Joris and Joy

Joris and Joy, tuning in Tokyo [Holy ears!]


Arewegonnagettogooutside!? are we?! are we!? are we!?


Next, Joy steals a banana peel.

Is that Joris under the table!?


LOL, and great find, Kristine! ///GREAT PHOTOS, Kodash!/// Check them all out

Seemed like a good idea at the time

Hmm, the baby doesn’t seem to be using the "B" and "Q" alphabet blocks right now, so let’s stuff the bunnies into them. Yes. Yes, let’s do that.


Good one, JSE!

Full and Total Flop

I CANNOT FACE another Monday. Don’t make me go back to work. [Ears finally flop]



Once again, E to the C turns on her Bunn-ometer Pro™ to find the most precious buns for posting. In the immortal words of Theo: "BYONG! BYONG! BYONG! SP00F! [wups, gopher hole]"


Tiny tails to Ellen C. ^__^ And the BLU Pool and Ele M.


Would you please check out this (literally) BUNTASTIC bun just lounging around. He totally owns the place. And of course, his ‘buns’ are authentic.


Bunny Lovers Unite! On Flickr is sweet.

“Buns” wishes you a good Memorial Day

Here’s to a good Memorial Day, People. If he could, "Buns" the adopted bunny, would salute with his tiny paws.


Thank you,


Ever notice when bunnies and cats sit up they have instant "Pantaloons’?


Submitter Debbie C. wants to know if you have. Here’s her Photostream…

Doing her best to kill us!

As pointed out by E to the C, Bunny photographer “Oh Joy” is doing her best to KEEL all how come upon her Flickr photostream. DON’T LOOK or you may PERISH!152685082_f2b873405d

Off the scales Fluffitude

Dood! The Fluffitude is OFF THE SCALES! They don’t make scales that measure this much fluff. She’s even got FLUFF OVERLOAD on her ears. Too much for even HER to handle! Good God.


This one hopped in by way of Hannah R., a rokkin’ designer.

Late start Monday morning

Whew! Getting a late start Monday morning can just ruin your whole week. I wonder if this bun left his car in the street sweeper’s way too? Did you forget to move your car, lil’ Bun?


Another (had to!) from Oh Joy’s photostream.


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