Headline THIS To Win A Personal Prosh Puppeh Painting!

[*UPDATE 1:05pm PT: MA is our winner! Check your email, please- and thanks to all who entered!)

Take a peek if you will, at these Prosh Puppeh Paintings! “Here are a couple portraits I’ve done of some pretty cute pups. I donate 10% of proceeds to my local dog rescue, Augusta Dog Adoptions.org,” writes Geiger H.

So here’s the deal. Write up your best headline to the ABOVE photo– we’ll choose our favorite and announce at 1pm PT. You’ll get a painting of YOUR pet! (You send Geiger a photo, etc.) Get to work! Meanwhile, here are a few other examples: (you can click these to Super-Size™ them, and here’s the website and FB, BTW.)





‘Tis The Season For C.O. Trading Card #32

Could Santa be missing some of his Reindeer? Not likely- these guys are too small! Maybe one day, though! They’re #32 in our C.O. Trading Card Series…collect them all and click to Super-Size™!

(As seen on Cutest Paw.)

Caturday: Now THAT Is A Nose

We’ve added a C.O. SUPER-SIZE link here so you can see what we mean, too. (Another great Tesla Nose as well.) “As Nosevember comes to a close, Heidi was hoping to share her pretty nose with everyone.” -Sharon D.

Precious Jewels

With the names these guys have, they ABSOLUTELY qualify as precious gems. “Meet Garnet and Opal! They are Golden Retriever/English Golden Retriever puppies,” say Rusty & Jen. (Click below images for C.O. Super-Size™!)

unnamed (2)
Photographed by Penny.

C.O. Trading Cards #27: Lil’ BUB!

Our C.O. Trading Card this week stars none other than C.O. Hall Of Famer Lil’ Bub! Good JOB, Bub!! More C.O. Trading Cards here!

C.O. Trading Cards #26

Next up in our series, some pure California Blorp! (First seen here.) Click for ULTRA MASSIVE C.O. Super-Size™, and collect all of ’em!


Maximum Mondo!

“Our Lab Mondo…….and his very big nose.” -BDW. [*Note: Wanna see just HOW how big? Click here for Super-Size™ Mondo! -Ed.]

C.O. Trading Card #25: Clownfish

♬ Somewhere beyond the sea ♫….you’ll find C.O. Trading Card #25! (As seen on Flickr.) Click for C.O. Super-Size™ Effect and collect ’em all! (You’ll use up all the office toner on this one- even the extra one you kept stashed under your desk- but you’ll have the best looking cube.)


C.O. Trading Cards #24: FUFU

It’s Fufu! This Furrtographer shot is #24 in our C.O. Trading Card Series…collect them all and click to Super-Size™! (Fufu is also in our Wall Calendar/May!)


The Language Of Dogs And Cats

Try as we might- sometimes we JUST CANNOT understand what the little girls and guys are saying. Artist Lili Chin has developed these posters that should help, and you can download them free from her site. You can click the CAT image below for C.O. Super-Size™.

(Design Taxi.)