This Fella Could Use A New Name, Too!

Another day, another name needed! First, let’s hear from Taylor V. “Good morning! I have attached a picture of my pet rabbit, (NAME REDACTED.) He has an Instagram account, too. Thank you for your time!”


We wanted you to read her email before we told you what his current name is.


Scroll down.

A little bit more.

Allllmost there.

OK. Here it is.


Can we do better than that in the comments? Oh yes we can!


I NOSE I Left It In Here Somewheres…..

[Ah! I found it!!!! My BACKPACK!!!!!]

Welcome 2 Wally World

People, check out Wally. No ‘Shopping here- that really IS how big he is.

Wally is a Flemish Giant Rabbit who will be up for adoption sometime soon at the Oregon Humane Society! Dave L. of the OHS told C.O. that no date for adoption has yet been set. The video says Wally is 13 pounds, and OHS confirms that is the right weight.

Here’s a bigger version of the photo they used:

Thanks to Kelly S.

Why, It’s Stuff On A Rabbit!

Vinnie The Bun shows no sign of disapproval at having things stacked on top of his head. He’s even got his own Tumblr blog, YouTube videos, and twitter account!









Cute Animals Eating Food

Title says it all. (Well, except for Westly @ #3 and Mr. Snuggles @ #4, who haven’t scored yet.) Dig in folks!






Variouso Creditos:
1) From AOTC.
2) “Bonnie” from Cuteporter Sarah S.
3) Westly who “had a big day having a doggie day camp interview, getting his nails trimmed, and going to Starbucks!” -Ginger.
4) “This is Mr. Snuggles, a dedicated lapdog with an irresistible face :).” -Jennifer L.
5) From The Big R.
6) Spotted on DP&F via YT user Hdaniella.
7) Originally on Petsami, submitted by Mike D. of Sacramento, California. (“I think this is actually a wee man in a woodchuck suit, but whatevs.”

Baby Bunneh Sings Old MacDonald Had A Farm

From New Zealand comes this gem, c/o Ryan C. “I’m an animator (at Mukpuddy Animation in New Zealand) and whenever I get the opportunity I like to record my daughter telling stories & singing. You never know when you’ll strike gold. This recording tickled me no end, so I just had to animate her as a cute baby bunny. Love your site by the way.”

Great video Ryan, and thanks!