Crash Test Bunneh

(That’s the headline from the YouTube video- just too good not to use here. I know when I’m beaten.)

(Andrew Y.)


I Pawsitively DARE You—

NOT to yawn after watching this. DARE ya.

Grooming 101 (Part 2)

Earlier today, Timo gave us a lesson on proper kitteh grooming technique. However, after viewing THIS video, you may just come to this conclusion: BUNS DO IT BEST.

Basil. It’s What’s For Breakfast.

Yui The Bun wouldn’t dream of starting the day off without some fresh Basil.

And as long as we’re rolling with Yui The Bun videos- take at look at THIS Disapproval. She is BRINGIN’ IT.

(Andrew Y.)

BUNS Aren’t Just For Bundays

If we can have a Ferret Friday today, we can also have a Bunday BUN too. Sez so in the rules. If there WERE rules. Which there aren’t. What?






I Disapprove Of These Christmas Presents.

[I specifically asked for a new Kindle Paperwhite. (Yes, we BUNS can read.) I. Do. Not. See. A. Package. That. Size. Addressed. To. Moi.]

~ ~ ~
“This is our little Christmas Bun Nacho and he definitely won the ‘Most Enthusiastic’ award in our house Friday morning! No one had to open a present unassisted and he was 100% into holiday cheer…until I pulled out the tiny Santa hats! I thought I would share this one picture with you as it’s a mix of Christmas Cheer and kind of a Where’s Waldo-Nacho game as he’s definitely well camouflaged with all the penguins!! We LOVE your site everyday, but especially around the holidays!!! Cheers, Sara G:).”

SOMEONE Is Getting A Lump Of Coal…

…in their stocking. Most likely, the hoomin who subjected Cocoa to this gross indignity. “I’ve attached a photo of my pet rabbit Cocoa in her holiday finery. She is a Rescue Bunny who my husband and I adopted last year. She has a very sweet personality, and a great tolerance for her parents who laughed for quite a while before being able to take this photo,” says Michelle V.

[*Note: Rule of Cuteness #58: “If you’re flyin’ with one flap up, that’s cute.” -Ed.]

Hare Wars: A New Hop

Roger The Grump leads an All-Star Cast in the latest Star Wars saga: HARE WARS: A NEW HOP!










Starring Roger The Grump. Concept by Action Figure Designer, Matt Christensen (who brought you Jurabbit Park earlier this year) : poster by Simon Valev.


Star Wars fans from all over the world have been lining up for some time now for tomorrow’s premiere of the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens.” “I hope it’s not too late to include this photo of my rabbit Frankie as he counts down the minutes until the new Star Wars movie,” writes Jamie S. “Frankie has been featured on your site before. Thanks for all the fabulous cuteness! I don’t know how I could make it through the day without you, Cute Overload!”


A C.O. World Premiere: Hare Wars, A New Hop—8am PT.

Starring Roger The Grump. Concept by Action Figure Designer, Matt Christensen : poster by Simon Valev.