Damn laminate

Ya had to go and install that damn Cherry Laminate from Home Depot, didn’t cha? I know you can Do-it-yourself and it looks nice and all that, but did you ever once consult me about it? I wouldna told you to get the one with RabbitGrip™.


Ooooof, Jennifer A.!

If this Bun were to wear pants, they’d be teeny tiny pants

And they might have a couple of blue buttons on them. And they’d be made of flexible material so that he could still curl into a ball. Carry on!


Oh Joy! Does it once again with her non-pants-wearing Buns.

I’m so sorry

I really messed up. Bigtime. Seriously. I can’t believe I did that.

Can you forgeeeeeeeeeeeeve me please?


Say you will, Tracey

I hate ceramics

"Bleeeeeechhh!" painted ceramics are laaaaaaaaaaame! I mean look at these ‘yellow painted grapes’. Puh-lease. Does that make any sense? Noooooooo! [Singsong] You know what I say? Pbbbbbttthhhht! [sticks tongue out]


Stheriously, Helen, U. OMG.

The roundest bun ever

The ROUNDEST bun of all time was captured on film, ladies and gentlemens. The PERFECT Fluffball™. Make that a Perfect FluffBall Cleaning himself. No, no, make that a Perfect FluffBall Cleaning Himself on a Red Satiny Background. Yes, that’s it.


Sent in by genius Helen U. Damn, Girl.

Puffitude on the Grass

These little Dudes are LATE for their luncheon in the grass. Hurry, little dudes! Hurry!


E to the C—awesome. Thanks, CatWalk Rabbitry :)

Sniffing, sniffing, always sniffing

Constantly-moving bun noses. Why is that/ Must they always move their noses? Are they constantly taking in smells that require nose-ular movement? sniff sniff sniff—it’s a never-ending Sniff-a-thon. Oh, and please note: TINY TAIL ALERT!


Glorius manicure, Deidre C.!

THIS JUST IN: A tiny bun dangling his foot

I repeat! [say in Jack Bauer voice] a TINY BUN DANGLING HIS FOOT


Woo! [wiping brow] It’s a good thing you caught that, E to the C.


Ladies and Gentlemen—step away from the computer. You will not see anything this cute EVER AGAIN. I shall now resign.


Judith B. found this delight on mvo168‘s Flickr stream. It’s the full flop.

Time to start sending out furry, petable fabric swatches to the audience while looking at this photo

Just like ‘Pat the Bunny‘, C.O. should start providing a tactile portion of the site. So when you look at Mr. Bunny McBunnersons here with his teeny tailio, you could also close your eyes and touch his ‘fur’. Or is that just me crossing the creepy line?


I think you just pet his ears, Ilda? ’cause they’re perfectly flat?


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