Bunny Sunday: mini carrot chompage

Allô, mon petit chompère! LOVE the teef and lower [quivering!] lip.



Sender-inner Jeshio declares: "Yay! my bunny loves mini carrotnumpkins."

Uh, Jeshio, What ees thees ‘numpkeens’ you refer to, ahn?


Bunny Sunday: A morsel in a haystack

Lorelei R. snapped this shot at the Delaware County Fair. He’s in his own teeny warren. How prosh is that. Beyond prosh, that’s what.


YOU HEARD ME! bee….yond….prosh.

Bunny Sunday: Starting off with an appetizer

Here’s a tiny morsel for you. His name is "Tiger" and he’s already sitting in dipping sauce, ready to go.


Gulp, Julie T.!

The very definition of ‘Flop’

Look it up in the dictionary and you will see this YOUTUBE MOVIE PLAYING IN THE PAGE!


[Then super-nose twitching, then lying pretty still.]

EEEEE to the Seeeeee, how I love theeeeeee!

A Virtual Sea of BUNNEHS

Swim!!! SWIM, PEOPLE!!!!


Redonkulous sea of bunnage brot to you by Joice over at Flickr. YES, WITH PERMISHE.

This is TOTALLY blowing our minds

Asaciel just sent this over from Japan: "Bebe" surfs CuteOverload. Things haven’t been this whacked since Cheese Doodle.


Domo arigato, Asaciel!

More at 11

Asaciel has an uncanny knack of sending in photos of animals doing human-ish things. (Hello, Rule #6!) First there was "Cat-a-loons", now it’s: "Bebe watches T.V." They’re mini people for crying out loud!


Arigato, Asaciel!

What I did on my summer internship

Not since that hilarious guy imitated Desdemona the bunny have we seen such a nice imitation.

Apparently, a brilliant manager named Jalali H. got the company interns to finally accomplish something useful besides fetching lattes: imitating ‘Motor Schnozzles!’

Check out the original first.

Mouthful of ear fluff

It’s really hard not to hold this baby bun and smoosh your face into him. And get a snout full of ear fluff in the process. I lerve how his eyes aren’t opened…


  Baby Bunnys – Day 8 by Oh Joy!.

Motor schnozzles

Snarfing up greenery faster than you can say: "Rule Eighteen", these buns  are GOING TO TOWN!

Way to gerhe, Jeff A.!