Super tucked

Teeny, towelie mcTuckersons here is pretty beat.

Time for some serious Zzzz action.


Thanks so much, Kimra…

My bunny just opened a lettah

Oh yeah, my bunny, just opened a lettah

Hard day’s snugglin’

Dewd, we’ve been snuggling all day, and I am BEAT. Proper snuggling eats up, like tons o’ energy!


Ah, much better. Now I ken relax.


Aaaaaaaaaaaah, Ksvrbrg :) and recommendation from E to the Ceeee!

Teeny glurps

Teeny glurpitude caught on camera by ingenius wild-haired guy "Ksvrbrg".

Glee-urp de gleeorp. Guh-lerp.


Terrif recommendaishe, E to the C, of the Ksvrbrg Flickr streamage.

Get ready for an ass kickin’

Oh, you’re going down.


Oh, just TRY to save your "ones" column for last. Ha.

[laughs manically]


Natasha E.—you’re playin’ with fiah.

Summer lovin’, had me a blast

Summer lovin’ happened so fast

Met a girl cra-zeh for meeeeeee


Met a boy—cute as could be

Summer days, driftin’ away oooh ah, oh the suhuhmer nights


A-wella-wella-wella OOh!

Tell us more, Louisa R…

Bunny Sunday: mini carrot chompage

Allô, mon petit chompère! LOVE the teef and lower [quivering!] lip.



Sender-inner Jeshio declares: "Yay! my bunny loves mini carrotnumpkins."

Uh, Jeshio, What ees thees ‘numpkeens’ you refer to, ahn?

Bunny Sunday: A morsel in a haystack

Lorelei R. snapped this shot at the Delaware County Fair. He’s in his own teeny warren. How prosh is that. Beyond prosh, that’s what.


YOU HEARD ME! bee….yond….prosh.

Bunny Sunday: Starting off with an appetizer

Here’s a tiny morsel for you. His name is "Tiger" and he’s already sitting in dipping sauce, ready to go.


Gulp, Julie T.!

The very definition of ‘Flop’

Look it up in the dictionary and you will see this YOUTUBE MOVIE PLAYING IN THE PAGE!


[Then super-nose twitching, then lying pretty still.]

EEEEE to the Seeeeee, how I love theeeeeee!


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