Friday Haiku: Delicate

Hi butterfly friend
If want to land on my nose
That is fine by me



♫ See The (Animuhl Name Here) And Butterfly ♪

From the looks of things, Flutterbys can be BFFs with just about anyone!

animals-with-butterflies-1__880 (1)






Vajda B. spotted these wonderful shots on Bored Panda. Words and music by Ann and Nancy Wilson.

Timo has a butterfly, too!

Friday Haiku

Color explosion

Where do the butterflies stop

And flower begin

King Priamos butterflies on a Tiger lily, via Pixdaus.

Frog and Butterfly

Frogster canNOT believe his eyes! “Ees thees a flowair pour moi? Or ees eet le “gag” gift?”

Via Pinterest.

Cincinnati Flutterby

“I came all the way from Finland to Cincinnati, OH, and visited Krohn’s amazing butterfly show. They literally flocked straight to me and perched on me- one of them for twenty minutes! Here’s one of those, giving respects to my Helsinki bag (maybe she thought it was some kind of a strange Finnish flower?)

unnamed (4)
From Liisa S.

Nosevember Flutterby

Check out these photos by Steve Shinn. This lil’ Flutterby coulda landed anywhere he/she wanted, but instead decided to park it right on this fellow’s honker.




“Saw this post on Buzzfeed. Isn’t being the tiniest of your kind a rule of cuteness somewhere? And landing on a nose in November Nosevember is brilliantly played by the little guy too!” – Kristen D.

Friday Haiku: Ready 4 Take Off

Cute tiny butterflies
Grow up from caterpillars
And fly to the sky

Photo By Bonnie Vculek/Associated Press, as seen on SFGate.

Flutterbye Nose Boop!

Ever seen a Flutterbye Nose Boop before? Vewwy, VEWWY Rare. Normally only seen in the deepest darkest jungles of Africa, the Congo, you know- places from the National Geographic.


“We rescued several caterpillars from marauding wasps, releasing them when they grew to butterflies. This one, named ‘Buttercup,’ decided to stick around on my shirt for a long time, giving my daughter a hug on the nose along the way, before we got her to find a plant she liked.” -Justin S.

What Has Wings?

Butterflies do!

Adorable baroo ducklings do!

Titmouses Titmice Teetsmooses This titmouse does!

Caterpillars do! Wait, what?

“Mamba (Black) Swallowtail Butterfly chasing the drips around the hose as we
watered the lawn” taken at Selati Game Reserve, South Africa by Alex T.
Puddin’ the duckling from Jacqueline F.
Photographer Colleen B. captured the super cute titmouse.
Last, but not least, Josè Louis R. took the last photo and Emilie F. “had to share this picture I stumbled on of European bee eater birds snuggled together on a branch…together they make a fluffy flock of cuteness!”

Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet!

I’m hunting Flutterbyes!

Wait! Encore Red Pand presentayshe!

[Teeter teeter]



Video via Meerkat Manor. Beth P. found this skeeeeeeery Panda-Pannnts in The Wisconsin State Journal. Love the little Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance action.