Doing her best to kill us!

As pointed out by E to the C, Bunny photographer “Oh Joy” is doing her best to KEEL all how come upon her Flickr photostream. DON’T LOOK or you may PERISH!152685082_f2b873405d


Off the scales Fluffitude

Dood! The Fluffitude is OFF THE SCALES! They don’t make scales that measure this much fluff. She’s even got FLUFF OVERLOAD on her ears. Too much for even HER to handle! Good God.


This one hopped in by way of Hannah R., a rokkin’ designer.

Late start Monday morning

Whew! Getting a late start Monday morning can just ruin your whole week. I wonder if this bun left his car in the street sweeper’s way too? Did you forget to move your car, lil’ Bun?


Another (had to!) from Oh Joy’s photostream.

The hazards of holding a baby bun

Be careful People [start on the left on this photo and pan right] Your baby bun may look sweet, small and tie-tie in your hand, but may poop at ANY MOMENT!


Absolutely hilarious, Oh Joy!

Double Baroo

Looks like this bun is getting paraded around an office. The perfect Friday activity! Perhaps it’s the offices of Bun & Bun, LLP. I love the Extremely Alert™ ear positions—it’s a "double ‘Baroo’?"


Sent in by Lyssa B.

All-Bunny Tuesday: Dual Calico Sniffers

Bun on left: Harrrummph.

Bun on right: Should we see what’s out there? [tenative step forward]

Bun on left: Harrrummph. [shuffle shuffle]


Thanks, E to the C and RabbitsOnline 😉

All-Bunny Tuesday: Grey Blobule

Talk about a dust bunny!



Impossble to resist, Rabbits Online!

All-Bunny Tuesday: Ears mid-lop

This BUNNEH must be a ‘tween’—his voice is obviously changing, and his ears are mid-flop. He’s tryin’ to hang with chicks after school, too. I think I see a Nintendo DS in the bedding back there…


()_() Thanks for sending in, E to the C, and Rabbits-online 😉
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ssssssssssh! Did you hear the news?

CuteOverload won a Webby’s People’s Choice award! w00t!



Awesome photo, Yuko B.!

Hooray for All-Bunny Tuesday

Today is a very special day, People. Our very own frequent-commenter "E. Collison" is getting her own pet bunny today. In her honor, it’s ALL BUNNY TUESDAY, so snorgle it up!

[snorrrrrrrg… hay gets caught in nose.]


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