some mustard?

untitled shoot-0089

untitled shoot-9872

Photo Sep 18, 12 19 48 PM

untitled shoot-0135

untitled shoot-0212

untitled shoot-0207

untitled shoot-9913

untitled shoot-9881

untitled shoot-9865

untitled shoot-0095

untitled shoot-0062

Le Creditos~ Super Hi-Res Photos by Brian (Dangerous) Douglas Photography, with special thanks to The News Roadie, Rich Walburg of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

C.O. Trading Cards #19

Ribbit?? Ribbit!! Click for HERE for C.O. Super-Size™! More C.O. Trading Cards here! (And we’ve got a special BONUS NORBERT card tomorrow at this same time!)

“Bright Eyes” photo by Carolyn Collins as seen on The Guardian, sent in by Arne.

C.O. Trading Cards #18: Kodie By Request!

[He was in the works anyway, but Dennis W. sent us an email asking for K-Man, and who are we to say no to Kodie? Never happened. Never will. -Ed.] Click below for C.O. Super-Size!

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#TBT: 09/10/06: “How Do You Say ‘Cats ‘N’ Racks’ In Hebrew?”

You know what? It’s time for some Cats and Racks, People, Israeli style. I think this guy wins smallest cat in rack award.


Sent in by the lovely Naomi G. in Jerusalem.

[Throwback Thursday Original Posting™. And you say it like this: “חתולים ודלפקים.” -Ed.]

[*Note: Bonus Trading Card– it’s a Bonus so no # on this one- BY REQUEST! Click for C.O. Super-Size™. -Ed.]


C.O. Trading Cards #17: Edgar’s Mission

Number Seventeen in our series of C.O. Trading Cards comes from Edgar’s Mission in Australia! Collect the entire set- you’ll find ’em here! CLICK BELOW TO SUPER SIZE!!