Thanks for joining in the chat box…

Nice to meet ya’ll! See you in the chat box later…

Maybe Theo and I can set a time to join you in the box for some Q and A!



[Delicious Bun provided by sender-inner Eric S.]


Let us pray…

Dear Lo’,

May buns everywhere always have access to enough bunliner, to keep their rock and roll look fresh.

Thank you [does air guitar riff]

-Alice the bun
[named after Alice Cooper]


Angie C., nice bun-ny 🙂

Rules Rulez!

Rule 18: Have a tiny tail
Rule 14: If an everyday, small item makes you look small, it’s cute


LOOK @ YER LITTLE TAIL, Moe-bunny!!!

Way to submit, Alycia U. 🙂


Um. What’s taking you so long to post today?


Is anyone there!? [tapping receiver rapidly]

All I’m getting is fuzz.


White bun "Mirah" and brown bun "Toshi" sent in by Flickr-er Mia S.!

The Master Plan


You re-position the showerhead full blast and I"ll spray soap in their eyes.



Oh, Rebecca S., you’re in for it…

Booteh call

Er, Booteh er Bunneh call. that’s what I meant.

Tiny Bun: "Listen Bebe, I know it’s late—I know you’re warm in yer burrow, but I got some tiny tailio action you would NOT BELIEVE. Come on, Bebe!"

[Steps on 2 button by mistake]

Can you bun me know?

Eva H., you are a fabulous sender-inner. And Flickr-streamerer, Fun2photos? You are REALLY too much. Serious.

You. Will. Pay.

Well, y’know, son, there’s yer garden-variety disapproval. Ayup, there surely is.  We see a lot of that, round here.
[sideways glance at skinny clerk, who isn’t sweeping the floor]

[takes off John Deere cap, rubs temple, shakes head]

Once in a blue moon, though [lowers voice, looks right into you] a situation demands… condemnation.


Boy, I hope you know what you’re doin’.

Willow Wabbit, post-sinkbath.  Schmoops walked in and said “Here, hold this.”
He was honestly a lot happier about it than he looks.  [snicker] – T.


Check out this teeny leetle bun, extremely disapproving of his quarters. Check out his mini mustache, perfectly shaped. He’s all: "Good DAY SIR!"


C.O.X.C.U.: "Bleeeeeeeeeh."


Get thee to a Four Seasons, Laura G.! STAT!

What can we do?

People, the news from Virginia Tech is absolutely horrible. Heart-breaking. Nothing will help take away the pain it has caused. Baroooooo [cryin’ sound]

I could watch this on perpetual loop right now too, Susan H. 😦

And now, a bunneh in a pile of cotton balls

Just in case the bunneh wasn’t SOFT ENOUGH, the sender-inner added cotton balls for a Sears-Buntrait-studio-like action. Much better than a "log" prop or a wheelbarrow.


It’s bunnular, Jason F. from Gurnee, IL!