Dude, Which One Is Next?

[Uh…OK, we watched the first one, then The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Now we gotta watch the ones that weren’t so good.]

(That’s a wrap on our day long STAR WARS celebrayshe- hope you liked it!)


There Are Some Of Us In The Galaxy….

….who really could care less about a new Star Wars movie. Like these cats, for instance.

Of course, they’re in the minority. Charles of the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven is positively geeked UP. Can’t you tell?

And these guys just want whatever Yoda’s got.

And let’s wrap this day up with a lightsabre duel, shall we?

Side Eye, I Will Give You

Costume, I do not like. Displeased, I am. Remove it, you will. Or consequences, there will be.

~ ~ ~

“Please accept our “Sub-mee-shon”!! This is Felix! He is a 6 year old Pugzu. Thank you!! Tiffany and Felix!”

May The TGIF Be With You!

Five PM PT, and that means it’s time for our weekly TGIF! feature! Meanwhile- someone is NOT having any luck getting his kitteh to come to him, and has to resort to..more drastic measures. “I AM your hoomin.”








“Anakin, My Allegiance Is To The Republic! To DEMOCRACY!”

LITTLE KNOWN FACT: Here’s a very rare clip of how George Lucas originally intended for this battle to go. Due to some rather difficult-to-work-with Chipmunks who refused to work for scale, they used hoomins [meh] instead.

Here’s what ended up in theaters.


Ewok, I Presume?

I recognize THAT underbite!

“Hi there! You featured my dog, Olive the Shihpoo, back on February 6, 2015 (which was so cool of you,)” writes Rebecca Z. “I just saw your call for Star Wars photos and thought you might enjoy this pic of Olive as an Ewok. Thanks so much for all the joy you bring to my life! At the end of stressful meetings at the office, I like to announce that no one should bother me for at least 30 minutes, because I’m going back to my desk to look at Cute Overload.”

Jedi Meow Tricks

We’ve all heard of those sneaky Jedi Mind Tricks- The Force is strong with them, after all. Kittens have their own version, by the way. In case you didn’t know that.

The BUB Awakens!

The Force is clearly with this one. Good JOB, BUB! (Image via BUB’s FB page and Drew Wise Design.)

Luke, I AM Your Father

[Who is? You? Black Helmet Face Guy? Why you breathe like that?]

~ ~ ~

“This is Luke the Italian Greyhound! He loves gracing us with his presents (har!) Thanks! Valerie and Luke.”

Star Wars Cat

Join the Dark Side, you will.

(Tastefully Offensive.)