Booteh call

Er, Booteh er Bunneh call. that’s what I meant.

Tiny Bun: "Listen Bebe, I know it’s late—I know you’re warm in yer burrow, but I got some tiny tailio action you would NOT BELIEVE. Come on, Bebe!"

[Steps on 2 button by mistake]

Can you bun me know?

Eva H., you are a fabulous sender-inner. And Flickr-streamerer, Fun2photos? You are REALLY too much. Serious.

You. Will. Pay.

Well, y’know, son, there’s yer garden-variety disapproval. Ayup, there surely is.  We see a lot of that, round here.
[sideways glance at skinny clerk, who isn’t sweeping the floor]

[takes off John Deere cap, rubs temple, shakes head]

Once in a blue moon, though [lowers voice, looks right into you] a situation demands… condemnation.


Boy, I hope you know what you’re doin’.

Willow Wabbit, post-sinkbath.  Schmoops walked in and said “Here, hold this.”
He was honestly a lot happier about it than he looks.  [snicker] – T.


Check out this teeny leetle bun, extremely disapproving of his quarters. Check out his mini mustache, perfectly shaped. He’s all: "Good DAY SIR!"


C.O.X.C.U.: "Bleeeeeeeeeh."


Get thee to a Four Seasons, Laura G.! STAT!

What can we do?

People, the news from Virginia Tech is absolutely horrible. Heart-breaking. Nothing will help take away the pain it has caused. Baroooooo [cryin’ sound]

I could watch this on perpetual loop right now too, Susan H. :(

And now, a bunneh in a pile of cotton balls

Just in case the bunneh wasn’t SOFT ENOUGH, the sender-inner added cotton balls for a Sears-Buntrait-studio-like action. Much better than a "log" prop or a wheelbarrow.


It’s bunnular, Jason F. from Gurnee, IL!

Roving rabbitry

This group is soooo up to no good. I’m sure his schnozzle is moving a mile a minute to catch all the mischevious outdoor garden smells.


Mischief Central™! They’re totally daring each other to walk under the ladder.
Wooooooo! [audience watching sitcom actor do something bad sound]


Sent in by E to the Cizzee and found on CatWalk Rabbitry‘s website.

After a long, tiring Easter Sunday

There is only ONE thing left to do.



Disgusting, Asaciel. Serious. [Asaciel is also responsible for Buns watching TV.]

Happy Easter Bun!

I love how it’s B.E.F. to B.E.F. here—looks like the bowl is painted to look like a chick-kons, and the bun is looking directly into the eyes of the bowl. Could this get more ridiculous?

B.E.F. to B.E.F.

Yes. Yes it can.

Unbelievably redonk

Lil’ lionhead "Bunny" (yes, that’s his name) hangin’ on the carpet.

Pass the chocolates, Mofo

The ones with the marshmallows in the center.NOW!


Cynthia M. and “Miss Kitty”, we thank you…

Irresistable Pet Shop bun

Sender-inner Chris B. saw this bun in a pet shop a couple of years ago and gave her a home to call her own. With paws up like that, it must have been LITERALLY IMPOSS TO TEAR ONESELF AWAY OMG


[shaking head in disbelief] Chris—thanks a LOT.


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