THIS JUST IN: A tiny bun dangling his foot

I repeat! [say in Jack Bauer voice] a TINY BUN DANGLING HIS FOOT


Woo! [wiping brow] It’s a good thing you caught that, E to the C.



Ladies and Gentlemen—step away from the computer. You will not see anything this cute EVER AGAIN. I shall now resign.


Judith B. found this delight on mvo168‘s Flickr stream. It’s the full flop.

Time to start sending out furry, petable fabric swatches to the audience while looking at this photo

Just like ‘Pat the Bunny‘, C.O. should start providing a tactile portion of the site. So when you look at Mr. Bunny McBunnersons here with his teeny tailio, you could also close your eyes and touch his ‘fur’. Or is that just me crossing the creepy line?


I think you just pet his ears, Ilda? ’cause they’re perfectly flat?

Debauchery Friday: Heady nibblage

Wook Bun one: Dewd—this is some gooood nibblage.
Wook Bun two: Let’s go find those cupcakes, Brah…

[Ten minutes pass by]

Wook Bun one: Huh…?


Sage Angel, if that IS your real name—this is obviously for medicinal purposes.

Hang on tight, Bunny lovers

It has come to our* attention that several good peeps on from Flickr’s Bunny Lovers Unite pool have lost their buns over the weekend.

It’s always hard to lose a pet—especially a precious, soft, snorgly bun. Even when that bun shows her "miniature disapproval", she’s still a sweetheart.

Here’s to you and your wonderful pets, let’s hope they’re all snuggling in that great rabbit warren in the sky…


Tobias F., thanks for the bunneries.
* Via our own dear E to the C

Saturday: Your Daily Bunny

Wait! Wait, up in the clouds! It’s…BUNWAY AIRLINES

Man, she looks glad to be down safe. Nice landing, girl.


RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters, you’ve taken it to a whole…nutha…leva

Friday: Your Daily Bunny

And now, the next-to-last day of ‘Your Daily Bunny’ this week, brought to you by the tock-kicking Japanese site RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters. These two are huddled close together, frightened by the end of Daily Bunny posts. No worries, Dahlinks—there will be one more tomorrow.


Ne fret pas! And thank you, RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters.

Thursday: Your Daily Bunny

Listen! Listen! I think I hear her coming in!

It’s Petite Helicopter Head from Japan! I think she made a pretty soft landing, there. Ploop!


RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters, please stop, you’re killing us.

Wednesday: Your Daily Bunny

Are your bunbelts still fastened, People? Your bunny-a-day-this-week is still going strong, and you’ve got two days left! Click it or Ticket!


RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters, you’re really too much.

Tuesday: Your Daily Bunny

What a tiny-eared, tasty morsel! Do you think ‘no feet’ could be a new rule of Cuteness? After seeing this pup, and the bunny below, I think it might be a rule contender…


Get thee to: RabbitsPurebred & Outfitters in Osaka Japan!