Hoppy Easterrr!

Hey Peeps! Happy Easter! and if you don’t mind, I’m gonna eat one of these—you have plendy to spare.


Thank you, Bucky bun bun and Mvo_168 at Flickr-roonie-poonie

Tiny grass snorgle

Tanja Askani captures the perfect moment…. AGAIN


Tiny snorgles to Ellen C.

Prepping, prepping, always prepping

Yes, they all look good to go, Natalie E…



Although, with a little bun like this, it’s more like: "buh—I—uh..bah..woo?" ’cause he’s all small and timid and stuff.


:) to Dave L.

We’re getting our asses handed to us by the Japanese again

We must face the simple fact that the Japanese know cute better than anyone else. "Heaven@Air" posted these photos of "fukusuke-pon" bunny enjoying a day out at Osaka Castle Park. He’s wearing a lovely sleeveless, turtleneck sweater, made from winter socks to keep flu bugs away.



Head bows to Yasuko ^—^ and Gordon B.

Have you sent out your Easter or Passover wishes yet?

There’s only a few days left to buy your baby cousin that monogrammed Pottery Barn Kids gingham basket, People! Step on it!!!!


And don’t think I didn’t notice your teeny prosh tail, Mister.

Splendor in the grass

Leviathor was cutting the grass when he saw a teeny bun dart under the mower deck! Aeii!


Thankfully, the little guy escaped unharmed. With this teeny little tail intact. ;)

Get’cha snowcones right HE-AH!

Let’s give it up for the sulking bunny "snowcone" (according to sender-inner Barbara B.)


Courtesy of Flickr stream "Mvo_168". Nicely done.

Sunday morning sleep in

Wait—it’s not even morning anymore—damn clocks jumping aheaddddddzzzzzzzz…so…tie-tie.


CuteTracker strikes again! and ‘Tie-tie’ shout out to Kathleen M.

Cuteologist Profile: Hatty from Japan

Cuteologist Hatty from Japan, posted this little gem on the Cuteologist Web site. Yes, I had to fix the eyes in Photoskank… They were red, otherwise!

Hey Hatty, what’s that morsel in front of you?

Hatty: Sniffle.



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