This is TOTALLY blowing our minds

Asaciel just sent this over from Japan: "Bebe" surfs CuteOverload. Things haven’t been this whacked since Cheese Doodle.


Domo arigato, Asaciel!

More at 11

Asaciel has an uncanny knack of sending in photos of animals doing human-ish things. (Hello, Rule #6!) First there was "Cat-a-loons", now it’s: "Bebe watches T.V." They’re mini people for crying out loud!


Arigato, Asaciel!

What I did on my summer internship

Not since that hilarious guy imitated Desdemona the bunny have we seen such a nice imitation.

Apparently, a brilliant manager named Jalali H. got the company interns to finally accomplish something useful besides fetching lattes: imitating ‘Motor Schnozzles!’

Check out the original first.

Mouthful of ear fluff

It’s really hard not to hold this baby bun and smoosh your face into him. And get a snout full of ear fluff in the process. I lerve how his eyes aren’t opened…


  Baby Bunnys – Day 8 by Oh Joy!.

Motor schnozzles

Snarfing up greenery faster than you can say: "Rule Eighteen", these buns  are GOING TO TOWN!

Way to gerhe, Jeff A.!

Tiny camping partner

I think it’d be really great if you were out camping, and instead of a big spider crawlingk into your sleeping bag at night, you turned on your flashlight and saw this NIGHTTIME SNUGGLING PARTNER READY FOR ACTION!


Carrie C. found this on Flickr, but she’s not sure which page…

The Chronic—what!?—cles of Narn-ni-ah

Forget changing topics—we’re back with more Bambi and Thumper, with even more shots of their snorgle-fest:


And their Hide-Out:


And the fact they both take time out for groomin':


Once again, Tanja Askani RULEZ.

Bambi and Thumpare

Fabuloso photographer Tanja Askani strikes again with her ‘Bambi and Thumper’ series. Two canoodling wildlife sweethearts, snorgling away.

Check out Teh Thumpster, he’s all: "Whaaa? What ees thees tenative snorgling?" and Bambi’s all "Eeeear-licious…"


Later, in Narnia, they rendez-vous AGAIN!


[Sounds of Springtime music] la la la la la la, and they’re back at it!Image007_4 

Way to submit ‘em, Cheryl E.! ;)

Damn laminate

Ya had to go and install that damn Cherry Laminate from Home Depot, didn’t cha? I know you can Do-it-yourself and it looks nice and all that, but did you ever once consult me about it? I wouldna told you to get the one with RabbitGrip™.


Ooooof, Jennifer A.!

If this Bun were to wear pants, they’d be teeny tiny pants

And they might have a couple of blue buttons on them. And they’d be made of flexible material so that he could still curl into a ball. Carry on!


Oh Joy! Does it once again with her non-pants-wearing Buns.


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